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  1. It was a ron mak night about a year and a half ago. Rabbit's tenth trip to Bangkok over a relatively short period of four years. For a long time, I had only viewed glimpses of the other sex in the occasional porn or in bars. But over my travels, I knew somewhere amidst the neon lights and chaotic streets of Bangkok existed a world so apparent, yet so unknown, to many - a world where boundaries blurred, identities transformed, and desires whispered in the shadows. It was here that I, a very normal working-class, woman-adoring man found rabbitself entangled in a web of secrecy, temptation, and self-discovery. My job as a financial analyst often brought me to the city on business trips. Each visit was a whirlwind of meetings, deadlines, and late-night ventures into Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. Geisha, Spanky's Billboard, Mandarin. You name it, and my buddies and I had nights where we had dropped ungodly sums and drank several bottles each of whatever passes off as whiskey there. However, the novelty was wearing off on every visit -- bar fines only went skyward, lady drinks were quickly a 20-minute interval between dances, ladies got grumpier and generally uninterested, and the whole meaning of pay-to-play was mostly a dream from a better time. One such evening, as I wandered down the packed Sukhumvit soi 11, I stumbled - half drunk; half disappointed after another gogo bummer - upon an absolutely gorgeous sight that would change my perception of sexuality forever. Right outside one of the dimly lit alleyways were two women who looked nothing short of Latino princesses. They looked so captivating, so ethereal, that I couldn't tear his eyes away. She moved with grace and confidence, her long hair cascading down her back, her curves accentuated by the tight-fitting dress she wore. But as I went closer, I felt a sudden pang of confusion and curiosity: Something about her seemed different, otherworldly, yet undeniably alluring. "Kaka," she said, when I asked her name in my mostly-broken Thai. "Nanny," the other said. The encounter was brief but left an indelible mark on my mind. I stumbled back to my room, but the memory of their presence and the way they had ignited a spark of desire was something I couldn't explain. I knew this wasn't right for me. I knew that wasn't who I was. But that entire night, I could only dream of wanting to be with those beauties. I coaxed myself to sleep somehow, knowing the next morning I would wake up, think straight, and laugh it off. The sun cracked hours later - but I never left my dream. The next night I was a man on a mission. A shot of Jim Beam to enter the happy zone, a beer to keep that buzz going. It was around 9 pm, and no sight of those ladies at the spot. So I ventured inside the lane to discover a bar at the very end of it. Cindy's Secrets. A few looked at me like I had forgotten my way, and a few smiled. But there they were inside, those beauties from last night. As I entered the dimly lit room, the air thick with the scent of snooker sweat, booze, whiffs of stray cigarette smoke and my anticipation. The modus operandi was similar to any other bar. Bought the drinks for the girls I like, a self-customary one for the mamasan, and began the night. Soon, 20 minutes passed, and then it was 30. But the girls didn't leave my side. We were enjoying, we were alive, and I - perhaps for the first time - felt fully comfortable around bar ladies. Kaka's eyes were magnetic, while Nanny's touch felt unlike anything I had felt before. It was deliberate yet gentle, firm yet soft, naughty yet carnal. We had drinks, and then some more. Each touch and each interaction with those girls (and others around) awakened a hunger deep I had never known existed. I surrendered to the feelings about two hours later - choosing one of those ladies to share time with upstairs. At first, it all felt new. I had never been this way before. But kisses and more touches turned to liberation. As we hugged - she knew it was my first time - I felt a freedom from the constraints of society's expectations and my own preconceived notions of love and desire. Here, in the arms of a human so different yet so achingly familiar. The sex was raw intensity and lust from both sides. I was topping but pleasure knew no limits. This was the tenderness of a woman but the lust of a man. There could be no turning back from this experience. We had fun. We had more drinks later. No pushing or forcing for more. (In retrospect, I understand I was perhaps very lucky to have such a first time experience. It could have gone absolutely horrible.) Over the next few days, I spent watching the hours go by desperately. Dinner, Jim Beam and beers, and off to the promised land I went. At first, my interactions with the several ladies were purely transactional—mere curiosities to be explored and discarded. But with each encounter, I found himself drawn deeper into their world, seduced by their beauty, charm, and the thrill of the forbidden. Yet, even as I indulged in the desires, a sense of guilt and denial soon crept up. As days turned into weeks, the double life began to take its toll. I struggled to match newfound desires with the expectations of my conservative upbringing and society at large. There was a sense of shame and self-loathing. My friends wondered where I disappeared after a very certain time on our bar hops. Somewhere in the despair, I found this forum. I found people like The Sith, PDogg, Dan Miller and several others - their posts from years ago appearing to me as fellow travelers, so to so speak, on the same journey. I spent an entire Sunday just reading through Sith's Chronicles. Over the next several trips - I soon stopped feeling guilty. I wasn't alone. I explored, I had fun, I went on threesomes and even foursomes. I went back to the occasionally normal bar, but it just didn't cut for me anymore. I've emerged from these several experiences as a changed man - not defined by society's expectations or his own insecurities but by the courage to embrace the true self and sexuality that makes one totally free. For on the other side of fear and denial lay a world of infinite possibilities, where true freedom awaited those brave enough to seek it. I return to the neon lights of Bangkok this weekend after a longish hiatus of over seven months. But I'm not desperate, dreaming, fearful, or anticipating any more. It's my new reality. Back home, I'm still with women and enjoy their company for I know there's another world, another me that's discovered himself and yearns for those moments. It's my little secret. My Otherside.
  2. This year will be the biggest and most extravagant contest for MTU, as they are marking the 25th anniversary. The finals night will be Sunday Feb 4, 2024 at the TIffany Theatre. Tickets are pricey, as are live streams pay per view, but the videos are also posted after the contest. This video is from the preliminary round yesterday. This year there are a lot of contestants from professional university studies. This year also had the highest number of applicants as it is the 25th anniversary. I know that very few board members are interested in these contests - but I think that you get a good idea of just how beautiful the Thai transgenders are now as compared to years ago. You can fast forward to the sections of interest I don't really have any favorite as they are all gorgeous Also note that there are pre-ops and post-ops in the competition, but their status is not publicized..
  3. This is a good French documentary posted in YouTube. Even though it is from 2011 a lot of the topics shown are still relevant today. Also note that Dr. Thep from Pratunam Polyclinic now has an anesthesiologist on hand for the operations. Turn on the captions for English translation.
  4. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Memie, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/MemieLadyboy_TH Busty Memie offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/tsmemethailand?c=1
  5. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Mos, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/LadyboyXMos Busty Ladyboy Mos offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/ladyboymos?c=2
  6. Find the best Ladyboys from Thailand @ Twitter: Our Main Account: https://twitter.com/Thai_LadyBoys_X
  7. A lot of us don't know how much ladyboys spend on plastic surgery - here's a Youtube video that interviews a number of Simon Cabaret Phuket showgirls and how much they have spent. Unfortunately there are no English subtitles, but it is pretty clear what most of the surgeries they are talking about and how much they spent. This is from 2018.
  8. After missing two years, the Miss International Queen contest is back. It will be held June 25, 2022 at the Tiffany Theater in Pattaya, Thailand. If anyone is in Thailand at that time, you have the chance to attend the contest and some of the free promotional activities the week prior to the finals night. Here is a Youtube video that was posted by Pageant Empress 9 days ago. It previews 18 contestants - but there might be a few more as the application deadline was March 31, 2022. A good number of candidates from South America this time. I am impressed by Miss Venezuela, Miss Vietnam, Miss Indonesia, and Miss Thailand. Quite a number of beauties this year - should be an interesting competition.
  9. Have you wondered what ladyboys do when they go back to the family farm? Here's a video from Youtube vlogger, Serena. She was working as a showgirl at the SImon Phuket Cabaret Show on Patong Beach. However, since the show closed in April, with no news of a reopening date, many of the performers have given up and moved back home, unable to afford rent. Serena's family farm is near Buriram, which is part of Isaan, northeastern Thailand.
  10. Guys here it is... Given a chance to date a ladyboy anywhere in this world... What would you choose? Pretty and Sexy but not sweet and no converse at all with you... but shes totally appealing in public and head turner... or Not so Pretty nor Sexy but totally smart , funny and make u smile laugh anytime you go out... but people look at her differently... What do u think guys? Mmmmm....
  11. They have started the preparations for Miss Tiffany Universe 2020, while I don't have the date of the finals yet, I am guessing it will be the in November sometime. Here is a video of the 100 who auditioned: Video of the selection of the final 31 - unfortunately no English subtitles, but if I can find some later I will post them. There were 100 applicants this year, and the field was narrowed to 31 who will take part in activities until the finals night.
  12. Hi if anyone wants to support my ladyboy vlogs on patreon I would be really pleased as I may have to quit if I dont buy a camera lol:) Www.patreon.com/cinederose
  13. This is the 15th anniversary of the contest, so no doubt it will be more glitzy and glamorous this year than last! Here are the video introductions of the 20 contestants:
  14. There was a record number of applicants for the 2019 Miss Tiffany's Universe contest as they lifted the usual 1000 Baht entry fee. There were approximately 250 lb applicants (along with around 150-200 supporters) making for over 400 lbs at the Central World ground floor on June 1, 2019. They spent the whole day to narrow the field down to the 32 contestants who will compete for the crown. The format remains similar to the previous years, with reality show format divided into 2 teams with activities that lead to the finals night. Two or so will be eliminated along the way. Here are a few videos - the first from Nisamanee Nutt - who has sponsored a prize of 50,000 Baht for a Miss Pherone award and she claims to have paid a million baht to be a sponsor - which may be true as they lifted the entrance fee this year. If all sponsors paid that level of support. Next is a long video with a selection of the 250 applicants going through the screening process. There are a number of beautiful applicants this year - which I think cements Thailand's standing of having the most beautiful lbs. For those who want to see the final 32 here's the last video There will be a number of promotional activities you can check for at Miss Tiffany Universe and also Miss Tiffany's Universe Facebook If you are in Bangkok of Pattaya during these activities, some of them are open to the public so you can have the chance to see some of the most beautiful lbs in Thailand.
  15. This year's Miss International Queen contest has been announced for March 8, 2019 in Pattaya, Thailand, to be held at the Tiffany Show Theater. A few introductory videos are ready, Miss Vietnam, Miss Laos, Miss Korea, and Miss Japan.
  16. Amazing how fast time seems to go by! The 2018 Miss Tiffany Contest is launched again, with the final being on Aug 31/18, at the TIffany Theatre in Pattaya. Here's a video of the announcement of the final 30, selected from over 80 eager applicants held at Central World in Bangkok, on May 29, 2018. My Thai girlfriend says that each year these "new" generation lbs are more beautiful and passable than ever due to hormone use at an early age, as well as better plastic surgery techniques. As per my post from last year - some of these contestants are pre-op, some are post-op, and likely very few are p4p (not full time anyway), as there is screening done of the contestants. There will also be the "reality" show concept again this year, which should be interesting to follow.
  17. Due to the official mourning period Miss International Queen 2017 was rescheduled into 2018 - and for those of you in Pattaya on the first week of March - it's a treat as this is probably one of the most beautiful group of contestants vying for the crown! There will be some promotional events before the final on March 9, so if you're in Pattaya keep your eyes open and watch out for a chance to see them for free. With this group of contestants it will be tough for Miss Tiffany Universe 2017 - Nong Yoshi to win the crown and since it is rare for a country to win consecutive titles the odds are stacked against her. Here are the 28 contestants for this year - their PR photos look great, will be interesting to see more of them when they do their introductory videos. Nong Yoshi is one of my favorites, but seeing as the odds are stacked against her, Vietnam, Peru, Venezuela, Brazil and Japan look pretty good!
  18. Due to the official mourning period, the MTU contest this year has been scheduled for Aug 25, 2017 - this is several months later than usual. You can follow the official news on their homepage: Miss Tiffany Universe, and their Facebook page of the same name. Here is a Youtube video of the selection of the final 30 - out of probably 100 or so aspiring beauty queens.
  19. They have already started events for Miss International Queen 2016 - it seems they are expanding the contest by having qualifying contests in different countries. In this video they are showing the Miss International Queen Japan selecting 2 Japanese tgs for the Nov. contest (rescheduled to March) Here's news about the Indian representative for MIQ - not sure how they selected her. A couple of teasers for the 2016 contest featuring MIQ2015 from Philippines, Trixie Maristela with the theme Stand Proud If you are in Thailand the week before the contest, keep your eyes open for promotional events - they have held a few in Bangkok, and one year flew up to Udon Thani in NE Thailand. The home page for more information and ticketing : Miss International Que
  20. Miss Mimosa Queen 2015 was held on Dec. 10, 2015 at the Mimosa City of Love in Jomtien, Thailand. Mimosa was opened as an attraction in 2013 - apparently by a Thai ladyboy who was married to a wealthy European husband. He died and she inherited his fortune. In order to honor his memory she opened the Mimosa Ciy of Love. (so the story goes). It has a cabaret show (which I haven't seen yet - I'll get there some day!). They have held a Miss Mimosa contest since 2014 I believe. This year's contest was broadcast on MCOT, and having viewed the Youtube video below, I would have to say that it is close to rivaling Miss Tiffany Universe in terms of beautiful ladyboy contestants (at least for this year). Without further ado, here is the video for your reviewing pleasure:
  22. Here's an interesting article recently published by Newsweek: Prostitution is illegal in Thailand but the law is almost invariably ignored. Experts say it will be hard to rid Thailand of an industry that is so entrenched and that provides pay-offs to untold numbers of officials and policemen. Those trying to promote the welfare of sex workers say Kobkarn's goal is unrealistic. Her push comes amid an attempt by the country's tourism authorities to transform Thailand into a luxury destination to attract moneyed tourists. The military government is in denial about the proliferation of prostitution and its contribution to the economy and tourism, said Panomporn Utaisri, country director of NightLight, a Christian nonprofit group that helps women in the sex trade to find alternative work. "There's no denying this industry generates a lot of income," said Panomporn. There are no government estimates of the value of Thailand's sex industry, or how much of the income from tourism comes from sex tourists. LURE OF MONEY There are about 123,530 sex workers in Thailand, according to a 2014 UNAIDS report, compared with 37,000 sex workers in neighboring Cambodia. Last month, police raided dozens of brothels in major cities in what they said was a routine operation. Police said they were looking to prosecute venues employing underage and illegal migrant workers, but only one of the venues raided was shut down. There was no link between the tourism minister's aim to rid Thailand of its sex tourism industry and the raids, a police spokesman said. The tourism sector accounts for about 10 percent of gross domestic product and sex worker groups said the minister's vision of a prostitution-free Thailand would dent that. "The police presence already drives off a number of clients who come to relax or drink at bars," said Surang Janyam, director of Service Workers in Group (SWING), which provides sex workers with free medical care and vocational training. "Wiping out this industry is guaranteed to make Thailand lose visitors and income." Many sex workers come from the impoverished northeast and see selling their bodies as a way out of poverty. One former sex worker from the northeastern province of Maha Sarakham, who declined to be identified, told Reuters she entered Bangkok's sex trade at the age of 19 and earned up to 5,000 baht ($143.14) a night, nearly 20 times the minimum wage of 300 baht ($8.59) per day. "No one wants to work in this business, but it's fast and easy money," she said. NightLight and SWING said they would welcome the sex industry's closure if the government had a plan to ensure that sex workers could support themselves without falling back into the business. "If they want to close the sex industry, they must first have jobs ready to support sex workers," said Surang. We'll have to see how long this lasts.
  23. Almost another year has passed, and it's time for the Miss Tiffany Universe 2016 contest at the Tiffany Theatre in Pattaya on May 13. This is the biggest beauty contest for lbs in Thailand, with the winner going on to represent Thailand in the Miss International Queen contest in November. For those in Bangkok on April 20, at Emporium Mall in the Quartier Gallery, M Floor there will be a promotional event with the 31 contestants starting from 6 pm - 10 pm. Here are introductory videos and selection video of the 31 contestants - when they talk about their family they get pretty emotional. From my observations it seems many of the contestants this year have less plastic surgery done on their faces than previous years. Selection of the 31 contestants Introductory videos of the 31 contestants If you are in Pattaya during the week of May 13, there are Miss Tiffany promotional events going on that are free to the public - so a good opportunity to see some of the best looking lbs in Thailand!
  24. This 2011 documentary was screened at the Toronto Asian International Film Festival and the Samsung Women's International Film Festival. This is a good documentary about the transgender life in Thailand - and although it is only 22 minutes long - helps us understand lb life a bit better.
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