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Hi guys 

At the suggestion of one of my subscribers i started Paypal videos big time , any 10 usd donation or above and i send all my uncensored  pastiche , cinematic videos to your email you supply ( add a note if required ) and then i update with new videos every few days to your email , and remember its Thailand time but i send if awake the minute i see it , as i know some do not want to use subscribestar because it requires a debit / credit card , also i can use Wise.com link if requested for same thing as paypal,  not my youtube but my subscribestar videos And free requests here in Bangkok for those who are not here - yes ruthless promotion but i think hundreds of videos and a request then its worth it , feel free to write me at cinederose@gmail.com and you can use my subscribestar link as a reference as its the same videos , have i not entertained you lol , also i was thinking of writing a gossip column here , as i snoop around , a weekly column as a thankyou to you guys , like to hear feedback about that as i do it anyway for my paywall subscribers when i publish videos , but perhaps you guys do that anyway in a collective way but i do go to some unusual places  , hey at least i'm working here , always moving forward or trying , starting personal tours next month , feel free to write me with questions at that email , as i am always chatting with people 

diversify , work hard , succeed 

Your friendly neighbourhood ladyboy vlogger 


link below ( d atland is a alias )







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