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Cuba - Private Sector Opening Up

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It is a really beautiful place to visit, albeit basics were hard to come by when I was there.  When one is used to the easy access to things we take for granted in Thailand ie convenience stores, transport options, free toilets in venues etc it can be a bit of a shock at first.  The amount of times people tried to hit us for $1 for the key to open a toilet door, carry our basket in a shop and so on  was a pain.  But no doubt if it opens up more these inconveniences may diminish with more money in circulation. 
On the positive side a bottle of Bacardi was only €3 in a night club, way too expensive for most locals.  It was easy to make friends by buying cheap rounds all evening and practise our limited Spanish. 

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I loved my one visit to Cuba (2005).  Although the US has had an embargo against them for 50 years, when I visited in 2005, quite frankly, it seemed as if the majority of people I came across in Cuba were economically better off than most people I came across in Mexico on my many, many visits there.

I'm really looking forward to visiting again if and when Americans are ever allowed in again.



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