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Just a little bit of housekeeping, the Travel and Lifestyle sub-forum has grown unwieldy with a mashup of topics so over the next few days the threads here will be moved to sub-sub-forums so appropriate content is easier to find. 

If you use View New Content to browse the forum then you won't even notice any difference.

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For the time being you can browse the Travel and Lifestyle Forum the old way with everything mashed together or you an browse by sub-sub-forum.

For Transport threads:


For Restaurant threads:


For Videos:


For Coronavirus threads:


For money matters, exchange rates, and phone plans:


For Immigration and Visa issues:


For Travel Link redirection:

Handy Travel Link Redirection That Supports Ladyboy Review

For none of the above:

Odds and Ends

Moving these threads is a time consuming process but should be finished some time next week.

Of course you can also just click View New Content which is the way many people view the forum.

View New Content

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