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  1. It's just your opinion. I respect this is one of the fundamental aspects of the experience for you, but every one has his own limits and his own fantasies. You had shown in another thread you have your limits too. Let's say I prefer to explore the trans experience in another direction.
  2. What's the purpose of the topic ? Deal with ladyboys mongers who eventually crossdress or become transgender in their 50s or 60s or reveal that a mod and another 2 BMs of the ugly foorum are crossdressers ? I can't see any interest in throwing the ugly forum stones. The forum has become such a mess that I haven't logged in for months. Any topic is subject to aggressive arguments between members and gives the clique a right excuse to to intervene abjectly in debates. I saw they stopped posting bullshits about Vietnam. They've got nothing to say on the subject anyway. So let the ugly forum be ugly. If you want to deal with old mongers becoming sissies, I have nothing to say. I noticed that guys who ae in shemales sometimes start since they find transsexuals kinkier than females, then one day guys start sucking cocks, then start bottoming. I sometimes participate a forum where guys behave like sissies except that they don't crossdress. They reached the stage at which they look for the largest cock as possible to fuck their ass. IMHO, you're just describing a stage further. When I first participated the forum I above mentionned, a mod who was in his 50s posted about how he used to get a cheap blowjob once in a while afetr work in a shemale place. Then he said one day he ended on his 4 and was fucked for the first time. I thought it strange and it would probably not happen to me. I'm still in my 50s and I haven't bottomed yet. I like Viet ladyboys since they fit with my character. Many of them just want to tansition 100 % . They would think it insane to be sucked or having to top a male partner. The OP is far from my concern.
  3. Great post, very informative for Philippines newbies.
  4. Here are the photos that best characterize Jenny. A big asshole and a face that is ready to bite. She's lucky she was sentenced to only 9 years in prison for her boyfriend's murder. Photos by P/G of course.
  5. Great short video. She looks cute and sensual. It's hard for me to believe that such a sensual bisexual person who seemed to have pleasure stroking her cock had decided for this mutilation. I'm afraid she behaves more like a sex object than as a someone who is free of her sexuality.
  6. Sad to see he used his vlogger talent to show off his little ego in KL. He gave only one true information : this is one of the lagest malls in KL but he didn't really prove it with his images. We can then see him bargaining fake brand shirt in the mall. Here are a couple of pics I shot in the mall 8 years ago. Yes the size is fairly impressive and I forgot to shoot or lost the photo with the giant Xmas tree in the middle. So many small or large malls can be found in KL that this one is not really exceptional. Another impressive mall is the KLCC right below the Petronas towers. So much is to be said on this city. Across the boulevard is another "small" mall with other shops. This guy omitted to show shops selling veils for Muslim women. He probably feared troubles with local Muslim people. You can find all kind of alcohol in KL bars. I arrived there in the middle of the night and the next evening I met country fellows in a whiskey bar. I came back to my room drunk. Laws are complex in Malaysia but non Muslim people may drink alcohol if they remain discreet. On the the hand, a Pakistani immigrant had told it's not recommended for a white guy to to use the reason he's drunk to disrespect Muslims or misbehave. He had told me of the story of British guy who has said "fuck you" to Muslim people. They beat him. When he went to the police station, police officers told him to fuck off. Fair enough. Being drunk shouldn't be a eason to disrespect people the way British idiots do it in Koh Phi Phi or Pattaya. You can have a lot of freedoms in Malaysia (evn fucking ladyboys). But be warned you should remain discreet and not bother other people.
  7. She's also got profiles in several pornsites : LadyboyGold.com | Bareback Ladyboy Hardcore Sex Ladyboygold pretends to supply her email and phone number (but only if you become a member). If you pay for a membership, you will the info as they had it in 2004 (or 2012 at ladyboy.xxx if the site provides members ladyboys information. If I were Nonglee, I'd rather watch how she'd change from 2004 to 2010. I'm not even sure this is the same person. Frank's TGirl World: Peaw (franks-tgirlworld.com) Ladyboy Ladyboy: Peaw (ladyboy-ladyboy.com) (Are you still interested ?) I suggest you to become a member at Thaifriedly and start exploring. But if you don't want to mees it up with ladyboys, don't contact them unless you're in Thailand ready to meet the one you contact.
  8. Once in Bangkok, if you get fed up with your friend's artificial pussy, you can try to contact this ladyboy I guess is the kind you like. Here are a few pics just as a preview. I found this BKK hotty in the middle of my favourite ladyboys.
  9. Pulci Gorgon


    A thread like this one.
  10. What is the whole story about ? Today, I am not going to justify ladyboys pussies. I am not in ladyboys pussies either, but if you want to argue on the subject, I know that @rxpharm able to post high level comments on the subject. So you met a great femboy in Issan, no matter the city, during one of your last trips in Thailand. You enjoyed her companionship, particularly her big cock. You had planned to meet her again in September 2021 but couldn't since Covid19 restrictions didn't allow you to travel. You discovered last week that she had recently has a SRS and a mammoplasty several months ago. Since you don't like ladyboys with pussies, you wonder to do with her. You fear to look like a selfish monger if you let her down. You fear to harm her since she is in great physical pain and emotionally very vulnerable. So far, 6 BMs advised you to ditch her without further explanation. A couple other BMs suggested you to take a middle path, maily sending her money as a compensation for your breakup. Then you add she's a fairly high range hooker in Issan working in the middle of GGs with the local clientele. What you fear at most is not to hold your promise to invite her to Phuket. As everybody told you, you have no obligation to like posties. I don't really like them either but for different reasons as yours. So this is not the subject. What worries you is that she's supposed to be in great physical pain and emotionally very vulnerable. You haven't explained us why and I guess you don't really know why. You eventually told us she's a hooker. Hookers don't really have feelings for their customers. They know how to use feelings to take care of their turnover. If she had feeling for you or believed you had a good relationship together, she would have warned you she was going to have her bolts-on then get the final chop. She didn't. She had probably calculated you were a good customer that would feed her budget for her surgery programm when you were planning to date her last September. You should also notice that she asked you "do you still like me". I guess she meant: "do you still like my body as a merchandise to purchase ?" Speaking a poor English cannot be an excuse for continuous poor communication. She's now wondering if you're still worth being kept in her customers' book (ie in her Line contact list). Don't forget you had a hard time together. I don't know what it was and I am not asking. I am convinced you feel guilty for it but she might have been as guilty or as responsible as you in this story. Another point is don't want to treat her selfishly. A few BMs suggested you senbd her some money. They must be American. They believe one can solve every prolem spending money. I don't believe this is a good idea. Firstly, if she's smart as I believe, she will tell you a personal drama every other month and you will react sending money. This is the way Asian GGs and ladyboys turn commercial prospects to money slaves. No need to give even a blow-job. Just ask for money. You don't owe her anything. If you accept to send money for nothing you you will just lose a bit of money. If too many mongers do, that'll create an inflation in the market. You should look for something else. About your promise to go to Phuket, are you sure she reminds of this promise ? Don't remind her and wait she deals with it her messages. I am not convinced she will. She probably doesn't like the idea. Flying from her city to Phuket is a 5 hous flight. It might be nothing for you but it's probably longer in her mind that your flights from the USA to Thailand (when you lived in the USA). I noticed hookers don't feel comfortable traveling far during a LT. Try to play with it. Don't lie to her either as you don't want to be a bad guy. Don't tell you have been sick if it's not true. The best you can do is to stope messaging her. Just answer her messages but don't start a new conversation. Just stop being enthusiatic and observe how she will react. I bet she will forget about you. If she manges to start new discussions, use Google translate and exchange messages in Thai. There will be no excuse for bad communication. Eventually, if you can't get rid of her, just admit you lost all kind of feeling for her since she's become a postie. Tell her you're happy for her but felt something broken in yourself and apologize for it. That'll be quite enough chivalry for her.
  11. @Rom You shouldn't be so much in a hurry to go to the conclusion. I had no time to think about it and prepare a correct answer. I'm too busy till the end of the week and I guss other BMs are.
  12. BMs in another forum. Most confusing for him consists in willing to look for a ladyboy who was just passable 18 years ago. He's going to look for a needle in a haystak. If he could ever manage to find her, he'd probably find an old provincial gay dreaming of his good old days when he was a she. An old fish in the depth of the ocean long after his BBD shouldn't be prefered to young oes easy to catch close to the beach.
  13. Sad to see that the best posts at LBR are not read by regular members with high ranks (or not). The last time I read a post by Dixon Cox (at PY) he had posted in one of the endless fights typocal of the ugly forum. He'd explained he had nothing longer to post and prefered to stop posting. He mainly emphasized he was fed up with arguments. "the BM that serves as bait for subsequent bannings" : please explain (I'd rather read it in a PM). I didn't see him as a member of the clique. BTW, no one can be a "supreme pundit of all things related to ladyboys". You can choose pundits and challenge them to answer a serie of questions I would prepare for them. I guarantee I will make them score between 0 and 10 % without cheating.
  14. They are grainy since my ladyboys are the spiciest in Asia. Looking forward to watching your own photos.
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