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  1. I'l be there!
  2. Will be in town tonight in Pattaya! Would love to meet some BM! Cheers!
  3. lb911

    Late Night Haunts

    Thanks for the info! Will be there in two weeks! Can't wait!
  4. lb911

    Late Night Haunts

    Any recommendations on late night spots? I will be arriving at Bangkok at 1am, and hoping for some play the same night. I understand freelancers will be around Nana Plaza, and Soi Cowboy bars may stay open a little past 2am. Also read Check-In Bar stays open quite late. Much obliged on any recommendations! Also, what is the best form of transportation from the airport to my hotel in Sukumvit at this time of the night?
  5. Hello all, This first time trip report was started over a year ago but was never completed. In lieu of my upcoming trip at later this month, I decided to complete my introduction to Pattaya. Initially I thought my experience was pretty shocking, but after reading some of other board member's reports, I realize my experience was rather normal. LOL. Anyhow here goes, and I do hope you enjoy it! Newbie here, first time poster on this forum. A little background, been an admirer of ladyboys from a far for more than several years now. Had my first opportunity to explore this hidden desire this May on vacation to South East Asia. Told my mates I would like to explore Thailand on my own; what I really I really want to do is to explore LB's in Pattaya, but that's my little secret. Before arriving to Pattaya, I first stopped by Phnom Penh to visit a friend. Of course, straight away, we stopped off at a girly bar. To my complete surprise, there was a ladyboy there! And a hottie at that. My interest in LB is still a hidden secret from my friends, so I had to feint my dis-interest in her. She brushed her hand on my face and through my hair the entire night, she got fed up later on and plainly asked me "do you like me or not". I still can hear the sound of her voice in my head. I didn't say anything, she disappointedly walked off to the back of the bar. I was beside myself, I didn't have a plan, but I went to the back hoping to find her. There she was ... looking down and defeated, so I grabbed her and kissed her. My first kiss with a LB. It was glorious. But reality sets in and the GG I was with the whole night came to the back and caught me! I was so fearful that she will tell my friends I chased her down and chalked it up to being drunk and took her home that night. Later on my trip I did see the LB with her friends at a club. I wanted to tell her how beautiful she is, but was too shy and embarrassed (As all you veterans should know, this quickly changed in Pattaya). That was the end of my LB experience in Phnom Penh. Pattaya ... the type of place that makes you realize how little one knows about the world. The transformation was not immediate, but I morphed from a shy tourist to a drunk lusty monger succumbing to every whim and repressed desires in the next few days. I arrived at my hotel around 10pm, and of course I'm not staying in! Originally I had plans to meet up with a BM, but it turns out we got the dates wrong and he was not arriving for another week. So with a trusty map, I ventured out on my own. My hotel is around Soi 8, I figure I save Walking Street and the higher Soi area for the next night. So I worked my way down to the infamous Soi 6. On my way down, I passed by several LB bars such as Bar Anaconda, but at this point I was still a bit too shy to be in such an open area, so I continue my way down toward Soi 6. And here is where my true introduction to Pattay began. I arrived at Soi 6 around 1am, and the start of my adult education is about to begin. As I walk through, I see a girl sitting next to an alley way, she promptly grabbed me and tries to pull me in the alley way. She was determined....and strong like a bull! I had to brace myself against the building with my knee and elbow to prevent myself from being sucked in! I pulled out intact (No pun intended) and continues my odyssey through Soi 6. Further down the soi, I see bar So What. It was raining quite a bit at this point, and I had no umbrella. One of the girls came out with one and pulled me in the bar. This time, I didn't put up much of a fight. She cornered me to the back of the bar, the aggressiveness was a bit of turnoff, so I quickly left after my first beer. Onward we go! Within minutes after leaving So What, I was flanked by two LB's, these two amazonians quickly pushes me toward Hi Boss Bar. The problem is... the bar was clearly closed!!! Lights are down and no one was inside, and a third LB quickly join their ranks. I was actually nervous and this point, so I pushed my way out. One of the girls was quite persistent and kept following me and finally put my hand into her panties! And here we are.... holding the first cock that is not my own. More freaked out than turned out, and just plain shocked, I continued off. Further down the road is a GG bar and it seemed quite lively so I stepped in hoping for a bit of normalcy. Well, a drunken girl sat herself next to me (with a little help from her friends) and wouldn't leave me alone. So after a beer, I left the bar. Having enough of Soi 6 at this point, I work my way back toward my hotel. Not knowing where to go and hungry, I wonder around my hotel looking for food. And that's when I bumped into Nor Dia, a street walker, it was almost love at first sight. Well, lust at the very least. Instantly tossing my reservation and inhibition aside, I took her back to the hotel. Her body was pretty fabulous .... and her cock...well, I couldn't keep my eyes or hands off it! And that was it, my first time with a LB. I was still very new to the P4P scene, so I was quite genteel with her. Something I would learn to change quite quickly .... So that was my first night in Pattaya. I didn't look in the mirror before going to bed, but I'm pretty sure I slept sporting the biggest smile of my life . Thanks for reading and hope to meet some BM when I'm there!
  6. I've also wonder how Eden Underground Parties are like. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Hello all, I'm a long time absent lurker. Was a fist timer in Pattaya last year. Met a couple of member from this board and introduce me to the site. I was not very active though. But I will be heading back to Pattaya for New Years and would just like to re-introduce myself and hope to meet some of you there! Cheers!
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