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  1. Might be of interest for those looking for somewhere to stay as it's mostly about Pattaya hotels/guesthouses. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCP4u_VfVBYjM9RD4Ahyu1FQ
  2. It's a good area, more of a commercial district - I used to live in the condo across the road. There even used to be a ladyboy bar round the corner though I don't recall the name. With a supermarket in Tukcom basement and Friendship just up the road, you can't go wrong for a bit of self-catering.
  3. There are certainly a lot more to choose from nowadays! In the past they looked more 'amateurish' I guess you could say, but for some that is part of their appeal and probably more a reflection on the amount they charged for services rendered which was typically a lot less than it is now. Most LBs I saw on my last trip have had surgery and lacked the classic femboy look which I prefer. But that's just me!
  4. OK I'll bite......these were from Jenny Star back in 2002 (including one of Jenny or so I was told).
  5. It's a fair old trek from Patts itself, but could prove interesting if you're thinking about moving over to the Darkside given the rental costs. My point actually is - it could well be a meeting point for even more LBs as it appears to be a somtam joint. Guess you could always order a beer instead!
  6. Honestly, this is what comes from trolling around on Youtube! The only other LB place I can remember is Mr.99Shrimp from way back when - the waitresses were more glamorous, but I still prefer the girl/boy-next-door look (sad bastard that I am).
  7. Amazing! Once, I actually went down there at night just to see if they were there. I was (predictably I guess) the only soul on the beach. I also went to Jomtien beach (to the wooded section just past the police box) as it looked truly an ideal spot for some night-time shenanigans, but alas it was also deserted! Of course that was some years past so things might have changed. Or not....
  8. Still no mention of the wild ladyboys! Come to think of it, does that section of beach even still exist?
  9. That place got a mention on one of those vlogs - except that the guy recommends the Cordon Bleu chicken (3usd). Either way - worth a look-in.
  10. Looks like an interesting place. I am considering PP as my next holiday destination over Pattaya, or at least as a side trip. Lots of vloggers on YouTube extolling the virtues of street 136 et al and from what i can see from the clips there are many LBs about. If I like the place then I might consider another bash at retiring here, especially when you consider the visa and cost of living situation with Thailand isn't winning it many friends as of late. I truly think that the 'smart money' is moving away from Thailand and relocating elsewhere and this looks to be either Cambodia or Vietnam. Still, their gain and a LoS loss .
  11. foreign informant = tourist police
  12. There's a slim possibility that I may turn this into a trip report if much more befalls me!
  13. OK, arrived this afternoon..........late. Eventually got to Bell's 30min late and missed my 4pm slot. No problemo, the rep says, pay B30 and take the next bus. Sorted. Except for the fact that I didn't get to Pats till after 8pm and the place I had booked to stay was all closed up. Not a very good start.
  14. Still worth a look. I'm now back in the Badlands for a fortnight staying in soi rub n' tug, I mean, soi Chaiyapoon. My God!! What has happened to Pattaya in my absence?
  15. Lordy.......! Well I guess it's still worth a look if I'm going to check out Katty Bar anyways. I guess Google's street view needs updating.
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