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Was up in Bangers for a few days.   Covid has thrown me off my routine as I usually take the Jomtien Bus to Swampy and then the rail link into town.  This time I had to traverse Ekkamai.  

Returning to Patts, upon entering the Ekkamai (Eastern) Bus Terminal,  I saw lots of Pattaya windows with many Thai guys trying to steer me to windows. I correctly chose the window to which nobody was steering me for the 119 baht big bus.

But I'm wondering what kind of transport is being offered by all those other windows? Busses?  Vans? 

I'll be happy when (if) the Jomtien Bus is running again as the Jomty Bus station by Foodland and View Talay 1 is much more convenient for me than the Pattaya North Bus station. 

Upon my return to the Pattaya Bus station drivers were trying to get me into parked baht busses fro 50 baht. I don't really object too much to 50 baht but I recall in the past that they want money upfront and I don't want to pay and then sit in a parked baht bus for god knows how long.  Was a great cloudy day for walking so walked down Pattaya Nua tothe ass end of Terminal 21 where baht busses make a U turn since Dolphin Roundabout doesn't permit traffic to flow from Naklua Road into the roundabout.  10 baht and no stewing on a parked baht bus.

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