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Tokyo trip Jan '24

Luna Boy88

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Hi M w/o F crew, I'm in Japan (Tokyo) Jan/Feb '24. Not a TG newbie but definitely a Tokyo newbie (and a brand new LBR newbie). I am reading that best TG clubs (in Tokyo), that are gaijin friendly, are Tokyo Shemale Club and Club Diamonds. Any other thoughts from the worldly travellers from this squad?

I have done a general LBR forum search for Jp and not much coming up in the way of recs for Tokyo Clubs or online via Line, etc. FYI Japan Cupid is a bust as no TG search profile. :(

Help welcomed either direct or LBR (or other) forum refs



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Thanks for the links you provided. It seems we don't really have experts of Newhalves unless TRLV comes back and posts something. I had compiled a list of 15 'shops' before the Covid pandemic—9 in Tokyo and 6 in other Japanese cities. Unfortunately, attempting to access these links now results in a message stating 'unable to access this page.' It appears that all these establishments closed during the pandemic. Today, I came across 3 remaining shops, with 2 in Tokyo and 1 in Nagoya.

Transsexual Fan|Customs Health Site d’information spécialisé de Deriheru (newhalffan.com)

千葉発(初)のニューハーフ スーパーヘルス xoxokiss

Nagoya  : 名古屋ニューハーフヘルス『T-girl ~ティーガール~』 (she-mail2.jp)


Here's an adapted translation to what I had posted to comment the overall information in 2019:

The pricing structure is somewhat complex to grasp. From what I understand, there are two types of 'systems':
In certain shops, there are sessions labeled as 'basic' and 'regular.' Basic sessions don't permit sex, only kisses and sex massages at most. Regular sessions include options for top, bottom or both.

Elsewhere, shops offer sessions with a 'basic' menu along with additional supplements. For example, the base price is 15,000 yen for 45 minutes, 17,000 yen for 60 minutes, 22,000 yen for 90 minutes, 26,000 yen for 120 minutes, and 30,000 yen for 150 minutes. In addition, there is a 'nomination fee' of 1,000 yen, assumed to cover administrative costs, along with the cost of options: 1,000 yen to use a sex-toy, 2,000 yen for anal, 2,000 yen for a reverse anal (the newhalf topping the customer), 4,000 yen for SM, and 4,000 yen for having the model ejaculate.

Another issue raised (some years before Covid): foreigners are not well-received as clients in this business. It's impossible to know why. Perhaps there had been issues  with Americans at some point, or something else occurred, but some years ago, a Canadian was told that foreigners are unfamiliar with this culture. Since then, it seems that some shops are more open to foreigners than others.

From what I've seen on the websites, clients are encouraged to book before visiting the shop (and pay with their credit card). As a number of clients don't show up for their appointments, it's a win for the shop. According to a client, it's better not to book and simply show up at the shop to choose from the available models. Some shops also charge an additional 15% fee for credit card payments, so it might be safer to pay in cash.

Some addresses are challenging to find even using Google Maps. While Google Maps seems fairly straightforward to me in Thailand or other Asian countries, it appears somewhat perplexing in Japanese cities.

A positive note to end: Rates were deemed exorbitant about a decade before covid (especially compared to Thai rates 10 years ago) but have remained stable. They are comparable to what you'd find in Europe. Personally, I wouldn't travel to Japan specifically to explore newhalfs, but I hope this post proves useful to someone who might find themselves in a major Japanese city. My job took me to Japan in the last century. If I were to return by chance, I know what I could do if I found a few moments of leisure.


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