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  1. Hi everyone, Does anybody have any tips or ways how and where to find ladyboys/shemales in the Melbourne area? I moved to this area some time ago and a bit lost on where to go and look.. Any locals or local experience on this? Thanks!
  2. You're very welcome and im happy i could help out. My pleasure. And its great to have discovered this place... Hope you can help me out as well as im an absolute novice in Asia.. ;p Cant wait to go there some day!
  3. Yes thats right, close to Luz was good too, but i have to say it got worse there(dangerous lot of drug related problems there and not safe) when i left a few years ago. I dont have the impression it improved and haven't been there anymore, so cant tell nor recommend.
  4. Hi all, Completely new to this forum, but do have some tips for you in São Paulo. And absolutely amazing city with many wonderful tgirls. The main gay and trans area in SP is the Praça da Republica area and the last part (close to Republica area) This is where many glst bars and clubs are. Its an area where you do have to be aware, as always in São Paulo. So no fancy stuff, watches and clothing and act like the locals do. Close to there are two streets where you can pick up street walkers. Rua Rego Freitas and Major Sertório. Many gorgeous girls and always and couldn't believe my eyes when i drove there by accident years ago. Portuguese is definitely a major plus although a very few basic words of English is spoken. I will post more about other locations such as Av. Indianópolis, but be wear as the girls there are infamous for pick pocketing as i was told.. But the area is larger. The usual modus is a newr by motel where you can have some fun time. Close to the Jockey Clube on the other side of town is also an area with many street girls. The clubs around Republica and famous and nice clubs like The Week is also very recommendable with many gorgeous tgirls. Enjoy! And be safe..
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