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  1. SP, It has been over one year since I last went to Chaos 9. Manow was one of the girls that I took short time when I last visited. I attach a few photos of Manow (some I took and some are from the internet). DS
  2. Chaos 9 is just after the Royal Ivory hotel and just before the 7/11. It is on the same side of Soi 4 as the Royal Ivory hotel and across from the school. Chaos 9 has been in that location for a couple of years. There are short time rooms and a terrace area upstairs. I have attached two photos to show the terrace area. The LB in the photos is Peace. I have no idea whether she is still working there.
  3. Rom, I really enjoy reading all your reports. The words and photos are something to brighten up these current days for those of us who are out of Thailand and unable to travel. In my opinion the other forum has suffered due to your absence. Please keep up the great work.
  4. SP I have just joined this forum. Good to see that you are posting on here, as we all missed you when you stopped posting on the other forum. You and Dao have made great progress with your house, and I hope that you both enjoy living there. Best wishes DS
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