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Hello Guys, 


    I am Ruffa and I just back here in Pattaya from out of the country for a while. Im glad that Im here again alive , strong , confident as ever and healthy physically and emotionally I think thats important. I write here because I want to find or wait for someone who can spend time with me away from the city life for a while. I am thinking that my dreams is to have a man to treat me as a woman and a man that willing to share his life to me and be able to talk about past , present and future of our lives. For I believe that short time relationship is just a single experience here for us, so I think why not try to get involve to a more long and serious companionship this time. I just want to try maybe its the answer of all the questions bugging my ing mind. We never know what future leads us but Im hoping for the best for all of us and wishing everyone find its true happiness of life.




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First of all welcome to the board , nice to see you online......


Hope that your search will be rewarded by a very nice and very handsome gentleman that will take you for who you are and will love you for ever and be with you for the rest of your life , hope that you wish will come through very soon , godbless you.....


I am not planning any trip to thailand any time soon , but will be fun to meet you when your back home in the phillippines , can you Pm me your facebook ID , telnr and E@mail details , thank......



Greetz , Stealth

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