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Model Chau Kim Sang passed away yesterday

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I noticed last night a strange message in Lais' time. Dẫu biết vạn Pháp là vô thường. Nhưng chị vẫn rất buồn và nhớ em nhiều lắm. Chào tạm biệt em, cô gái bé nhỏ và mạnh mẽ. R.I.P  (Even though I know that ten thousand Dharmas are impermanent. But I'm still very sad and miss you so much. Goodbye, little and strong girl. R.I.P) 


I asked her former roommate this morning. She confirmed me that her bone cancer had developped and had reached her brain. She died yesterday. Her funerals took place in HCM. 



The sad event was confirmed in the Vietnamese press today. 






Chau Kim Sang dies at 26

Chau Kim Sang, 26, a model who once made headlines in the LGBT community, died at a hostel in HO CHI MINH CITY of brain cancer, on 3/9.

The model's sister, Néang Chanh Na, said her sister died at around 2 p.m., unable to speak to her relatives. "I was outside cutting vegetables to sell, when I heard my parents tell me that I ran back to look at her one last time," Néang Chanh Na said.

Her family is focused on her. The burial ceremony of Chau Kim Sang took place at 19:30, the evening of September 3. The artist's coffin was cremated in Binh Hung Hoa, 6/9.

Relatives added that before losing more than a month, Kim Sang could not speak because of his declining health. She was unfinished in her desire to be completely transgender in appearance. Previously, the model cherished the dream of winning the crown of a beauty contest for transgender people. In late August, Miss Huong Giang brought the Miss International Queen 2018 crown to kim sang's mother to wear for her daughter on her deathbed.

On 1/9, Chau Kim Sang was taken by her father to Cho Ray hospital after she had a continuous seizure, her limbs convulsed. Mri scans showed that Chau Kim Sang had terminal brain cancer with multiple melanomas, which could not be treated according to the chart and was returned. The family took her home for care, renting a machine from the hospital to support the function. She could not eat, she had to pump porridge and milk straight into her stomach.


Many colleagues were devastated to hear the sad news. Designer Ha Nhat Tien said he has worked with Chau Kim Sang many times. In his memory, the model was a dark-skinned girl with smiling eyes, always polite, kind, always working hard.

Model Cindy Thai Tai said she last saw Kim Sang earlier this year, at which time she had the disease but had not yet weakened. "I encouraged Sang for radiation therapy. Sang said she wanted to try to recover from her illness and go to Thailand for surgery and become a real girl."

In July last year, Chau Kim Sang was diagnosed with meningitis caused by osteosarcoma metastases. The model underwent significant surgery, in which four had to open the skull, weakened health. She is the youngest child of a family of four 

siblings. Her parents worked as farmers, so they faced many difficulties. Some of Chau Kim Sang's colleagues such as Huong Giang and Huynh Nhu supported medical expenses.

Chau Kim Sang was born in 1996, khmer, originally from An Giang. She participated in two seasons of Miss International Queen Vietnam 2019 and 2020, stopping in the top 10 and top 15 respectively. After the competition, she was active in the field of fashion. Runner-up Thuy Van commented that Kim Sang has a beautiful face, cute temperament, obedience, and is loved by friends and colleagues.


Chau Kim Sang was not only a great and famous model who competed at Tiffany's. She animated nightlife at the Next bar, a bar that closed permanently during the Covid19 epidemic. Her former ladyboys  friends and mates are shocked by the news this weekend. 

Here's Sang's instagram URL Chau Kim Sang (@chau_kim_sang) • Photos et vidéos Instagram

More information last year : Sad times for the ladyboys community - News from the Vietnamese scene - LadyBoyReview


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