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  1. That place got a mention on one of those vlogs - except that the guy recommends the Cordon Bleu chicken (3usd). Either way - worth a look-in.
  2. Looks like an interesting place. I am considering PP as my next holiday destination over Pattaya, or at least as a side trip. Lots of vloggers on YouTube extolling the virtues of street 136 et al and from what i can see from the clips there are many LBs about. If I like the place then I might consider another bash at retiring here, especially when you consider the visa and cost of living situation with Thailand isn't winning it many friends as of late. I truly think that the 'smart money' is moving away from Thailand and relocating elsewhere and this looks to be either Cambodia or Vietnam. Still, their gain and a LoS loss .
  3. foreign informant = tourist police
  4. There's a slim possibility that I may turn this into a trip report if much more befalls me!
  5. OK, arrived this afternoon..........late. Eventually got to Bell's 30min late and missed my 4pm slot. No problemo, the rep says, pay B30 and take the next bus. Sorted. Except for the fact that I didn't get to Pats till after 8pm and the place I had booked to stay was all closed up. Not a very good start.
  6. Still worth a look. I'm now back in the Badlands for a fortnight staying in soi rub n' tug, I mean, soi Chaiyapoon. My God!! What has happened to Pattaya in my absence?
  7. Lordy.......! Well I guess it's still worth a look if I'm going to check out Katty Bar anyways. I guess Google's street view needs updating.
  8. Might even see you in there! I'll also check out this Rhompho place if it's still rolling.
  9. Many thanks PD - 10 baht sounds like good value to Jomtienski. It's all coming back to me slowly, so I'll find out for sure on Saturday!
  10. Yes.......... that hoary old chestnut again! As a returning traveller, I haven't sampled the delights of songtaew logistics for some years. As an ex-expat I full remember the verbally enriching arguments I used to have with drivers of said vehicles over what was the correct pricing structure. It got so bad that most of 'em would refuse to stop when they saw me - so I eventually skirted the problem entirely by investing in my own transport. As I shall be returning shortly for a fortnight's stint, can anyone inform me as to what the right price is nowadays for the usual BB circuit? As I'm also keen to give Jomtien a looksee (especially soi 4); what should I expect to pay going from Pattaya Tai ( I know about the white stripe thing) to where the beach is? Thank-you one and all.
  11. Coming to think of it, I've known a few hairy GGs as well! Reading through the more recent trip reports I'm stunned at the sheer number of LBs that have boob jobs nowadays. Then again, when you look at what they're charging it doesn't really come as a surprise. Perhaps I'd be better off in Angeles, the femboys I've seen on various Youtube clips look quite enticing.
  12. Yeah.... I know...., it's a topic that has been done to death over the years on various forums of this ilk. But, times change along with opinons so it's always popular to have a recap now and then - have you changed your wish list or has it been the same syle all along? I'll start the ball rolling with mine own predilections as they've never really changed since I shagged my first tranny back in, I think, 1995. There may have been another a year earlier but I never correctly ascertained the gender before letting them go. I'll put a photo up later (scanned) and see what the board think. As to my actual preference, I'm firmly in the femboy category - no surgeries and maybe some hormones to boot. I'm of the opinion that if I wanted a facsimile of a woman, then I would simply go out and get a real one! The following pic is one I took years ago whilst out for a stroll with my camera. Never knew her name - perhaps some one can enlighten me. This to me, represents the classic femboy look as I understand it, though the subject in question was pretty much 'off duty' as it were. Next up is the one I never figured out - but far and away the best BJ I've ever had!
  13. On prepping for my upcoming trip, I came across this natty website for comparing forex rates from all the different companies in LoS. Looks like I should be exchanging at the airport rather than waiting till I get to Pattaya. https://www.thailandexchanges.com/
  14. Many thanks for the info PD, I'll go ahead and book it for 4pm as I'm staying in soi Chaiyaphun and don't fancy getting off at Jomtien as with the other bus. If the worst comes to the worst, I'll just get one of the yellow/green taxis and cough-up the extra. I used to live in Pats from 97 - 2011 so I have a fair amount of catching up to do, plus old habits die hard!
  15. OK guys, another question involving Bell Transport whilst we're at it. If my flight gets in at 3pm, what are the chances of making the Bell stand by the time the 4pm bus leaves? I could book the 6pm bus and hope they take me at 4pm if I make it on time - then again they might be cuntish about it and insist on the original booking time! I haven't been back to Pattaya in 8yrs so my memory is sketchy on this......
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