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  1. Here's a couple of confidential videos that came to my hands this week end. Yes, it's possible to organize a ladyboy party or your birthday in Vietnam. I will keep on investigating and try to fiind the boss of the troop to check what can be bargained. Meanwhile, enjoy. BPBH1.mp4 BPBH2.mp4
  2. June 9th : Ngọc My's and Bạch Xà's birthday Ngọc My Bạch Xà
  3. Regarding Scott : all that I know about this asshole is that he PMed me threats after I had posted a nice pic of the whore and porn performer who was his girlfriend. May he disappear forever from the memory of the mongers. Same for Kendo UK who banned me from the "sister forum" of PY on request of One True Saxon aka Fievel at PY. This guy used to bond ladyboys and then bargain discounts while ladyboys where bonded. He added one of them on a blacklist since she had stolen his Iphone. I had contacted her to try to know another version of the story. Jimbo is just a rough asshole. Wher
  4. Paultain ? Why not ? But he's an old legend in another forum. I had read only one of his posts titled "why do we make TRs ?". I don't know why he was some kind of a legend. It seems he started posting before the mass of mongers and never argued with anyone. Jimbo : this guy is one of the initiaters of PY and keeps on maintaining the bad sprit in PY. He's not customer oriented. he's always seen customers as prays . All bad words posted about ladyboys or Thai girls seeing farangs as ATMs could apply to Jimbo. Has anyone ever thought that he's a businessman judging his customers in a forum
  5. As in other SE Asian countries, Vietnam is experiencing a 4th wave of covid19. Vaccines are coming lately and the government negociated contracts with Astra Zeneca to start vaccination campaigns. (Poor Vietnamese people. They must deal with AZ !). Here is a a press release from BBC Vietnam dealing with new decisions. It confirms what Daisy told me about a lock down starting tomorrow for the next 2 weeks. Covid-19: TPHCM giãn cách xã hội 15 ngày - BBC News Tiếng Việt Translation by MSEdge The most worrying seems to be a new strain, a "Viet
  6. Hello everybody, It seems I had some technical problems adding posts recently. We'll keep on talking about it with Pdoggg to solve it. In order to get it fixed, Pdoggg asked me to create a new profile that he will merge with the old one. So, here's Pulci Gorgon. Pdoggg had suggested me to create Procter and Gamble. So I take the opportunity to inform you that P&G had nothing to do with Procter & Gamble. This was a registration name derived from a name I had in another forum in the 2000's. I then used "Pizza Gorgonzola" at PY after my first banning. I had used this name since
  7. If you want to add Ernesto to the hall of legends, you need to add nominees who reached the same rank before. If I remember well, we had choosen Stealth007. Ernesto did a good job, but does it deserve to be considered as a legend ? How about other nominees ?
  8. I ignored these details about Ernesto's job to post TRs. I find it sad to see such a personal investment and see no member of the communauty follow his track. I actually did but ignored his TRs in this forum at that time. I often wonder why we post so much original information. It seems that the whole community just want to read about the new season starlet in Pattaya.
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