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  1. That place got a mention on one of those vlogs - except that the guy recommends the Cordon Bleu chicken (3usd). Either way - worth a look-in.
  2. Looks like an interesting place. I am considering PP as my next holiday destination over Pattaya, or at least as a side trip. Lots of vloggers on YouTube extolling the virtues of street 136 et al and from what i can see from the clips there are many LBs about. If I like the place then I might consider another bash at retiring here, especially when you consider the visa and cost of living situation with Thailand isn't winning it many friends as of late. I truly think that the 'smart money' is moving away from Thailand and relocating elsewhere and this looks to be either Cambodia or Vietnam. Still, their gain and a LoS loss .
  3. foreign informant = tourist police
  4. Spot the ladyboy! A clip of one of my many excursions into MiT. This was taken at Matador 2 bar (please excuse the white balance)
  5. Talking of JSB, I've still got some photos I took there in 2002. In those days you could get little Amy there for B500 LT - or any of them for that matter. Then stardom arrived in the shape of the pornographers and the internet - the rest is history.
  6. Walked down to South Pattaya this morning for brekkie at a small bistro owned by an old friend. Conversation got around to 'retirement visas' as I was kind of under the impression that it was a no-go area to use an agent these days what with the new regs and everything - I'm really talking about trying to avoid the 800k deposit for whatever reason you might have. He says that 4 or 5 of his customers use Cambodia Inter (a place I used to use for border runs) and have been doing so for some time now. As it was on my way back I popped in to confirm the costs and details (22k for the initial and then 14k every year). For B200 they'll even run you up to soi 5 and do the lot for you while you wait. Still not sure if I want to come back here and live as I've yet to check out Cambodia, but it could well put Pattaya back in the running if I went this route. We shall see....
  7. I have many happy memories of WS from 'the old days' of 10yrs back, all stemming from my time living in South Pattaya, so I'm sad to see it's turned out this way. I took a ton of photos at a couple of the go-go's then, and was surprised to see a few of the girls still working there, so now of course I've got to go back and show them! As a place to live I found South Pattaya to be OK (I used to live in Centre Condo next to the temple) as it's more of a commercial district, so if I decide to go again I'll take a closer look at Mosaik as they just offered me a smaller size apartment for B700 a night. With a couple of supermarkets on my doorstep, it makes a very good point for self-catering even if it is just for a cup of coffee and some cake. I very much doubt if I'll be staying on soi Buakow again - place is a death trap for walking along and you just can't get away from it all even if you want too.
  8. Ah.....OK......so I did actually go to WS last night! After a very relaxing 2hr massage at a proper place I thought what the hell, may as well go tonight whilst I'm in the mood. It's a sight these days - so many tour parties on their zero dollar tours and Christ knows who and what else. And then there's the bars/discos catering to specific nationalities (like they're too good to mix with anyone else), all unbelievably busy for low season. Linda bar was quiet though, and Katoeys r Us was dead, though at B110 for a draught beer I don't think they'll be busting the doors down to get in.
  9. Only the usual suspects! Of interest? Well it's horses for courses here - I'm staying opposite zaza massage and according to our lb cashier the large, brash one called Lisa (the 'hello gurl') has a biggun' at least and is popular with farangs. Can't really confirm this as I'm a femboy addict but might be worth a shot if that's your bag. There does seem to be a fair few kat bars in this neck of the woods, all the way from (in)Action Street down to Tree Town and MiT. I prefer to hunt 'em down in the wilds so it's the latter two for me as I enjoy the mix of gurls and girls. Took a stroll along beach road up to the Dusit but unfortunately the Fuzz were doing one of their sweeps that night and carted all the hookers away. I'm still planning tonight's endeavours; keep meaning to visit Walking Street but aren't feeling the love.
  10. I'm still searching around for the optimum brekkie, not that I want to travel very far. So far, I reckon Retox (soi leng kee) has the drop on the others at B99 for a full English - a simply massive plateful which I struggled with though they should supply statins on request. Cheap Charlies is another place nearby which can set you back B89 for a full English though not in the same category as Retox. The redeeming feature is the lb waitress who looks disarmingly familiar. Yes, I also have a built-in tranny sonar which is sounding off at all to frequent intervals. Biggest dissapointment goes to Continental Bakery at B149. They still can't do toast properly even if they do make it themselves - probably warmed it up on the window sill. TBC...
  11. Not had any problems here, but it's always been common enough in certain parts. I remember a long while back, one quite posh area going without water for several months - imagine that in your multi-million baht house. I'm actually living over a bar which rents out rooms upstairs (pretty discrete considering) but it does appear to be deep in the heart of Ladyboyland as I can hear the constant squawking over the telly..........
  12. It's been about 8yrs since I set foot in Pattaya, so clearly high time I booked a holiday with view to returning in a year or two on a more permanent basis. I'll write this in a diary style though not on a day to day basis as I have things to do, and with that in mind I'll keep it short and sweet. At this stage it's only fair to point out that I was expat from 97 - 11, so naturally I'm still stuck in a 2011 timewarp so my findings will tend to have a then and now approach. Things didn't start well I have to say. I had pre-booked a room on soi Chaiyapoon at shall I say, one of the better known GH's on that street and through a brief exchange of emails, a large room was procured. Having secured a flight with Thai Airways, and setting up collection through the Bell Transport bus, I was ready to roll. Now un-beknown to me, Thai Airways flights have been routinely delayed for a while due to some re routing issues (but not reflected in their timings). We actually arrived at Swampy about 45 mins late and missed my 4pm date with the coach by 30 mins. No problemo, the rep says, pay B30 and get the 6pm bus - so I thought what the hell it'll give me time to exchange some notes at the Value Plus booth on the basement level and a quick trip to the jet-sip et for some chilled tea. We finally roll into Pattaya some time before 8, and eventually I am deposited outside said GH by the minibus. One slight technical problem though - it was fucking closed and shuttered, but at least I wasn't standing in the middle of the street in the pissing rain. That would have been just too melodramatic. Then I remembered a BM saying he had actually stayed opposite, so I trundled my case across and secured a room, albeit on the top floor. A decent enough room for B600 I guess, and all was dandy - that is until the Triangle Bar started up their live performance at 9-ish and rocked my world. Not a problem for most as you're most likely to be heading out before then, and coming back after 2 when they're done. But tough shit if you want a quiet night in. The next morning I went across to try and re-secure the original room, only to be told it was already rented out and that the whole place closes at 6pm anyway. I didn't feel like arguing so opted to stay another night where I was and find another quieter place, which turned out to be the Chaiyapoon Inn at the other end of the street, which I know from previous experience, isn't partially submerged every time it rains. Nice little hotel, very reasonable in price thanks to the time of year. Sadly though, my room had A/C problems and they couldn't move me to a similar room, so the hunt was on for another gaff! I'd already chatted with the lb cashier in the NYC bar opposite, so was surprised when she suggested I try a room upstairs as they have a few for renting out. A large room with A/C, fridge and TV - nothing spectacular but for B500 a night it hit the spot perfectly. Entrance through the bar, keycard after it closes for the night. Fast wi-fi @ 86/38 for those that need to know. So far, so good......... TBC.
  13. There's a slim possibility that I may turn this into a trip report if much more befalls me!
  14. OK, arrived this afternoon..........late. Eventually got to Bell's 30min late and missed my 4pm slot. No problemo, the rep says, pay B30 and take the next bus. Sorted. Except for the fact that I didn't get to Pats till after 8pm and the place I had booked to stay was all closed up. Not a very good start.
  15. Still worth a look. I'm now back in the Badlands for a fortnight staying in soi rub n' tug, I mean, soi Chaiyapoon. My God!! What has happened to Pattaya in my absence?
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