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Postby normang » Wed 6. Jan 2021, 19:09

According to the RKI (Robert Koch Unstitute), DoDC and WHO Cuba is not on the Corona shit list.
I still have 20 days annual leave left over from 2020 and I will lose them on 31. Marc, if not taken.
I week in Cuba would cost me 799 Euros, hotel, breakfast dinner, and the airfare of course.
Now I have to make up my mind. I fear that they change the requirements as quickly as I change my underwar.
What would you recommend. I don't speak spanish so that's another stumbling block.

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I would recommend Cuba for a holiday, if you want some sunshine. I don't speak Spanish either but most people you come into contact with will speak English. They get a lot of Canadians who go there during the Canadian winter.

I was due to go there tomorrow but holiday was cancelled because of UK lockdown. I did get a refund. If you book with a package holiday company make sure you will be given a refund if holiday is cancelled because of covid restrictions. In UK most holiday companies are giving that guarantee. You can also take out travel insurance which includes coverage for cancellation because of coronavirus, but that will cost more than the standard travel insurance.

The current Cuban Government requirements for travel there are that you arrive by flights at specified airports with accommodation pre-booked. Obviously a package holiday is the easiest way to do this.

You need to have travel insurance which covers medical treatment and repatriation costs if necessary.

You need a Tourist Card (visa) which is obtained from the Cuban Embassy/Consulate. In UK it costs £39 and has to be paid for by Postal Order or Bankers Draft only. You need to send in a photocopy of your passport, proof of flights and booked accommodation, with the Visa application form which is downloaded from the Embassy/Consulate website. In the UK you cannot do this in person, only by post. But there are agents who can do it for a fee (about £35 I think). I received my Tourist Card back within 5 days.

Last week the Cuban Government brought in a new requirement because of the new Covid variant. Tourists from UK have to get a Certificate of fitness to fly from a private health clinic. In UK this costs around £150. The PCR test must be taken within 72 hours of flight departure. I don't know if this just applies to UK tourists or everyone - you would have to check your Cuban Embassy/Consulate's website, or your Government's foreign travel advice.

When you arrive in Cuba you will be given a coronavirus test at the airport, and transported to your hotel. You have to stay in hotel grounds for first two days until they get test results. If it is positive you will be taken to medical quarantine facility.

I don't know whether it is worth all the hassle for a 7 day holiday.

If there is anything else I can help you with, feel free to ask. 



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