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  1. Thanks for the feedback. Looks like November 7th is the date (although as rxpharm said things can change). I'll arrange my trip to take in the the waterpolo and Miss International Queen.
  2. Can anyone confirm that the date for 2014 Miss International Queen is Friday October 31st please. I have done a google but getting conflicting dates. I want to make sure I am in town for both the water polo competition with the Miss International queen contest. Thanks
  3. Sally's Bar Jomtien - use to enjoy going there late afternoon and hanging around flirting with the LBs (and GG) staff and watching the passing parade. Sally was one of the great characters and the 60s and 70s music and videos remined me of my youth. - BF'nd a few honeys out of there also.
  4. Thanks mate - I'm going to have to be more careful in future - the thing that pisses me off is that some of the Exs are friends - and I've had to mend a few fences - I'm still pissed off with what happened - I've laid down the law - any more shit and the relationship is history - lets see what happens
  5. They can't help themselves - My LB GF recently gained access to my computer (my fault I forgot to log out ) - she went to my skype and rang or sent messages to ex GFs (LB and GG) telling them she was now my GF and don't contact him again. I only found out because a couple Ex's contacted me and asked WTF was going on?. - Still not sure if I should end the relationship - but I'm bloody pissed off.
  6. Number 25 has got my vote - although number 20 aint bad either.- I agree with the comment about how feminine this generation of LBs are. Thanks for the videos and pics.
  7. Thanks for the Chompoo update Jai Dee - I'll be in town in August - will visit Obsessions and see if she's working.
  8. I hope the transition from Sally's to the Roadhouse doesn't mean too many changes. I always enjoyed chilling out at Sally's, talking to the 'girls' and listening to the music. Have to agree about Nuch - a nice girl always enjoyed her company.
  9. Thanks for the map - I'll definitely be dropping in
  10. How far out of the way from Bangla Road is the Tootsies Bar? - I'll be in Phuket next month - I'll definitely pay a visit if I can find it
  11. Thanks for the video - Last year profiles of the 30 contestants were provided - the profiles consisted of pics / name / age / birthplace etc. - sort of like a program for a fooball match :rolleyes: - can't find the same for this year
  12. I'm having trouble getting info on the final 30 contestants. I've done a Google on Miss Tiffany Universe 2012 but the information aint current - any suggestions?
  13. Even though there will be punters who will think the Voodoo girls are GGs - be interesting to see the number of post-op fans that frequent the Voodoo Bar - I have a feeling that there are more Postie fans than some think.:rolleyes:
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