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Uyên : one year already

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I realized I forgot to commerate the first anniversary of Uyên's disappearance last weekend.  I thought I had posted a topic last year at LBR but I may have omitted at that time since I don't know which PY member was argueing and speculating on a ladyboy death.

On september 19th, 2020 Daisy messaged me that Uyên had passed away. That sounded so unbelievable that I looked for confirmations. Kate confirmed me a few hours later. uyên died of a "lung disease". I could never find further explainations. 

Ly Ly who had grown up in the same town as Uyên (they knew each other) told me a few months later she had died of covid. Someone else told me that tuberculosis remains common among ladyboys in ladyboys countries. Uyên had just asked me for help a few weeks earlier. As I tried to contact her to keep her informed, I had to make a video call and Uyên had remained in the dark. She had been such a great companion in the bar where she worked and really communicate in her messener except posting a pic once in a while. 





































Uyên knew many ladyboys in HCMC. She was like a central character in this world. She actually came from Cần Thơ the main city in the area and districts of the delta of Mekong. She hated Chinese people for introducing Covid into Vietnam (News had said first contamonations came from Chinese people) and criticized the way the communist administration struggled against covid during the 1st lock down in April 2020. 

I wish she had gone through the covid crisis so that we would have met again. Her funerals took place on September 20th, 2020.



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