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  1. Yea am sure this is one visa the digital nomads, some twatpackers and those just wanting to stay a long time have used and now abused it for the rest of us.
  2. On my last trip I went to two schools in Bangkok. Both quoted me in August an 8 month course costing 25.500 baht. In that cost they would take care of the visa and the 2 extensions needed. Main point that got me thinking "scam" was the one , 2 hour lesson a week Why only 1 a week lasting 2 hours. Why not more for longer each time? This got me thinking thats how some people can stay in Thailand for a long time. Now after all these immigration shake ups I e mailed the schools again.Both have changed their tunes. Now they quote 19.000 baht, still only one lesson a week but they do not get involved in getting your visa or any extensions. When I pressed them on this both denied ever offing this service. And I see on some of the Thai visa Facebook groups people trying to come into Thailand with an ED visa are being denied because they have in the past had to many other types of visa. So, beware ! if you have had to many SETV visa for example then you might be better staying out of Thailand for a longer period of time before getting an ED visa.
  3. I got my last one in Phnom Penh. so your saying if I roll up to the Thai embassy in London they cant do it there?
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