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Making LBR More User Friendly

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In the next week or so we'll be making some changes so LBR is a bit more user friendly.


One thing we'll probably do is make the Thailand sub-sub fora into sub fora so that they are easier to see if you are browsing by fora.


We just added a new sub Forum, Boiler Room Politics and Religion.   So the Boiler Room (classic version) is for all :sign0006: stuff except for Politics and Religion and Sports.  Sports talk is in the Locker Room.  Unfortunately there ar eno 19 year old ladyboys in the Locker Room.



Btw, if Off Topic stuff doesn't appeal to you, for example if you don't give a rat's ass about sports you can filter View New Content by sub Forums.  You mist choose the forums you want to see (not the one's you don't want to see).


No real big changes here, just trying to tweak things a bit so that our members have a better user experience.



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