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  1. Oh no, thank you for the amazing pictures
  2. I think I just added NYC to my list of places to visit
  3. No bar fine, I just want to look around, I am a good boy
  4. Fuck a duck, I met her tonight....OMG, she is stunning
  5. Georgey

    Banged in Bangkok

    Maybe next time :)
  6. Georgey

    Banged in Bangkok

    Haha, you guys....where do i get a T shirt made that says "Only Homos take it up the bum"?
  7. Georgey

    Banged in Bangkok

    Thanks for the tip, couple more days here and hopefully Pattaya in a week or so
  8. Georgey

    Banged in Bangkok

    Maybe I meant tired but tied would work well :)
  9. Georgey

    Banged in Bangkok

    Yeah, not sure I am going to find many lookers back on Blighty
  10. Well I finally made it to Bangkok and checked into the Woraburi Sukhumvit (Thanks for the recommendation). I had pre-arranged to meet the incredibly sexy Nikki/Myx a few days previous so you can imagine my eagerness for the evening to arrive. She turned up as arranged and three things struck me immediately, how so much sexier for real she was compared to photos, how tall she was and what amazing breasts she had. Being the gentleman that I am (Yes, I kept a straight face when i said that....just) I wont go into too many details other than to say that I finally got my ass fucked and being the sweety that she is, she insisted that I return the favour....how could i refuse. She knew I was a first timer so was very supportive and considerate of that fact but she was also very encouraging. Apart from the sex side, I would like to say how genuine she is, easy going, great to talk to before, during and after and how trustworthy she is. Not once did I have to worry about safety, things going missing, being scammed etc......she was a total dream. She is in Bangkok for a while now so I would heartily, or should that be arse-ily recommend anyone giving her a call. All in all, I don't think I could have chosen a better LB for my first time. I have suggested she make a return to here to say hi, she seemed very keen on the idea so watch this space. For anyone interested, her contact details are still on the interview page, I would get them but I am sure you can appreciate, I am a little tied
  11. Made it to Bangkok, bring on the fun

    1. Pdoggg


      It's boom-boom time!   :yahoo:

    2. Sylvester


      Have fun, Georgey, and please share all the juicy details with us. :drinks::party0049:

  12. Fingers crossed, this time tomorrow, i will be stuffed full of ladyboy cock. :crazy:

    1. Sylvester


      Have fun and play safe.

    2. Georgey


      Will do sir, the LB in question has been vouched for off here but i will keep my wits about me. 

  13. 2 days till Bangkok, all being well, i am meeting a stunning LB :spiteful:

  14. Georgey

    Bangkok Soi 11

    Many thanks Pdoggg, i will arrange my accomodation in line with your post. Great help for me :)
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