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Another Non-TR that will likely end up as a TR: PH and TH Jan-Feb 2024

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PDoggg please delete this thread.  The connection was bad and I submitted twice. thanks





I am back in Asia and had thought not to report on it this time as to not reinforce the impression that I share so much of my personal travels and sex life that it becomes an imposition on BMembership and I am oblivious to it.  Also, given the frequency and duration of my travels to Asia since 2022, I feel I have become a bit more like a semi-sexpat for whom, like for the full sexpats, sex becomes a default state and there is no longer that urgency to have as much of it as there is during a 2 week trip like I used to do and therefore no reason to report on what becomes a normal steady state.  There is also the aspect that I am devoting more and more of my travel sex time to GGs and it would become an irritant if I reported on all of it in a ladyboy board. So, like the sexpats, perhaps it's time I let the sex tourists do the TRs while I patronizingly read them and bask in my self-declared superiority whereby I have become too good to make the effort of sharing my stories and pics.

Problem is: I ENJOY TRing to the point that my trip experience without TRing is diminished.  I also know that some readers enjoy my action-ladden TRs while others resent them, both of which such reactions motivate me to keep writing.

So I will be sharing some happenings from this trip that will last into March and that is a different trip from all previous others because it's my first after a major surgical operation from which full recovery will take some time and will hamper the frequency and intensity of sex for me and my choice of partners who, in the case of the sissies, will be mostly previous acquantices I am comfortable with as not to be under pressure to perform and whose extended companionship I enjoy not just for the sex. 

My posts will be sporadic and non-chronological, at leas.t I intend so at this time but there is also a chance, especially when I get to TH, that this could evolve into a more classic TR.  I will give an example of such posts with my next post.  Now it's 9 PM in Manila and it's time for me to go out and get me some pussy for the night

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