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  1. Good question, If my memory serves me right, I was into LBs/Trannys since about early 90s. The simple answer is there wasn't any or should I say many gettin around. Tranny porn then barely existed back then. In places like Thailand or tha Philz, most of these people today who are trans were just gay dudes and some femboy's back then. You also won't see many 45 plus year old LBs strutting down Walking Street as they simply cannot compete successfully like the younger hotter ones. Some might find partners or just settle down into areas of society where they aren't out hook'n. I know this LB livin in BKK who is a few years older than me (maybe 41/42), who used to be so striking hot, bold but feminine, tallish n smooth.... Weapon in tha Sack N now, she is barely recognisable - fat, bad skin n goin bald. Probably wouldn't go so far to say she is as ugly as a hat full of cats slapped assholes... but you get net. Now she's a sewer in a sweat factory. Such is Life is ticking... Time to plan for my next S.E.A. tour or am I dreaming again?
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