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  1. I remember seeing that Colossus in Jay's apartment as I asked about it. She took it home along with I believe a bottle of Ouzo or Metaxa which she kept in her fridge, I cannot remember which, But for sure, she never left it in the bar. She probably still has it to this day.
  2. I am really, really looking forward to this week of parties. I will be playing 'spot the cheap skate' who has no ticket for the Charity fundraiser itself yet is happy to enjoy all the week long parties and free food. Good times for those who do and bad times for those who do not.
  3. Better revise the number of girls upwards. No sooner hitting 40 girls and more start. Latest update from Facebook Please welcome my new staff CIB Cat jijee Ning and beem
  4. The girls on the service team
  5. Check-in Bar is now up to 40 ladyboys on staff, so here are some updated pics. Plenty new girls joining hoping for the Autumn BKK busy period. Som & Noi Bee & Luk Tan
  6. Dave I think everybody has your chip (on the shoulder) already. Heck its the second most asked question to me after who own's CIB lol.
  7. 53,950 baht was raised for charity just last night from the bar donating it's revenue. Tonight all the winners have donated 50% of their prize money as well. Another 20,000b. And its not done yet - the collection box in the bar has not yet been opened. It will be this week with an independent set of eyes to oversee. That will then be added and kept open for a further month. One bar is aiming to raise 100,000b for a orphanage focused on HIV infected babies in Nontaburi outside BKK. The same charity the street bar raised some 30,000b + for last year. I really do wonder at some of the comments made by some BM's about fundraising. Step up or shut up is my view. Thus far I do not see either coming from some vocal supposed 'experts' on the scene.
  8. 30 stunners do tend to attract the customers. Simple formula, but derided by a few.
  9. Sara was the winner. Nobody expected her to win, but she did impress on the night.
  10. The red carpet was everywhere - even outside....
  11. Some pictures of the 30 girls competing last night for Miss Check-In Bar 2014. More to follow from the professional guy once they go up on the bars Facebook page. These are just couple I took.
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