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Entertainment Jobs For Pretties And GHB

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The recent death after a Bangkok party of a “pretty” – a young woman hired by businesspeople to promote sales – has raised concerns over personal safety in this offshoot of the entertainment business.

As police continue to investigate the cause of the woman’s death, citizens are debating the merits of the trade and some of those involved in it are sharing their life stories. One pretty described her experience in the job as a “lesson in survival”. A reporter for Bangkok Biz News Online has collected such revelations in a bid to explain why so many women want to work as a pretty, the main bait for which is promises of high wages. The “Teambigkren” Facebook page says such freelance jobs in entertainment – known as N-jobs – come in several forms (see graphic). High wages are indeed available, but there is also often risk to health and even life, such as when ill-intentioned individuals are prepared to drug a pretty to take advantage of her while she’s unconscious or semi-conscious.

Gamma-hydroxybutyric (GHB) is known in Thai as the “virginity-loss drug”. A stimulant, it increases alertness but also sexual libido. And it’s readily found in many pubs, whether in tablet, powder or liquid form. The clear liquid is the most possible because it’s easily mixed in a drink unnoticed.


It seems these N-Jobs pay much better than being a Beer Chang girl. I had never heard of GHB before.  One advantage for predators of using GHB instead of roofies (Rohypnol) is that it leaves your system after 6-12 hours.  I don't know much about these drugs; was just googling around.    Any thoughts RX?  





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