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Alt Hotel Sukhumvit Soi 2 vs Woraburi Soi 4

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Recently stayed at the Alt Hotel and had an enjoyable stay.  Friendly staff, nice room, small pool, and close to Chaos 9 ladyboy bar.

If staying there I highly recommend prepaying for their brekkie as it sells for 300 baht but online you can often get it for just slightly more than the room alone. Brekkie starts at 6AM and ends at 11AM.. They have extremely good coffee with the beans being ground just seconds before brewing.  Nice selection of buffet food and also eggs cooked to order.  Another nice thing is strong wifi that works without a password.   It's very frustrating when hotels require passwords or limit the number of devices that can be used at once.  


1) Although it is listed as Soi 2 you cannot get there by going up Soi 2 from Sukhumvit.  Instead you must go up Soi 4 and turn right at the Woraburi and walk for about 2 minutes.

2) There is night time construction on Soi 4 so you cannot go by taxi from NEP to the Alt at night by way of Soi 4.  I guess you might be able to go by Soi 6 but Soi 6 is a one way street and the wrong way for cars heading from Sukhumvit so that may not be an alternative.  Think you can go to the end of Soi 10 and then back into Soi 4 that way.  It's only a 10 minute walk from NEP but could be problematic if pouring and u have a girl with you.  This applies to both the Alt and Woraburi.

The Woraburi is currently closed but how would they compare if both open?

1) Location: Virtually the same location but the Woraburi is slightly closer to everything.

2) Breakfast: Woraburi has a somewhat better selection but the food quality and atmosphere is better at the Alt.  The coffee is no contest with the Alt a clear winner.  A cup of Alt coffee would be a 100 baht elsewhere

3) Pool: Woraburi is a clear winner here as a better pool for swimming, sunning, and lounging.

4) Intangibles: The staff at the Alt is very friendly while at the Woraburi I found them efficient but not overly friendly.

5) My choice:  Whichever is cheaper.   I find that the exact same room at the Woraburi can vary greatly for no apparent reason.

Here's a link to the Alt.

Alt Soi 2

If you are booking with Agoda or Booking dotcom we would very much appreciate if you use our links.   :hi:

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