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  1. At least one of those shots is from '91 - I know 'cos I took it! Pattaya, June 1991
  2. Nirun has never been that bad, quite the little community in fact. I looked round a studio once (about 10yrs ago) and it was renting for 3.5k. Small though and too many Thai neighbours. Many of my friends bought condos back when they were cheaper, but buying anything through the registered company route is very dubious - it's simply a loophole and one that they may decide to close at anytime. Where I used to stay, in the Centre Condo at South Pattaya, a guy I know had bought 55 in all just to rent out. Bumped into him last year and he has sold everyone of them since, so clearly the market
  3. Some really good prices there - probably cheaper now than they were 20yrs ago especially when you throw in the free wi-fi, TV, fridge etc. Karat condo always had a bad rep, though it might be better nowadays.
  4. Ok in the UK - but major slowdown on the 'other' forum yesterday. Works fine today.
  5. Very difficult to answer that one! Usually they're all priced very competitively regardless of the age, so my personal preference would be for the smaller unit so long as it was big enough for my needs. The other reasons would simply be cost of electric, easier to clean, and not having collected so much junk in case you want to move!
  6. Yep, he spends more on daily food than I did on holiday! He's on older German guy so probably not into partying it up every night which is par for the course if you're expat. I haven't been to Jomtien for years but have always thought it to be a bit cheaper than Patts and certainly not so busy. Perhaps all that's changed now - I have no idea, but my next trip will include a stay in Jomtien in prep for the 'Big Comeback'. At least, that's the plan.......
  7. After a little digging around I found this site, Mr Prakan, who came up with some very reasonable multiple quotes - a lot better than I had been led to believe (less than half for me in fact). As long as they meet the minimum requirement of 40k outpatient/400k inpatient then you should be good to go.
  8. BUMP! OK, had to weigh in on this one - especially for the benefit of the OP. What yer need is a 'body puff'. If you're still applying gel and soap with your hands then you'll never get up a lather, much the same as trying to apply shaving soap without a shaving brush. Enter the body puff - a mass of polypropylene netting which aerates the soap and forms a decent lather. Job done!!
  9. Actually I gave you the 'wrong' video - this is the one I meant to show beneath. I'd certainly consider it myself (especially as it has communal washing machines) at that price and I think the author's own cost of living estimates are about right for a long term expat.
  10. Ask any gardener about south facing! The sun sets in the west, which by that time is cooler but south gets the full brunt of the hot afternoon sun. North is better because things haven't had time to heat up yet.
  11. Never underestimate the sun! I also stayed in an end-of-terrace shophouse, top floor with a flat roof. Even with the a/c rolling all day it never dropped below 29C, and when it rained it just dribbled down the walls. I didn't stay there for too long.
  12. I'm pretty sure it's this Park Lane:
  13. I stayed in a south facing condo once before - never again! Even during the cooler months the sun's lower position heated up the inside like an oven.
  14. Same old story I think - either live in town and pay the price or live outside of town and rent your own transport for the difference. Says the man with a motorcycle who lived in town.....
  15. Might be of interest for those looking for somewhere to stay as it's mostly about Pattaya hotels/guesthouses. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4u_VfVBYjM9RD4Ahyu1FQ
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