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Bars Next To Music Bars

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Sometimes it's nice to listen to a band but usually the band is too loud.  I guess they want to be noisy to attract people from the street but inside it is often uncomfortable.

The solution might be to sit in a bar nearby the music with the band.

The other night I was sitting in 8 Jomtien Bar which is across from the 3 Roses Music Bar.  These are bars are at the mouth of the middle of the three sois that lead into the Jomtien Complex.

8 Jomtien has extremely comfortable seating, boothes with comfy cushions.  It's actually more of a restaurant than a bar but they don't mind if people just drink.

All beer including Heineken and San Mig Lite is 79 baht.  

Across the soi, 3 Roses looked cramped and my guess more than 79 baht for a San Mig Lite.

Downside is the band doesn't play great music rather very mellow stuff like Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round The Old Tree.

I like the music at the Wonderful Bars, but too cramped, uncomfortable, and noisy.

Do you have any favorite bars near music bars?  Or music bars that even if a tad too loud has comfortable seating?

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