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2018 : Deeper into Vietnam

Pulci Gorgon

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In 2017, I had planned a last experience in Thailand. To make a long story short, I wandered in Issan and in the South of Thailand (Thai) and used both Wechat and the Thaifriendly App to find ladyboys. As a result, I shagged 9 ladyboys approached a few more ladyboys but  avoided tricky situations. Ladyboys can be bad beaches even the shitholes of Issan. 
In the south, Ao Nong turned to be a city full of scams (not only ladyboys) and ladyboys were as expensive as in BKK. I had found ladyboys expensive even when they were honest. I wished I would never feel like coming back. I have never been back to Thailand since 2017. 



As far as I remember, Wechat and the Thaifriendly app equally contributed to make me find ladyboys. 

However, the subject ids Vietnam, so back to Vietnam. 


Before returning to Vietnam in 2018

Just after I left Saigon  2 years earlier, I had the feeling I had much more to explore in Vietnam, not only in the ladyboy scene but also in touristic sites. As far as ladyboys were concerned, websites such as Craigslist or backpage (that still published p4p adds) had a few interesting ladyboys adds all over the country and the travel agency where I purchased my travels in Saigon was full of great trips. 

I tried to find information on the best places to visit for a tourist first. It had been fairly easy to find travellers’ blogs dealing with Vietnam as well as usual tourist guide books similar to the Lonely Planet guide.
I then started looking for information on p4p in Vietnam. I found many press releases dealing with places dedicated to p4p. I then looked for information on Vietnamese ladyboys and had been surprised by what I found.

I eventually managed to write down a to do list with about 10 places to visit. It’s pretty much since it means an average time of 3 days for each place if I could stay one month, and I didn’t have so much time. Given the long S shape of the country, I had no choice : start from one side and go to the other side. If I decided to divert to a mongering place on my way, I would have to forget a tourist trip. If for some reason, I passed along a good place or skipped it, I would have to keep on travelling to the same direction without hope to go back except in the south west of Saigon.




Is P4P legit in Vietnam ?

I had found in 2016 that prostitutes would be arrested and imprisoned in special diversion centres to be re-educated till 2013. I looked for and read several press releases such as this ones to have a correct idea of the legal risks. In Vietnamese “prostitution” means the act of selling or purchasing sex and “prostitute” can mean either a hooker or her client. They are still both regulated by the Order of the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly n° 10/2003 that remains in use.
In practice, I noted that both the hooker and the customer risk a fine of 5 million VND (about 190 € or 215 US$), what is pretty much for a Vietnamese girl or ladyboy and not too bad for a Western tourist. (In 2016, the average monthly wage for a factory worker is between 2.1 and 2.3 million VND, between 2 and 2.5 million VND for a secretary and up to 20 million VND for a company chairman, the average being 3.2 million VND = about 140 US$, I should have revised these figures before departing). Since 2013, the main targets of the social criminality police are pimps. They can be sentenced up to 4 to 8 years in prison.

Order of the Permanent Committee of the National Assembly n° 10/2003 of March 10th 2003

I read more press releases. At the level of lawyers and the National Assembly, there has been a debate between conservatives and progressives with pros and cons repression and pros and cons a legalisation of prostitution in Vietnam. Nevertheless, P4P remains prohibited.
In 2014, some people complained that streets were invaded by “long legs” at night especially in the area of Hanoi and they argued that fines were not high enough to dissuade prostitutes.

Other press articles depicted that many prostitutes came from poor mountainous areas and had to work for no or little money in small bars to take care of customers in the backroom. It seems that the action of the anti social criminality police had been efficient in 2014 and 2015.


Transgender people in Vietnam

In between, I had picked up more information dealing with ladyboys. I had found a report about a ladyboy in a night bar in Saigon and a blog by a country fellow describing a restaurant held by ladyboys in Hanoi. I felt confident it would be easy to find and started completing a to do list with 10 places to do sightseeing and also possibilities to find RLD or ladyboys in the vicinity. Many squares remained empty but I remained optimistic.
After one month or so without working on the subject, I found out that the restaurant was not located in Hanoi but in Saigon and I realized my board was almost empty. So I started over my searches.

Right to be a transsexual

On the 24th of November 2015, the National Assembly adopted an amendment to the Civil Code which contains provisions on sex change and related rights and obligations. The law took effect in 2017. The article 37 of the Civil Code stipulates : “The sex change shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of the law, and the individuals who have changed their sex shall have the right and obligation to register the civil status change according to the provisions of the law on the household. They have gender-specific personal rights that have been converted in accordance with the provisions of this Code and other relevant laws.”
This means that Vietnamese ladyboys are free to change sex but they must be registered as transsexuals. Thus, it makes it harder to change their mind. This also helps Vietnamese authorities to keep an eye on their ladyboys population . Vietnam remains a communist country.

In 2013, the Minister of Health had planned to develop 4 sex reassignment facilities in general hospitals and first sex reassignment surgeries made in Vietnam were announced in May 2018.

According to the Ministry of Health, the prevalence of transgender people is around 03-0.5 % of the population (that will be over 100 million in 2020). Most of the Vietnamese ladyboys who changed sex went abroad. I first understood that there are about 300,000 to 500,000 ladyboys in Vietnam. IMHO, this is not accurate. I think I would have seen more ladyboys if such numbers were accurate. 

Vietnamese journalists seem to be very well informed, in spite of working in a communist country with restrictions on the freedom to free speech. I even found a couple of articles dealing with Chinese ladyboys and the bars where they go and have drinks in the area of Beijing. This was probably better documented than bars in Vietnam.


Looking for contacts

While looking for these information, I also found a few blogs written by female journalists from my country living in Vietnam. A couple of them described apps used by Vietnamese girls and ladies to date men for casual encounters. I had 3 apps in my phone in 2017 and I loaded 5 more apps, either messengers or dating apps.

I then looked for places where I could find bars, places where I could find ladyboys either in a shop or restaurant or places with freelancers. As I couldn’t find information, I looked for RLDs. I spent a week trying to catch information in a TV report with subtitles (in Vietnamese) dealing with RLDs. I then looked for confirmations in Vietnamese newspapers published on the net. I filled in 3 pages in a word documents with descriptions and links to google maps positions. These could be either streets in large cities with “long legs” working at night, a few hotel RLDs far from usual roads or bars in the countryside along highways with sexy waitresses taking care of customers in backrooms. Most of these articles were dated 2014 or 2015. I also double checked in worldsexguide for GGs information. Surprisingly, mongers stopped posting in the sub forum dedicated to Vietnam in 2015.

I had never spent so much time before travelling except time spent chatting in Dateinasia.com or later in Thaifriendly. I had the feeling that my roadmap was far from being perfect. Come what may. If I can’t find ladyboys, I would have fun beach trips and GGs.



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Sightseeing and exploring

I had read a trip story by a fellow monger in Vietnam.  His sightseeing planning was full as the agenda of a Prime Minister on a diplomatic visit. I was on holidays. I wrote down a few “must see” and went there only if I wouldn’t waste too much time. I used my free time to have rest and look for ladyboys.
I am not going to write a book but share a few pics that I made.


Cần Thơ  



The 4th largest city in Vietnam lies on the Hau River the south main distributary of the Mekong. It’s well known as the place of the longest stayed bridge in Asia.
I enjoyed the ride in the canals between the Hau River and the Cần Thơ River on a lazy afternoon. It’s a great city to stay in and do nothing.
And of course, I couldn’t mis the ride in the morning to visit the Cai Rang floating market.


Đà Nẵng



I stayed a little more than 12 hours in the 3rd city of Vietnam, just enough to have a siesta, meet a ladyboy and visit a small nightlife area.
I then realized I felt like going to Hội An (the trading port of 15th to 19th century). I didn’t have  enough time. I would have to come back in this area.


Hạ Long bay and Cát Bà


After visiting the South of Vietnam, Hạ Long bay was my main objective in Vietnam even though I knew I would find neither ladyboys nor GGs in p4p. The bay is really impressive and I felt like staying in Cát Bà for ever. I enjoyed the boat ride, kayaking, swimming in an isolated bay and visiting a monkey beach. I left so many more places to visit in the bay that I will go back there.


Hà Nội



In Hà Nội, I spent a fair amount of time looking for possible p4p places. I checked 2 former RLDs (girls in bars, and “long legs on boulevards”, visited a possible gay bar and another one with possibly ladyboys hanging. I also checked “The Bank”, a nightclub where there had been ladyboys shows in the past. I prefer to keep positive : I have no doubt these places are empty. I stopped wasting my time looking for several other possible RLDs : they were too far from Hoan Kiem (the area where all the tourists gather) and I used my apps to find something.

As I didn’t want to visit all the worthwhile monuments, I took the hop on hop off, stayed away from annoying museums and came back with interesting pics : Turtle tower on Hoan Kiem lake, the changing of the guard ceremony at the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, the Thê Húc bridge at night as well as the Cathedral.


Hồ Chí Minh city / Sài Gòn



I had been so busy both times I was in Sài Gòn that I haven’t made many photos. The city still has the craziest traffic in Vietnam. Although the traffic in Hà Nội is dense and sometimes scary, the traffic is always scary in Sài Gòn since reckless driving seems to be the only rule. Local drivers, once they drive a motorbike seem to be programmed not to pay attention to other people. I will skip details.

I made this photo at a bus stop. A bike driver came, made his way in the middle of people waiting for their bus, lied on the saddle of his motorbike, lit a cigarette and blew smoke to other people around him.

In Sài Gòn, I chose to have a break with tourism and looked for mongering places and ladyboys instead. It had been tough.
First, I looked for a restaurant that was managed by ladyboys. This restaurant existed in 2014 since a country fellow had posted the information with a few photos in blog. I found the place, but the restaurant closed a long time ago.

I have been at the Chica bar at night where one of the girls is supposed to be a ladyboy. I found all that I hate in bars. A few young English guys were sitting each with a bottle of whisky and were screaming their pride of being drunk and uncontrollable while a few expats or local guys were busy with one girl each. One of the girls playing pool with an older Vietnamese guy might have been a ladyboy but this was inappropriate to talk to her. At the end of my trip, an American guy told me  that girls asked for 150 to 200 US$ for sex in this area whereas it used to be 30 US$ 7 years ago (more efficient than police raids). I felt like checking another bar but saw empty premises and didn’t waste my time.
I checked a long avenue, Lý Thường Kiệt where ladyboys had been hooking in the past but found nothing (when checking again, I had 2 press articles, one of which dealing with the arrest of pimps, so ladyboys must have left the area).  I also found a few girls (GGs) hooking up customers on motorbikes for short times in a nearby hotel but didn’t like the atmosphere.
I passed along an avenue where hookers on motorbikes including ladyboys had been reported and saw nothing. I still had many areas with probably hookers hanging at night but had neither time nor energy to check. In many cases, I knew that the police had cleaned these areas. I also noticed that pimps were no longer hooking up guys on Wechat as they did 2 years earlier.

I eventually visited Bùi Viện street that I knew . I chose to go there in day time since I didn’t expect much from the place. A few girls try to sell sensual massages with a hand finition. The street is no longer a pedestrian street. It’s open to car traffic with a new pavement and cars speed up on the street. I have never liked this area since it’s more a backpacker’s area than a RLD. I had seen a ladyboy in 2016 but she wasn’t very attractive.
All in all, I expected more from Sài Gòn. I remember one night coming back to my room and thinking that Sài Gòn is a shithole. I had just had a first contact on Wechat with a ladyboy though.



This city was the seat of the Nguyễn dynasty in the 19th century and is separated between the modern city (south of the Sông Hương that means Perfume river) and the old city northside. I read in my book that the area is subject to more frequent rains and heavier ones due some influence of the mountains on the weather. It rained too much. I just found time to go to the entry of the citadel when rainshowers stopped. I will skip it next time.

I had a few addresses to check and had time for one only. I found petty thieves, nothing bad but far from the best experience indeed. In one word,  Huế is a shithole. Just avoid going there.


Nha Trang



I arrived in this coastal city, checked my serviced apartment and went to a restaurant to order food. Since I was a white man, they started speaking Russian with me. Russian with the Vietnamese accent sounds so funny. I felt like having a boat tour to go snorkelling or have a beach party but since the weather remained uncertain, I went to a hot spring resort and had a mud bath and hot water bathes with Russian, Chinese, Vietnamese and Korean tourists. I was the exotic guy in some sense.

In Nha Trang I found great chops with all kind of Vietnamese products. (This reminded me of a friend studying with me who explained me discriminations in USSR he had visited several times. “this happens under you eyes and you see nothing” he had told me while teaching a few words of Russian). These products are accessible to Western people, Russian tourists but are too expensive for Vietnamese people. I also tasted crocodile meat. Hmmm delicious !
"Russian" tourists were nice people from the Russian middle class and behaved differently from arrogant Russians in Phuket or farangs in Pattaya. I discovered later they came from many ex-USSR countries and even maybe from Ukraine. I enjoyed Nha Trang. It’s a nice place to drop my baggage, use it as base and tour around.

Vĩnh Nguyên is a coastal island about 2 km/1SM away from the southern suburb or Nha Trang. It belongs to the Vinpearl holding that manages many hotels and resorts in Vietnam. On Vĩnh Nguyên, they built a big resort looking like a Disneyland park that I visited after I purchased a ticket to cross the 2 km of sea in a gondola built exactly as the lifts used in sky resorts. I didn’t go to the swimming pools and luxury beach area but visited aquarium, 4D movies, a zoo garden, several acclimatizing botanic gardens, a bird garden, a sky wheel, and many more attractions such as rides and roller coasters. It costed me 880,000 VND (33 € / 38 US$ / THB 1,240.00 ) that is a fair price if you compare it with the price of a one day trip in Thailand. The price included a free access to all attractions excepted food (that was fairly expensive). It’s also possible to rent a room in one of the hotels on the island or a suite or even a villa if you want to party with 10 ladyboys.


Phong Nha cave


The largest cave in Vietnam (*) was used by the north Vietnamese army as an arms and ammunition depot, but also as a military hospital and storage of floating bridges. The US army never found the secret of this place and bombed the Ho Chi Minh track intensively instead. The cave is traversed by an underground river, so I made the visit in a boat whose engine was stopped when entering the cave and a lady used rows to ride 1km inside. On the way back, we left the boat and walked to complete the visit.

(*) Son Doong cave in Phong Nha national parc was first explored in 2009 is believed to be the largest cave in the world but Son Doong cannot really be visited.

Paradise cave (Thiên Đường cave)


Discovered in 2005 and 31 km long, only 1 km is open for tourists. The most impressive cave visit I have ever done in my life.

I found this stalactite that I immediately called “the dinausaurus”.

Phú Quốc


Located in the Gulf of Thailand not far from Sihanoukville, the largest island in Vietnam welcomes tourists from Europe and from Russia. The west coast was once made of long stretches of sandy beaches hard to access. Thus natural areas have given way to huge tourist resorts and a new large city. I visited this area and noticed that money came from Russia, Western Europe (and probably China and Vietnam too). Although most of these resorts and Villa neighbourhoods are already open, they haven’t had their first real high season that had to come soon.
Thanks to the presence of a large Russian community, you can find good restaurants at affordable prices as well as shops with all kind of Vietnamese goods where they don’t rip off tourists. I also visited the famous night market of Dương Đông and went for a trip in the islets south of Phú Quốc. I spent most of my time riding a motorbike (since this is one of the only safe places in VN) and having lazy time on the beach.

A Swedish man with whom I chatted during my boat trip informed me that Vinpearl had opened in the north west of Phú Quốc a large resort similar to the one near Nha Trang. One more crazy construction in this area.


Tam Cốc




Also called “the terrestrial Ha Long bay”, the site is well known for the boat ride on the Tam Cốc river in the middle of rice fields. From the morning till sunset, the river is jammed with rowing boats full of tourists and operated by ladies rowing with their feet. An amazing ride indeed.


Tràng An


Also in the area of Ninh Bình, the trip was sold as a visit to the “King Kong movie site” (what didn’t really attract me). Actually, the site is used as a scenic landscape complex for movies. The ride is made on a larger boat and the lady rows with her hands this time. After sailing through several caves, we found several temples in a fantastic valley, then went back and made a stop near the site where a few scenes of a movie of King Kong were shot. A must do in Vietnam.

Hoa Lư


Near Tràng An, Hoa Lư was a citadel of a secessionist lord who became the “first Dinh emperor” in 968. The capital was moved later to Hà Nội and Hoa Lư became “the ancient capital”.
This is a short visit in a small site, combined with the trip in Tràng An that explains a lot on the Vietnamese history (as well as the Vietnamese policy in the 21st century).

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To put it blankly, I'm the first one to forget that sightseeing is a more pleasurable and cheaper experience than mongering. My vision of heaven had been once to go to Phuket, play with ladyboys dancing on tables at soi Croicodile, then go and visit the islands as in a honeymoon with one of them in a LT. 

But everyone knows that paradises destiny is to be destroyed, so they don't last for ever on olanet Earth. 

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Vietnamese ladyboys

I had a rocky start in Hanoi after I found the street that was the heart of nightlife, just a street where backpackers of all kind go and have a beer to show off. Then, I saw this femboy/gurl selling massage in front of his shop. (he could have been a girl but I had made my opinion already). As I queried him about his look and services, he believed I was a stupid guy who ignored he was a ladyboy so he explained me boastfully. I invite him to come to my hotel for a massage and a good fuck. He looked horrified. Not the right target. As a matter of fact, Hoan Kiem is not Hanoi. It's just a district that encompasses the former colonial quarter. Vietnamese people made it become a window of Vietnam,  but ladyboys were far this place. 



Sissy Tino 


I also avoided Tino, a femboy who called herself Sissy Tino Pham. She was the most famous ladyboy out of Vietnam. Her add advised her age was 29 yo. As I was far from her city, we decided to have a contact later. She already announced she wanted a specific hotel to avoid troubles at the reception (what is pure BS unless he/she’s a troublemaker). 2 weeks later, she asked me for  100 US$ to meet, then reduced her price to 2 million VND .
I have no real opinion on her possible performance, but I decided to  deal with another ladyboy. Sissy Tino is bottom if you want to ask.





The sluty massage ladyboy


To make a long story short, I had requested the boss of this massage shop in Nha Trang a lady (since boys turn up to be brutal when a phase of the Vietnamese massage consists in stepping on the customer’s back). I was intrigued by her face when I followed her upstairs as well as when she starting massaging me. As she started playing with my cock, I checked if the room had a safety camera. She tried to  start playing with my cock, only disturbed by the arrival of new customers.
I refused her finition and negotiated a date with her after she finishes working. When I came back, she was no longer at the spa. I tried again 2 days later, had a massage with her and got her phone number. When I called her up, she wouldn’t answer then explained me she was busy. She stood me up twice. I only remember her kinky face when she was massaging my cock but she'd been a waste of time. 




Bibi Pham


I met Bibi Pham in her hotel in Đà Nẵng, probably a short time hotel she had rented for our meeting. Although she tried to show good manners, we couldn’t really break the ice. She turned up not to really enjoy sex and seemed to be in a hurry to finish with it, really frustrating for someone asking for 2 million dong.
By the way, she did her job. I even didn’t feel like staying with her since she didn’t look so good. She looked quite older than on her pics. I don’t want to blame her for her poor session. I saw haematomas on her before ass she put her clothes back. Needless to kick her ass, someone already did, probably a pimp unless this was transphobia.





Tien Kim


Tien Kim worked in a beauty shop in a  suburban city near Cần Thơ and she had time to come to my hotel for a visit in the afternoon. When I saw her first, I noticed she looked older than on her add. She kissed me and turned up to be very sensual when she started sucking me greedily. She seemed never to be tired of my lollipop. When time came to fuck her ass, she suddenly stiffened and I understood it would be tough.
After half an hour failing to enter this tight hole and emptying my Pjure bottle, I had to give it up. She admitted she had never been fucked and that she tried to help me although I felt she was not doing it correctly. She then confessed it was her second attempt in her life and that she had blocked the guy at the first time. I doubted that both attempts were only one. She then kept one sucking my cock till I cummed. Then, we spent more time of talking of LT and a GFE for a next meeting. This ST had lasted 3 hours and had not been really bad though.

I use the opportunity of this review to mention that most of the Vietnamese ladyboys I met had a tight ass and complained they could hardly bottom too long. Many asked me to stop or pretended I had a big cock (I am not boastful and I am far from Ramon or Rocco Siffredi). This seems to be fairly common in Vietnam. I also assume that they are used to oral sex with rapid cummers.

Tien Kim could have made better pics, but she turned up to be shy in front of the camera and hide her face. She now mives in HCMC D8 and advertises as a top ladyboy in Twitter. 





Street freelancers in Nha Trang


When I arrived in Nha Trang, I went to the serviced appartment hotel I had booked. It was just one block away from a park on the local beach road where ladyboys were hanging at night. Don't believe I was lucky. If you read back my previous trip, I posted I had 2 adresses in my pocket. This was my second address. Here are those who came to my appartment.




Phương Trinh


It took some time to bargain since she used google translation then we went to my nearby apartment. She asked me to shower twice since she daren’t say she refused BBBJ. She was pleasant in the room but asked me to hurry too early regretfully. We had a good time (1 hr before making photos). 




An An



An looked like a pearl when I met her. Her face and hair were so well made up, she wore a beautiful dress as if she’d had to go to a social event. The social event took place in my apartment where I had the pleasure to welcome An.
An is not only pretty, she’s also smart and sensible, too sensible maybe, regarding she could not bottom for too long a time. She was probably tired when I asked to shoot a couple of photos. Vietnamese ladyboys are not very patient. When she saw the result, she asked me for my Wechat to send me her photos, the ones that prove she’s pretty of course. After resizing, I find she looks good on mine too. She also needed my contact to ask me for another date before I leave the town.
However, she had her manners too. She'd trtried to make me waste time asking me again and again to wash my c*** then eventually refuse the BBBJ she had promised. I would discover later with Phương Trinh (above) that she was looking after younger ladyboys so that they refuse BBBJ and ask for a minimal price of 1 million. I was happy though since she was the first Vietnamise ladyboy at 1 million I found.  





Quỳnh Trinh


Quỳnh Trinh had been easy to talk with. She seemed to be always smiling and was alright for everything I asked. Although she didn’t look as pretty as her jealous mate, I had a positive feeling about her, like the secret hope to find a good gurl.
When she undressed, she showed a sexy body with a beautiful breast, fairly big but not too much.
Above all, she enjoyed sex. She had a real pleasure in having a cock in her mouth and she did enjoy bottoming without limit. The more I f… her, the more she wanted me to f… . When our short time was over, she proposed me to stay for a LT. If I see her again, I will try the GFE over several days. I am now fairly surprised to see that she doesn’t look prettier in my pics. But I remember : a ladyboy having been good at sex always look pretty afterwards .





Elly Ana


Don’t get confused by Elly Ana’s pics : she looks much prettier in real life than on her pics. This is her main quality. After she entered into my room, she pointed my camera and said “no photo !”. Too bad.
Then she behaved like a professional whore who doesn’t care about sex : not to much time petting, not too much time for oral sex, not too much time for hardcore. Since she didn’t speak English, it was late and she was my second ladyboy in that night, I didn’t insist to make her stay for a social time.
I wish she had been as nice as she looks pretty, particularly for a ladyboy at 2 million for a ST. 





Bao Nhi


Nhi is a sexy ladyboy with an original character. She works at night as a DJ in a disco so she enjoys meeting either late at night or in the morning. Another feature is her face. She looks strange, neither ugly nor pretty. I forgot it very rapidly since Nhi  is a very likable person. I met her twice.
She first came to my apartment in the morning. I understood at once she wanted to hide something after she tried to stay in the dark for sex. I tried my best to keep the light as low as possible, but I also enjoyed her slim body with a soft skin and natural tits. She loved kissing and oral but turned down bottoming when I asked her. I understood she feared for he tight ass, but as I insisted, she accepted but asked me to stop as soon as she would feel hurt.  That was a good compromise. She loves to see her belly flooded by a big load of cum.


Nhi came to my hotel 10 days later. I had to go to the airport in the afternoon and I had met 2 ladyboys in the previous night, but I was happy to meet her again. In order to avoid making a mess, I chose not to fuck her. We had a great time though. Nhi was happy when I cummed on her belly (and I was surprised to be able to cum so much since I felt tired). Nhi felt so good that she accepted to make a couple of photos hiding her face. In order to respect her, I chose to post pics blurring her face. 
(Nhi was the cheapest ladyboys in HCMC for this year : 700 K). 





Candy invited me to her place. I got a grab and found myself in front of a short time hotel, then waited till Candy was ready. A pretty girl came and escorted me to the room. That was Candy. Candy has a perfect ladyboy look : well hung, model looking, beautiful spot less skin, great ass, perfect teardrop shape breast and an angel face. I felt I was falling in love.
Although Candy turned up to be fairly shy, we had a great time in the room till she got tired (always the same story). This allowed us a long social time, but Candy’s English is fairly poor. She told me she had made her breast implant surgery in HCMC. She also spent a lot of time answering messages coming from young Vietnamese guys (I wonder what Vietnamese people can afford a girl like Candy that costs almost a one month salary). When I left Candy, I had the feeling she was close to the perfect ladyboy if only she hadn't been such a lazy ass. As a matter of fact, she didn't want to discount her 2 milion price, so I had asked her for 2 hours and she had accepted. But she was too much used to ST lasting less than half an hour. 







I went back to Dương Đông, the city I mentioned in the 2016 TR. I felt very confident I would find fun for cheap very easily. I reserved an hotel room in an area close to the boulevard where I found ladyboys in 2016 and enjoyed my holidays. After I rented a motorbike, it had been easy to check the place at night when riding back to my hotel. But I had to admit something was going wrong : there was no ladyboy.
So I kept on exploring the place and enjoying the beach. I went to the night market for my last evening there. It was already late and many shops were closed already. I spotted a boy looked like  a gay look for what I saw. He watched me as if he knew me. I realized later he looked like the femboy that gave me a BJ in the bush 2 years earlier.  I went back the long way for a last check on the boulevard. I saw 2 figures in the dark : an amazon femboy and a petite femboy. I chose to deal with the femboy, since she had a sexier body and the amazon was far too big for me.

We agreed for a ST in my hotel. I didn’t know how the boss would react at the reception since the femboy had rather an ugly face that pointed out she was a crossdresserer at first sight. Moreover, the amazon followed us on her motorbike but she couldn’t come in.
It had been hard to break the ice at first. Her name was My (that means “beautiful in Vietnamese, what she was not). When I helped her undress, I found out she wore a wig. A tranny !  Maybe she felt I was not so enthusiastic and felt more comfortable about it. I tried to forget the wig. I must reckon she did it very well with kisses, wanky panky and BBBJ. I feared a problem to fuck her, what happened at the first try. I went and pulled my bottle of Pjure lube hoping this would change something and it did. The more I f….d her, the more she felt like it till she eventually got tired. She never showed impatient anyway. She wanted a big load in her mouth but ask me to cume on her chest when I was ready to cum.
Too bad My was a tranny. She was one of my best fucking Vietnamese ladyboys and she costed me only 500,000 VND.

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Last but not least, a few more comments and information.



This is Vietnam. This happens, I started being tired at the end of my trip. On that last day, I hadn’t slept much during my last night and had had good time thrice with ladyboys. I was in HCMC going to the airport. The bus dropped me a litlle bit far from my terminal and I started walking. An American guy riding a bike (Albert) stopped and proposed me some help. That was useless but we spent half an hour chatting and ranting.

I told him about the bad attitude of drivers in the traffic. I told him about the pic I made (and posted above) showing a motorbike driver parking his motorbike at the bus stop and smoking in the middle of people. TIV = this is Vietnam is what Albert answered. Vietnamese people are smart and hard workers, but we sometimes have the feeling they don’t think or think very selfishly. This is very surprising in a communist country (I’d rather say that the government is communist but the Communist Party has 5 million members for a population of 100 million people, so the communist spirit doesn’t really lead most of the Vietnamese people in their every day’s life).About their attitude in the traffic, the people of Hà Nội admit the traffic is awful because of the overpopulation. In HCMC, walking across the street at rushing hours might be a real nightmare since the main rule seems to consist in respecting no rule. When they have no common solution, each one think of own self.

Albert added this is the same in other fields of life. He used to teach computer programming to young guys who had been selected for this activity. These guys were able to work hard on programming but ignored apps allowing to find a girl a the net and how much money these girls made.
Regarding girls in HCMC, when Albert arrived in Vietnam 7 years ago, girls working in bars in the D1 used to ask for 30 US$ for a short time. That is now 150-200 US$. They have probably killed the goose that lays golden eggs but they don’t think they did. They are in short term money, or they want to cover the fine if they get caught by the police.

Having said that, you understand why you can’t find many RLDs in Vietnam. As far as ladyboys are concerned, don’t expect to find a city looking like Pattaya, a RLD like Nana Plaza, Silom or Soi Cow Boy, or even fun neighbourhoods like Bangla road in Patong beach or Loi Kroh road in Chiang Mai. Ladyboys freelance in a few places, or post adds on Internet.  (I found one and one only in Wechat. What’s amazing for me is that I had my first success using Wechat in Vietnam 2 years ago, and this year, I had only one hit. Many contacts, especially pimps promoting girls have vanished (and I find it better this way).
The result is that prices are fairly expensive. My average price for ST was a little bit higher than 1,200,000 VND (45 €, 52 $) that is close to 1,700 baht.


The new land of smile

On the other hand, I found excellent hotels at low prices. I paid the same average price as in Issan (Thailand) and the south of Thailand and I had higher standards hotel rooms. For example, I always had rooms with AC without paying expensive prices. I also found something priceless that I had forgotten. Thailand used to be called the land of smile but it seems that Thai people smile only at people paying big tips or expensive bills now. I found many helpful and friendly people (friendly especially in the north of Vietnam) particularly in touristic areas. If I could, I would thank this handsome young hotel manageress who made me understand smartly that her hotel was guest friendly whereas I believed there could be some problems to invite a guest (and even to find one in this city).

It’s impossible to describe the kindness of people. The point is that I had the feeling this was the land of smile and I know Thailand. I found western tourists different too. I didn’t feel in competition with other tourists as I sometimes did in Thailand. I didn’t fear to meet drunk British guys in the streets at night and I found polite Russian people.
(edit 2021 : this was the case mainly in North Vietnam. Since then I noticed that Vietnamese people become stressed by business and money as anyone else in other countries).


Against fake ideas


Last but not least, I’d like to challenge pre-existing thought. 

Someone posted on the net that (in Vietnam) “hotels enforce a policy where no guest is allowed in the room after 8 or 9 PM”.  That is how idiots spread fake ideas. 2 years earlier (2016),  I couldn’t invite a guest to my first hotel for 2 reasons: the hotel regulation clearly mentioned “no pimp prostitute is allowed in the premises” and the hotel owner took care to lock the door after 10 PM and controlled who was coming in after this time. I couldn’t imagine a guest ladyboy with me. In my second hotel, I asked the owner and he told me there would be no problem as soon as my guest left his/her ID at the reception. The issue had been that the ladyboy wanted to come in dressed as a man and make up in my room what sounded impossible to me.
In 2018, I had no problem. Only one hotel rule restricted guests to the lobby of the hotel. That was my first hotel and I managed to invite a nice GG  hairdresser in my room for my second night. (At the same time the idiot insisted on prohibition).
Hotels are supposed to filter visitors, but they can’t really ask if the visitor is a hooker. I had no issue in every city I visited (even with the tranny in Dương Đông). I had no issue in HCMC either. I met ladyboys 10 times (9 ladyboys, one of whom I met twice in 2 different hotels), 8 times in my hotel, once in the ladyboy’s hotel and once in a short time hotel, and I never had any problem. I see only one solution to avoid problems: remain discreet and respectful of your host and they will never treat you as a teenager.
Just in case, you can't have a guest in your own hotel, always have a plan B to go to a ST hotel. 




I don’t know much about the police and the anti social criminality units. All I know is that they cleaned many areas used by prostitutes (either RLDs, street action, or clandestine brothels). I never underestimate them. The only police units I saw when not in an airport were traffic police officers. They were doing their job as any police officer. Once again, your best asset remains discretion.
According to the Vietnamese press, a project of creating 3 free areas for p4p exists in the administration. I haven’t kept a record since I think it will take time before this project goes through if it ever does. But so far, don’t expect to find a Vietnamese Pattaya.

I believed that Vietnam had 300,000 -500,000 transsexuals but I had been surprised not to see so many in the streets. However, I wonder about the stat I read. I found another press article that says that 300,000 Vietnamese want to change gender. It’s a different meaning. At the end of my holidays, I used to see more and more non p4p ladyboys. Don’t expect each of them to be a kinky shemale looking for hot sex. I can’t tell you if the Vietnamese population has interesting femboys that would be worth being sponsored.
The result is that p4p ladyboys are fairly rare, hard to find and fairly expensive in Vietnam. I suggest you don’t go to Vietnam to look for ladyboys unless you are an experienced monger in hooking up freelancer ladyboys. Vietnam is not for ladyboy bars customers for sure.
All in all, it’s been a great experience for me. I could date ladyboys 10 times exactly as in Thailand and I found a great country for holidays.



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