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2019 : like a Vietnamese monger

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before departing

After my 2018 trip, I had mixed satisfaction. On the one hand, I had successfully found ladyboys in Vietnam, on the other hand, I sometimes had to pay higher prices than in Thailand for a comparable level of service. I had found though that Vietnamese ladyboys had something different : more feminine, sometimes more fragile but really horny sometimes while Thai ladyboys just do the minimum to justify their money.
I had also found a couple of ladyboys adds in a Vietnamese gay website and had taken no time to study them carefully. I don’t remember if I had read them before or after my  trip but I worked seriously on them after I came back. I found exact words used by ladyboys in their adds and also noticed that many adds used a messenger I had experimented in 2018 but in vane. I had read in a blog written by an expat  country fellow journalist that Vietnamese young people were fond of this app. They use it to exchange SMS, photos and video calls and exactly as Wechat, users can search people (but not pêople nearby as I believed first). I had tried this function  but had only one contact with a parasite female in Hanoi who wanted me to pay her a holiday in a beach city. She had actually found me at random since the believed search function doesn't exist.Fortunately, the messenger had a version for desktop what made its easier to use when reading adds with my PC.

Immediately after I came back, I started studying this new stuff.
I rapidly found another Vietnamese forum with more ladyboys adds and started collecting datas. That was all the more interesting that prices offered seemed to be very low. Ladyboys would ask for prices starting at 250K (one ladyboy, but manys asked for 300K or 350K) to 500K (sometimes 600K).  I entered connection datas in the search engine and would check if the account’s owner was still using it. I could pick up photos and store them as proof of using the messenger. Little by little, my file grew up.
Having reached this stage, my target was very clear : find and identify more ladyboys in Vietnam and monger at far lower prices than in Thailand. Although I support the idea that to do lists are useless, I saw no other solution than creating mine and working with it in order to reach my goal.

In between, the messenger’s software was changed. In order to see users photos, I had to contact them and be accepted in their friend lists. So I started contacting ladyboys although I was used not to do it with Thai ladyboys at Thaifriendly with Line. That was all very well but I didn’t know how to use all these datas loaded in my PC when I would be traveling in Vietnam. When I reached around 30 contacts, I looked for a space to store my contacts. I started loading photos in a forum (the Canuk forum) but wanted to keep datas confidential, so I eventually found a blog service that enabled confidential blogs. I created a private blog  that can be read only by authorized users. As a matter of fact, I can access and change the datas using a personal email, and 2 devices can access the blog to read it only : my smartphone and my tab.
A few months later, I found a 3rd website used by Vietnamese  escort girls and agencies. It was really complex to find but I found reviews and adds by ladyboys. I had to PM ladyboys or monger BMs to get  contacts. One month before departing, I found a 4th website with a sub-forum that seemed to be dedicated to ladyboy escorts . I must admit that reading websites in Vietnamese is really confusing, so I made quite a few mistakes during this time. I just kept the positive side that consisted in filing my address book. In Vietnamese forums, ladyboys post an add to offer dates. In the second forum, I saw only adds. It was like a one thread forum. In other forums, ladyboys would add pics and post their self advertisement. At the beginning, OP were written by mongers, but ladyboys took the controL In the 4th forum, customers would seldom react nor comment. Only GGs' customer would criticize ladyboys without SRS. 

I had 49 ladyboys in my blog just before departing. I already knew that I wouldn’t be able to contact or meet all of them. At that stage, I had waste in my list before using it. If I add a few  places where I hoped to find street freelancers, that should be enough for 4 weeks.


The above is an assembly of  screen captures from my phone after my trip


However, 21 of my 49 contacts weren't operational before departing. Most of them hadn't answered my friend's requests, a few had vanished from the radar and I know I wouldn't contact  a few other ones (too chubby, too ugly, too much something ...)



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Sightseeing & tourism

If you still believe that Vietnam is a country of rice fields and forests used as battlefields for the war(s), it’s time to change your mind. War has ben over since 1975. Would you still see Europe as a group of countries devastated by WWII in the late 1980s ?
I realized this year that many amusement parks were built in Vietnam. They belong to one of two big investment companies.

Vinpearlland belongs to a larger group investing in 4 and 5 stars hotels in large cities and convention centers. https://www.vinpearl.com/en/home/ ,
Sun World is the branch company of one of the largest real estate developers in Vietnam.  
Each time, visits start with a cable car. I had been surprised by the cable cars constructions as impressive as those in ski resorts in Europe and by the “Belle Epoque” architecture style of funiculars and cable cars stations. Instead of telling everything, I will just post a few pictures” in a post card style.  As a matter of fact, I spent less time in tourism this year to focus a little bit more on ladyboys. I just had a break when I had too much with ladyboys. (Yes, this happened to me !)


Bà Nà Hills


The Golden bridge symbolizes our lives in the hand of God. But what does it mean when you're in the fog and can't see both hands at the same time ?
I had to pick up a photo from a travel agency's website to post it (photo upper right).


Đà Lạt


There is no ladyboy living in Đà Lạt but I have quite a few photos of ladyboys from HCMC or Hanoi shot in the city. I had been there hoping to visit wine fabrics but wine fields were to far from the city. I had been so enchanted by the city that I had stayed there. A couple of month or so later, Strocube visited the city and posted more photos



Hội An


The town is a tourist attraction because of its history, traditional architecture, and crafts such as textiles and ceramics. Many bars, hotels, and resorts have been constructed both in Hội An and the surrounding area. It's worth forgetting mongering for a while and chill out in the city. Only (girls and) ladyboys bars are missing. 


Mũi Né


A great place to practice kytesurf, go to the beach and have rest. Not recommended if you don't like Russian people. 


Sa Pa 


Sa Pa is not only a mountain city near the Chinese frontier. It’s also the city to access the cable car to reach the Fansipan which is the highest point of Vietnam. Spanish sometimes spoken by attendants in restaurants. 



Old cars

Don’t believe that Vietnamese people drive old cars. Streets are full of Hyundays and Toyotas but I enjoyed shooting a few old models exposed as collection models.



More than 2018, I had been amazed by Vietnamese genius. I saw so many crazy places.  At the end of my trip, I checked  trips in a travel agency in HCM, In 2 years, I managed to visit every place on the list except places related to the War or prisons during the colonial times. This doesn’t mean I have seen everything. I could stop one month in a province (Vietnam has 58 provinces and 5 large municipalities) to visit every interesting place. Vietnam is as interesting as Thailand to mix holidays pleasure and ladyboys pleasure.

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Thanks Soju. I didn't push too much on this part actually. I realize I started drifting out of the sightseeing, while a good trip should mix tourism and ladyboys. 


I had contacts but I decided not to meet

Sella Yến Vy I had contacts with her in October but prefered to contact other ladyboys. Sella Yến Vy is 1m86 tall and II also found out she opened profiles in international escorts websites (Ts-dating & another website : https://www.ts-dating.com/escort/Sellavy ). I anticipated she would ask me for 2 M dongs.


Anna Nguyễn / Kim My She requested 500 K or 600 K dong in her adds. When I contacted her, she asked for 1,5 million dong. I immediately stopped discussing. Maybe she felt boastful because of a beautiful pic in her profile. 



Bảo Ngọc This wise lady takes care of children in a mall in day time. She proposed me to introduce me to her family to start a relatioship. I decided to forget about her.
I had contacts but we haven’t met


Làis After reading her add, I noticed she was aware of her beauty since she asked for expensive prices (800 k or 1 M). When I contacted her once in Vietnam, she asked for 1,8 M. We almost argued and concluded we would remain friendly but wouldn’t meet. Actually, I offered her a lady’s drink in a bar with 2 other ladyboys a few weeks later.


Su Cục Cung asked me for 2 M dong at first contact. I just ignored her.


Link Link  We had several contacts before I was in a position to meet her. When I chated about a date with her, she asked for 2 M dong. End of the discussion (although she reduced her offer to 1 M). She had proved to have too much an unstable character in the previous months for me to trust her. 




Lê Ngọc Khánh Linh The day before I could meet her, I warned her I would be visiting her city (Haiphong). . She asked for 200 US$ (no kidding). I stopped messaging at once.


Trinh Miu Miu   When I contacted her to meet, she asked for US$ 150,00 . I just acknowledged that was around 3,5 M VND and I stopped discussing.


Yến Nhi When I first contacted Yến Nhi, she was working in a call center in Hanoi. I also believed that she had made extrasas a hooker and hoped a great story with her. Actually, when I left HCMC, I discovered in her Timeline that she was looking for help since she was living in the street. I tried to send her some money but the bank refused (I was already in Vietnam) and I hoped to meet her in Hanoi. She blocked me as I couldn’t send her money. I looked for her in Hanoi but couldn’t find her. I then discovered she had moved in HCMC and she had lived in the streets in HCMC. I suspected she had tried to scam me. Since we had a few tense chats, I decided not to meet her back in HCMC. I must reckon she asked me to see me the day after I had met 3 ladyboys in the same day.  (Also see the Hanoian version of the dead buffalo.)



Kate Nina (Thu Thảo) :  she is not in my list. She hooked me up with Wechat as her train passed along the city where I was having some rest near the beach and had turned on the location function in my phone. We could have met later. She told me she told me she usually asks her customers 1,5 M dong for a ST. We had recent contacts and will see next year if we can find an agreement.



My  I had a contact with her once in HCMC. But she lives in another area. So we decided to meet another time.


Except the last one, these ladyboys were not in my standards. Since I could find good ladyboys at rates under 500 K (500,000 dong) for a short time, I didn’t insist when they asked for too much money or seemed not to be available for p4p.


I had contacts but we haven’t met

Nguyễn Kiều Anh   She used to be the most active in posting adds last Summer, then her adds became rare. Once in HCMC, she informed me she was working in a pub. I wanted to meet her one night but I went bacjk home because a a heavy thunderstorm. A few weeks later,she stopped working. I asked her to meet her but she never replied. NKA seemed to have stopped P4P as I wrote my TR.



Lê Bao Ngoc  This postie told me she would be going to Shanghai early in November. One of her mates told me she worked in Bui Vien street before going. Then her Visa had been refused by  Chinese immigration officers at Shanghai. When she came back, I was visiting the countryside. In between, she went to Sihanoukville to work in a bar (She didn’t tell me which one). She  seems to be exceptional.



Angela Bãng Nhi  At first sight, I didn’t feel really exciting in meeting her, but I got used to watching her half funny half erotic pics she posted in her timeline almost every day. When I contacted her, she was traveling to the countryside. I still wonder what’s a meeting with this crazy gurl would be like.  I kept ABN in reserve but she wasn’t available when I could have met her.



After ladyboys I couldn't contact, I had to add ladyboys with whom I had lost contact, posties or ugly ladyboys I didn't feel like meeting and already ladyboys asking for too much money. More than 80 % of my contacts were wasted, but it didn't happen this way. I just followed my way and counted after I came back from my trip. 

If I had to list all the Thai ladyboys with whom I failed for the same reason (ladyboys not answering at TF, vanishing from Line, not in BKK or Pattaya when I was traveling, starfishes asking for prices over the market price, I must be close to the same ratio. I've counted with Vietnamese ladyboys since I also needed to evaluate the performance of my data collection. 

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2019 Vietnamese ladyboys reviews


I met these ladyboys but not in the room

Kate  I met Kate in her bar. She’s fairly busy as a boss. We spent an evening together and I would spend most of my time in her  bar with another ladyboy ( Uyên).


Uyên  I had very little information on this pretty gurl from Cần Thơ. I met her in Kate's bar. We spent a lot of time in the bar but Uyên explained that was prohibited to barfine a girl or a ladyboy in bars.
Uyên passed away in September 2020. RIP



Trinh : Another ladyboy I met at Kate's bar.  


Huy Anh  Huyn Anh works in a convalescent home as a caregiver. She’s also very active in a theatre where ladyboys perform traditional shows.  We met one evening close to Central Market  and spent an hour and half in a coffee shop. She eventually proposed me to have sex for US$ 100,00 , I refused.



Hoàng Yến   I had a long chat with Hoàng Yến before departing. I felt this could be a girlfriend experience but I kept careful for some foolish reason as if this older ladyboy could be unpleasant. So I decided to invite her in a good restaurant. It had been a funny experience.  I welcomed a petite creature looking like … well I don’t know what. She had chatted in English but was unable to speak English in the restaurant and we had dinner under the mocking eye of the waiters who had already seen me as their customer, In the end, Hoàng Yến asked me if I wanted to do something else.
I was looking for a solution to explain her that I wanted her to go away because she was too ugly for me. So we’ve been in a coffee shop, where she played with her smartphone and eventually asked me what I wanted to do next. She felt hot but I didn’t. I claimed I didn’t want to ride on her motorbike without a helmet in this dangerous traffic especially with traffic police officers patrolling around and got rid of her. It had been a nice evening but needless to push it. I then went to Senorita bar to spend some time with Uyên.



Nguyễn Ngọc Hoàng Yến  I met her one evening in a bar with 3 other ladyboys. On that evening, she looked fairly cold or shy in front of her mates. I even told her she looked like a cabin crew manager since she looked serious and well dressed with her suit. I prefered to go with another ladyboy on that night. In the middle of the night, she messaged me to ask me to come to my room (probably because she had heard I had been a good customer) but I was sleeping (and I had f… already 3 ladyboys in the same day. On the next evening, she was alone in front of her bar. She caught me in the street and brought to another bar with just a couple of girls. She started slowly to seduce me and we spent a good time flirting almost alone in the bar. She asked me to go to my hotel but asked for 2 M dongs. I refused. I guess she misses experience in marketing her services. She’s from the delta and had been on he scene for one month according to her sayings. She’s worth staying in my radar. 




I met these ladyboys but was either disappointed or scammed

Lê Quỳnh Anh  She came to my apartment but had a very cold behaviour. She started wasting time, then asked  for money upfront, wasted time again and again (asked me 3 times to shower), gave me a shitty massage, refused sex, refused to make evena photo, argued and went away. I posted a review in a Vietnamese forum. Local mongers advised me never to pay upfront what I did later except a second time (second scam). Too bad, she is really a very beautifull femboy but a big time waster. (Damage 500 K dong = about 650 THB, 21;50 US$, 19.50 €, 28.70 CAD).



Kate & Trinh Quỳnh  Do you remember  Trinh  Quỳnh ?  Last year, I had classified her as the best one in spite of her looking a little bit stupid. Good news for her, she is not. We had 2 great ST together so that I trust her to the point I accepted her proposal to come with a friend of her Kate for a threesome. I felt excited although they are both posties and accepted. (I will tell you more about TQ my next post). From te first contact, I felt something wrong with Kate (nothing to do with the boss of Senorita bar in HCM). TQ proposed me to start with Kate, but she also made me pay upfront (big mistake, but I trusted her at that time for the last time). Kate behaved as a ladyboy in a hurry during a ST overplaying sex (screaming for nothing). At her side, TQ stayed sitting in the sofa and Kate decided she was tired. As I asked TQ to join me in the bed, she started discussing that she was tired. TQ is very diplomatic and needn’t argue. She’s able to impose her position very calmly. As we were discussing,Kate dressed up and went away, hen followed by TQ.
I met Kate on the next day in the hotel where she lives. She was entering the lift as I was going out with another ladyboy (another spicy adventure) and Kate pretended not to recognize me.
I met TQ a couple of weeks later. She tried to come with me but I told her I didn’t want to talk to her.



Anh Anh   On the same evening (2 weeks later), I saw Anh Anh. I will try to find more information on her in the next few weeks but I am not in a hurry). She acts as the gang leader of a few ladyboys in her area. Last year, it had been difficult to catch TQ since AA acted as if I belonged to her as her customer. She came with her complete gang to discuss with me as I was bargaining with a ladyboy and was able to obtain a price of 500 K. I knew she would impose her price of 1 M. But things have changed for me since last year. As a matter of fact,  1 M was an interesting price last year, but nt this year, especially with the risk of being scammed. (TQ was with her gang and tried to establish a contact putting her fingers in my trousers but I didn’t let her do.) AA didn’t leave me an excellent memory. Last year, she had bargained 10 minutes to use condoms for a BJ  (whereas she had promised a natural BJ when bargaining in the street) and asked me to have a shower twice or thrice (after the experience with LQA, never again if I can avoid it). I left her go with her friends and the ladyboy I was talking to.



The hanoian version of the dead buffalo

I realized after completing my last post that I had forgotten to explain what I meant when I mentioned it twice. Since I had promised to talk about it here is my version.

Link Link lives in Hanoi. I had first contacts with her around 10th of September and told her I could meet her in November. Her first reaction had consisted to ask me money. She needed urgently to pay for her room and I could be responsible if she became homeless. We didn’t know each other on the previous day, but I was the only one who could rescue her. I just explained I wouldn’t help before I meet her and become friend with her. Fair enough, but she insisted that she needed money now and posted in her timeline that she had been put out of her room.
In November, everything seemed to be all right for her. She even posted in her timeline that she was going to Đà Nẵng for her studies. As I was getting closer to  Đà Nẵng, I contacted her but she was back in Hanoi. This makes a lot of travels for someone short of money.



Yến Nhi lived in Hanoi too. I had spent a lot of time chatting with her. She worked in a call center didn’t make a lot of money but I understood she probably made extra money with guests. Everything seems perfect with her and I hoped to spend more than just a ST with her. I didn't tell her when I reached HCM not to make her impatient and continued on my way. As I had left HCM for a few days, I saw in her Timeline that she was living in the street and needed someone to help find a room in Tanh Binh, I contacted her to get more information as I knew Tanh Binh as the district of HCM airport but I could find nothing called Tanh Binh in Hanoi.


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I could have refrained from writing the two above posts, but they show that no information system is perfect. However, I never felt uncomfortable because of too expensive prices or ladyboys vanished from my radar. 
I arrived in HCMC on a first evening and went to a small and discrete serviced appartment in the district 3, very close to the district 1. On the next morning, I went to D10, the back in my appartment in the afternoon. I visited Senorita bar in the evening and pushed to D11 on the second day. I started feeling tired of ladyboys for a while, so I organized my trip to push to Da Lat, then went to Nha Trang, Hoi An, Hanoi and Sa Pa, then again Hanoi, Nha Trang, Mui Ne and HCMC. If I couldn't find ladyboys, I would find a trip or would stay doing nothing and have rest. 

BTW, here are the best ladyboys of this year 2019. 


 Ladyboys who deserved a good review

Although I can’t judge that a ladyboy was better than another one, I post here reviews of all good ladyboys I met.  I tried to classify from the fairly good ones to the best ones but there is no absolute hierarchy in these reviews. I didn’t follow the chronology either. This might sound confusing but I preferred to do it this way.

Thu Thảo  
I went all the way up to district 12 (north of SGN airport) to meet this restaurant attendant. She had been a good gurl in the room. However, I should have paid more attention to a notice I had added at my first contact : she was in a hurry to bargain. She had been in a hurry to meet and in a hurry to finish.
I found this 26 years old pretty and hot and above all far prettier than on her pics. I tried to make a couple of pics but she looked ugly on the pic. I am not going to post these pics. I prefer the pic below that really flatters her. 


Trang  Quỳnh  
Last year, I had seen TQ as the best ladyboy I had met in Vietnam. She didn’t look perfect but was fairly sexy, didn’t waste time in the room and seemed to enjoy giving and receiving pleasure. She had proposed me an overnight (for 2 M dong) and I thought I would accept it this year. Anecdotal detail, she had a fairly big cock, one of the biggest I had seen in Vietnam. On our first meeting this year, she announced me she was a postie. She was proud to have a pussy and asked me to treat her like a girl what means fuck her pussy. Except this detail, it had been as good to have sex with her pussy as with her backdoor although I am not really fond of posties, but TQ started converting me.
She came to my apartment on the next day and everything was almost perfect. She just complained she was becoming tired. I used to pay her 1 M. She gave me 500 K to cut short on the time after one hour in the room. Nothing to say. Regretfully, I met her a 3rd time with her friend Kate and nothing happened as I wished. (See above (Kate & Trang  Quỳnh).


Trang  Quỳnh was proud to exhibit her female body on our first evening.


Nhi Tran The unattractive ladyboy who brought me luck
After my first night time with TQ, I still felt hungry. After midnight with a tropical storm threatening to strike the city, streets were empty and even ladyboys had deserted the place. I met Nhi Tran in a park near the sea side. I seriously hesitated to invite her to my apartment since she didn’t really look pretty and wasn’t very smart either. What surprises me is that I enjoy a good sex session with a pre op ladyboy especially after having sex with a postie,  even though this pre op is almost ugly. Most important, we exchanged our contacts in our phone apps and she left after a video call with a mate of her.
3 days later, I received a messaged inviting me to an hotel in the afternoon. I didn’t realize that the message came from Nhi Tran. I believed that was a hook up with the “people nearby function”. I went to the hotel and understood that my unattractive ladyboy felt hot again.  I was happy to have sex with a pre op after a bad night with 2 tricky posties (Kate & TQ). I actually met her in the room where she lives. That was just a ladyboy’s mess.
When our session was over, I went back to the lift and saw Kate entering the lobby with a client. She pretended not to see me. I felt like kicking her ass out of the lift but feared troubles with her client or with the young guy at the reception. I probably chose the right way. As I went out, I saw a stunner coming in and smiling at me. That was Lyly.  (See below).



Nhi (Bao Nhi)
I met her on the first day of my trip. She invited me to a ST hotel in D10. She was hotter than last year since she was more able to stand bottoming. She also had a mammoplasty done. She’s a real ladyboy now. I also read on her profile that she had one or several face surgeries. Her face still remains unattractive though. It’s not really ugly, but it makes a contrast with her body’s beauty. I tried to make a few pics but she refused. I had a great time with her though.



I met Trang in a coffee shop in Hanoi where we spent 1 hour and half, first discussing of nothing then letting her trying to convince me to have fun in the room. We spent then 2 hours in a ST hotel (it took us quite a few time to find one). Was that really sex ? No blow job, no fuck but both our bodies against one another exchanging kisses and erotic games. I don’t know why she refused hardcore sex despite I showed her I had condoms. Perhaps because I paid her a low price (actually the lowest I paid : 400 K) or simply because she’s doesn’t want to bottom (she told me she can top). Strange bargaining since she asked me how much I would pay but never proposed a higher price for more. When I contacted her again to meet in my hotel for real sex for more money, she didn’t reply. We kept in touch though and sometimes messaged one another. A great experience with this clothes saleslady whatever it was.

I knew that Trang had connections with Yến Nhi. After our strange ST together, she helped get in touch again with her friend. Yến Nhi had blocked me as I was in Nha Trang. She was actually in HCMC but didn't tell me. 


Trang has always been shy to show her face. Does she have a negative self concept or does she fear the Hanoi police ? 

Trương Khả Vy
When I first saw TKV’s pics, I thought “this gurl’s ass must be on fire”  (see below right) and I was right. I met her in a ST hotel in D11 and she behaved as a submissive sex slave, always smiling and always saying yes to almost everything. I guess this is what communication filters made her look like. However, after a great blowjob, she wanted me to bareback her. Thanks heaven, I always had condoms in my pocket. After topping her for a while,  I couldn’t help it and since this is what she wanted, I cummed into her opened hot ass. I met her again 2 days later and we’ve done it again the same . However, she was more in hurry to finish. Whatever happened later, I can say she had been the best f...ng ladyboy I met in Vietnam and even maybe in my life.
A few days later, I posted a review in 2 Vietnamese forums. I actually posted reviews to flame Lê Quỳnh Anh and I thought that posting a positive review would show I am not just a hater. But something wrong happened. I added at the end of the reviews that guys had to bring condoms to fuck her since I wouldn’t want her to become sick. She found the review and  complained (both in one of the forums and in my messenger). She harassed me to get my review deleted. I preferred to delete the whole thread. I also amended the review I had posted in another forum. When she found the second one, she harassed me again and I preferred to delete the review, but couldn’t delete the thread what made Vietnamese mongers laugh at me (for this incident and some other language problems). I eventually decided to meet her a third time a few weeks later. She still kept her light smile (like a doll programmed to keep a shy smile), but something was going wrong. She didn’t spend so much time for a BJ, then she interrupted the session while I was topping her, She had never mentioned our arguments 2 weeks earlier. When I asked her what was going wrong, she told me she had a toothache. As We couldn’t go on, I told her (in English, we had used google translate so far) “I give you 200” but she left the room (she actually lived in this hotel in another room). I paid the hotel and left. I thought later I had been harsh with her. I proposed her to see her to give her her money but she had blocked me.
I prefer to remember our first meeting. I thought that Lê Quỳnh Anh managed to be a nuisance twice : once in the room and once because of the troubles with reviews.



Nguyễn Ngọc Mỹ  
One should never believe what photos say. I had classified her as a “gurl next door” in my blog. I tried to meet her during my first stay in HCMC but couldn’t understand the address and how to go there in a reasonable time. I tried again a few weeks later. I found myself in a pleasant neighborhood. It’s been long to make her come to the place (that was actually an area of ST hotels where she was used to meet). I didn’t complain since I had made her waste her time a few weeks earlier. She was dropped by a motorbike driver and we chose an hotel. I was surprised to find a petite sexy femboy. She was a real hotty in the room. Her ass was so tight that I broke a condom at my first attempt to top her but everything went well after. I just feared to make her bleed. But the more I f….d her, the more she wanted to be f….d. I wish I could meet her again.



Ly Ly
After meeting Nhi Tran for the second time, I saw a great looking girl smile at me as I was going out of the hotel. I immediately had like a love at first sight. If only this lovely cute gurl could be a ladyboy. Yes she was. We sat in the lobby and I tried to explain her that I was tired after a ST with a ladyboy. She didn’t push but I couldn’t resist so I went back to the lift with her for a ST. One is never tired with such a cute angel as if Ly Ly and I had been done to be together. At the end, I made a few photos, got her contact and went away since I had already planned  to leave the city.
We had spoken of spending LT together? She agreed but didn’t give me any price. I went back to Nha Trang after a long trip in the North of Vietnam. We met in a coffee shop downtown. Lyly came with a sexy red dress and black stockings. I was like mad. We started negotiating for a LT. Ly Ly agreed on my conditions but she wanted to go to Phú Quốc then to her hometown. I agreed and asked her to stay with me. We would have to go to the travel agency on the next day. She then asked me to go. She wanted to go to work in the street with her mates. I realized we had a big misunderstanding. Of course, on the next morning, she didn’t come to the travel agency and I changed my plans. I messaged her to explain her I couldn’t travel with someone sleeping all day long. She agreed and explained she needed to make money for her family etc … I still don’t understand what the misunderstanding came from. I had taken time to explain her how much I would give her every 24 hours.
I went alone on another way and hoped to meet her again.



Tố Như  
After I had posted in a Vietnamese forum about Lê Quỳnh Anh’s scam, local mongers warmly recommended me Tố Như as the best one. I’d rather say, she’s the most professional, especially to make photos at the end of the short time. Even though she overplayed slightly, she had been a perfect slut in the room for more than 1 hour. I will try to meet her again.
What’s strange with ladyboys like her is that they are fairly pushy to meet on Fridays and Saturdays, then don’t answer messages from Sundays to Tuesdays. I guess they burn their money with friends in Saturday evenings then chase money again before the next week end.



Huỳnh Đan
On that evening, I had already met 2 ladyboys in ST hotels in the day. I decided to forget about ladyboys, avoid goind to the Senorita bar and find a good restaurant. As I was passing along an intersection, I saw a tall blond in front of a bar. That was a ladyboy. I decided to keep on looking for my restaurant and come back later.
I had to negociate with girls that I wanted to stay with the ladyboy of the bar and with the ladyboys that I was interested in their shy blond mate. To make a long story short, HD came to my hotel after I reached it and we went straight to the room.
This 22 years old is half femboy half ladyboy. As a matter of fact, she already had surgery to get silicone in her buttocks but not in her breast and told me she has never used hormones (she actually fears negative fallouts if she had to stop taking hormones). She was shy to speak English in front of her mates but could use it in the room what is rare in Vietnam. We started having a shower together in the same time. She was an expert of erotic shower. Then we had a great flirting time, she spent a long time for a blow job and bottomed till she was exhausted of it. I am not sure since I don’t care but she probably told me she could top too.
She then took time to make a few photos. It’s rare to find ladyboys willing to play the game. I tried to see her on the next day but she was not in the area. I should have called her back maybe.



PS : Huỳnh Đan decided to change her name in 2021. She now wants to be called Daisy. 

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Stats and budget

I started with a list of 49 ladyboys and I knew I had possibilities to find more ladyboys than I had metin 2018. It just started with a positive find that I explored, then I found another one and it all became a routine to check websites just a few minutes every other day or every week to make my list grow up. It’s been more a question of patience than a hard work. I think I had been lucky to set together a few “hacks” (I prefer to say a few “tips”) that worked well together.

I input figures in an Excel file to compare with last year. Last year, I spent 13 million VND for ladyboys. I had ST either in my room or apartment and once in the ladyboy’s hotel room. I hadn’t paid for the ladyboy’s room but I had paid an expensive price for the ST. I had 10 ST with 9 ladyboys, so the average price paid was 1,3 million VND with prices ranging from 500 K to 2 million (close to 1,700 THB at today’s rate ).
This year, I spent money for ST hotels 7 times . It’s a typical habit of Vietnamese freelancers to date customers ("happy guests") in ST hotels. I added the money spent in the price of ladyboys. The final result is that I spent less than 10,8 million VND for 17 ST with 10 ladyboys , so the average price paid is less than 635 K VND ( 825 THB at today’s rate
[*]). I also met another 6 ladyboys without having sex with them. Watching these figures, my trip was a success. I met my goal.

It didn’t take me such a long time to do it. I just stopped wasting time in forums that seemed to be designed to make their BMs waste time. I also stopped connecting every day to a European forum dealing all the time with the same kind of boring reviews. I also spent a lot less time in the other  forum dealing with Pattaya that seems to allow only one type of posts : join the group to pay BF in their bars in Pattaya and argue on the sex of angels. I am sorry to say that ladyboys are everywhere not only in Thailand (where I’d rather look for them far away from touristic areas) but also in many places in other countries. I can tell you it’s a greater pleasure to spend time surfing on the web to increase one’s chances to find ladyboys in Vietnam than arguing with drunk or frustrated old men.

[*]: today means the day when I first wrote this paragraph which means November 2019.


I also do not forget the other side of the coin. I could use less than 20 % of my contacts. 
I am just disappointed that the Vietnamese scene is not as large as the Thai one. There might be a lot of ladyboys living a normal lady’s life (I am quite convinced of it, but not all of them want to meet for sex, or even have contacts with foreigners).  I'm not convinced that 300,000 to 500,000 Vietnamese people are transgenders.   I fear that too many mongers go to Vietnam to meet ladyboys. I want to remind them that prostitution is prohibited and punishable by law, so they can’t so openly frolic with ladyboys. My searches allowed me to find discrete ladyboys willing to meet but also brought me back to night bars with ladyboys.  

Ladyboys in bars


Early in October (2019) Kate messaged me she was working on opening a bar in HCMC. We kept in touch and she sent me a couple of times adds for parties at Senorita bar. I had to go there, at least to meet her and see what it would look like. I have been at least 4 times at Senorita bar in less than 4 weeks. It became like my HQ when I had nothing to do or was tired of hunting ladyboys in the districts of HCM.

On my first visit, I stayed with a lady I suspected to be a ladyboy. It took her almost an hour to tell me she is not a GG. More amazing, Uyên is a ladyboy of my list. I believed she lived in Cần Thơ but she actually moved HCM to live in this bar. She used to be a singer, probably in a dance group. I was happy to find her. I showed her my blog with my list of ladyboys. Uyên knew almost half of them. I must say that many ladyboys have worked in the bar area. I also noticed that Uyên knows ladyboys in other cities up to Hanoi. She traveled a lot before working in the bar.


I was told that 4 ladyboys worked as waitress/attendants in Senorita bar. If  you add Kate, you can find up to 5 ladyboys in the same time. I caught a photo of Trinh I posted a few posts above. I met another ladyboy whose name I don’t know. It was fairly hard to have information on them. It seems that Kate wants to protect their privacy. I was also told that Kate didn’t like photos to be posted on the net. This is why I deleted her pics and didn’t post a new pic of her.

Last but not least, there is no bar fine at Senorita bar. Don’t be mistaken : this means neither barfine nor barfining. Girls and ladyboys must stay inside. Sex is not allowed in the premises (I could flirt with Uyên and Kate) and the staff is not allowed to meet customers out of the bar. Kate would risk severe law suits if the police investigates on the case (see last year my link to the Vietnamese law ). So you can play in the bar but cannot have a girl in your room.


Staff at Senorita bar (photo: courtesy of Senorita's facebook)


Halloween party at Senorita bar (Courtesy of Senorita's facebook)



I stayed chilling in HCMC at the end of my trip. I had used all my list of ladyboys (except those I didn't feel like meeting. One more invited me to her town (Mỹ Tho), but I didn't feel like traveling again. (I didn't realize that Mỹ Thowas not so far as Cần Thơ) but I was tired of traveling.  I would meet Bông Súng on my next trip. 



2 days before leaving Vietnam, I looked for a Wrap & Roll restaurant in District 1 when I saw a bar and a ladyboy standing in front of it. I went to the restaurant, then came back to this bar (called Next Bar). The ladyboy is Huỳnh Đan  (see above). When I came back to the bar, I talked to her but she had a shy reaction at first. She believed I was coming here to be entertained by girls and I had to insist to make Huỳnh Đan stay with me while the girl tried to get a lady’s drink for herself. Lais joined us and played the translator. So I had to tell again that I felt like staying with ladyboys  and I offered both Lais and  Huỳnh Đan a lady’s drink. A 3rd ladyboy named Ngọc Hoàng Yến  came too and I had a drink with the 3 ladyboys. It was an unexpected situation for me.


I had to be careful since Lais had asked me for 2 million 3 weeks earlier. As I insisted to stay only with ladyboys, a 4th one came to get a lady's drink. Lais explained me she was top only if this is what I wanted. 

As I told them I wanted to leave, they tried to push me to invite one of them to their hotel. I don’t know how it happened but they first pushed  Huỳnh Đan. I understood a ladyboy could have a ST with me from this bar.  Huỳnh Đan followed me to the exit and started bargaining. She first asked 1 M VND but I got 800 K. About barfining, she just told me she worked part time in the bar, what seems to be a great BS and that it was time for her to have a break (unbelievable). She let me go back alone and I sent her a message once in my hotel to come there.

2 hours after Huỳnh Đan left my room, Ngọc Hoàng Yến messaged me. I don’t know in what extent one of them was not trying to manage the deal. Anyway, asking 2 M VND NNHY had no chance.


Đường Bùi Viện
I had a look at Đường Bùi Viện that is too famous for what it is. Just a reminder : when you think of  Bùi Viện, it’s like thinking of Thanon Khao San in BKK. I noticed bars' evolution in  Đường Bùi Viện. A few of them are designed like discos with dancing podiums as in a strip club and very loud music. It’s gaining a very bad reputation of an area with drug deal and snatchers, not the best place to stay in. I even saw a local guy arrested by the police for I don’t know what felony.



On my last evening, I went back to Next bar but Huỳnh Đan was not there. She had made money for her rent so preferred to have rest. Ngọc Hoàng Yến was there. She invited me to go to another bar in DTTD that belonged to the same owner as Next Bar. 2 girls (GGs) were staying there including the one making the service behind the bar. Ngọc Hoàng Yến started flirting with me. She had set her trap and was trying to close it on me. But I still remembered she wanted 2 million. 
As we were disturbed by one of the girls, Ngọc Hoàng Yến answered her as if she was talking to a dog. I found the girl so disturbing that I let Ngọc Hoàng Yến push her flirting with me. One of the girls left. This was what we wanted. Then Ngọc Hoàng Yến asked me to go to my hotel. But she still wanted 2 million, so I tried to bargain, but she refused. I proposed her a 3some with the girl but that was out of question.  
I paid my drinks and went out to the street. I walked all the way up DTTD watching rats running across from both side of the street. I felt cool. On the next day, I would spend my evening in the airport. 


One month later, I discovered that Strocube was visiting Vietnam. I tried to help him but I was a new member unknown at LBR. Then he felt sick, probably this new disease they called Covid19. 

Another couple of months later, the Chinese monger Lengcj visited Vietnam. He had a shag with Mina for 1 million dong. Not bad. Then he struggled to find a solution to travel back home in Wuhan since Covid19 was striking China. I found out about Mina a few weeks later ... but this is another story. 



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