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  1. Yea am sure this is one visa the digital nomads, some twatpackers and those just wanting to stay a long time have used and now abused it for the rest of us.
  2. On my last trip I went to two schools in Bangkok. Both quoted me in August an 8 month course costing 25.500 baht. In that cost they would take care of the visa and the 2 extensions needed. Main point that got me thinking "scam" was the one , 2 hour lesson a week Why only 1 a week lasting 2 hours. Why not more for longer each time? This got me thinking thats how some people can stay in Thailand for a long time. Now after all these immigration shake ups I e mailed the schools again.Both have changed their tunes. Now they quote 19.000 baht, still only one lesson a week b
  3. I got my last one in Phnom Penh. so your saying if I roll up to the Thai embassy in London they cant do it there?
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