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  1. Okay - part two of Bubba's epic journey of dickscovery. So, there we were entwined and then me on my knees hoping for the first coming, like some fired up disciple of the true Messiah. I did like it, hard and yet warm and trembling and soft. All at once, if that can be told. But she cried off further fellation by me. Said she was a bit sore and did I mind, etc etc. Well, I was a tad disappointed but there was the succulent mouth and my cock and her body, hard and firm, yet curved. Bumlets, Ken? I honestly dont recall how sweet they were but i gripped them hard and ran my hands all over them and the other parts of her petite shape. WE did a fair bit of kissing, i like that sensation. Fuck, Bubba! You are kissing another man! Jeez! Was it Frankenfurter (Rocky Horror Show) who said: Give yourself over to a little pleasure, darling! So I revelled in it. All that wickedness and stuff. "Stuff", a great word when you are lost for the correct one. Well, i was capped up and then mounted her missionary style, her legs over my shoulders. I like that part. Sort of a dominant male thing, there. But the alcohol told against me after some time thrusting and wanting so much to blow all over her belly and balls. So she said: "I fuck you now, ok?" Normally, as a virgin whose anus rejects even my own finger, (experimental, that), i would have said "Nay lass. Ae canna alow ye to violate my manliness." But having launched myself this far and encountering unfulfilment on the oral front, I thought: "Fuck it! You will be dead one day and wondering as you run towards the light." So, OK love but I have never been fucked before. Please, oh please! Dont hurt me! She smiled and then had me draw my legs up to my chest and she proceeded with gentle care. First, nothing but pressure against my virgin sphincter (is that the correct term?). Then a sort of parting of the doors, and her little bulb broke through. But, was immediately ejected by the muscular reaction. So it went, break through, like the Wehrmacht through the Ardennes, before meeting Patton's relieving force. A violent ejection from the bulge, again the thrust, again immediate ejection. This, dear reader, was almost accompanied by a pain. Eventually, I cried enough! It hurts too much. Then a part that i have always fancied when watching LBs at it on the screen. Duelling cocks! So erotic, in my mind, at least. A lathered us in that way till it became a labour. Damn my drunken state and the latesness of the hour. She had either had given too much earlier in the day and my cock was flagging. The balls refused to give up their promised load. Fuck geriatricity (is that a word?)! She gave a little sigh and seemed to deposit a little on my belly and i murmured pleasure and rubbed it in. She seemed to like that and provided a smile. My cock was starting to chafe, so I cried off further punishment. I apologised for my inability to fire my weapon and pressed all the money I had on her. A couple of thousand baht. She was pleased and gave me the little wai. The keeper of the door was banging on the door and shouting, "time!" That has happened to me before with two GGs from a local establishment. From a lad who could fuck six times a night, like a rabbit, in his prime, now reduced to a mere husk. Damn old age! WE ventured down the stairs and met his disapproving gaze. She gave him a little smirk, I tenderly kissed her cheek, then melted into the rainy dark night. So, where am i now? Still waiting for that elusive, "Oh honey. I cum!" I made a pact with myself to revisit A during the early evening and see that through to the sloppy end. Hers, I hope. But, well, if something else presents then, well, maybe, just maybe......
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  2. Whilst we are on the subject of Sally's Bar I relate my experience with the cute little Apple on the eve after New Year's Eve. Despite being a member of this and the other site of similar persuasion, I confess to having extremely limited experience with the third sex. KenW and I agree to disagree on the terminology. Whether he is a "she" or not. I plump for the latter. Feel more comfortable with that. After all, I have discovered I have a great urge to fuck with them, in the nicest sense of the word. So, whilst trolling the LB porn sites and giving Mrs Palmer and the daughters (or should that be "the LBs"?) a severe seeing too over the past year or so, I have to confess that my sole experience up till then was with the sweet leggy Azura in Sydney, Oz, about last April/May. At the time I thought "Damn hell, Bubba! For Chrissakes! Your mum isnt watching so do it! You know your gonads are screaming out for it!" I found her through Google and called her for an appointment. Scared shitless I admit I was. She was really sweet on the phone and it was done. I was launched on the road to perdition. When she opened the door to her flat I was quaking in my sneakers but "manned up" and passed through the door. She was in some naughty underwear, suspender belts and nickers. I have to say that I have never been turned on by anyone wearing such gear, strangely enough, male or female. But in I went. We sat down and I blurted out that I was nervous as hell but she had such beautiful eyes, long dark hair and a smile with such a beautiful mouth made for kissing. Here you go Bubba! Dont you know that you are going to kiss a male/man? I really wanted to do it and we got down to some serious tongue hockey and i felt a great stirring in the loins. I noticed that her body while slender was not soft and cuddly like the female form but she had great bazookas. She started to groom me for sex. I think most of you will understand me when I say that. I loved it when a hooker GG at a bar, well known in the Patts Jomtien area, started to perform that art on me. That one of the things that I like being done, you know, breathing in your ear, kissing your neck, looking deep into your eyes and putting her hand in your shorts and caressing your family jewels. Its never long before I have paid bar and am up to the room and having my cock sucked. But I digress - finish it with my first LB experience (Azura) and then proceed with the story line. OK OK! I am gonna do that! Jasus! Ok. So here I was with this beautiful willowy Malaysian TS, sitting on the sofa and being groomed. Now I confess to having a great urge to feel the hardness of another cock in my hand and then as a matter of course, in my mouth. Never done it before, dear reader. I am not gay, you fuckers! Well, maybe a little bisexual, just nit noi. Azura turned out to have hormonal problems, to my great dismay. A tiny, almost flaccid cock. Even me on a bad morning after would make a better rise. So while she straddled me and I slipped effortlessly into her I remained a little disappointed. The ritual of the holding of the massive member gorged with blood had escaped me. A return visit generated even less desire and I couldnt cum on that occasion although I had Cialised up about an hour beforehand. Not her fault, mine alone. She did try and was really sweet about it. So, I never went back for thirds there. This brings me to Apple - dear sweet little Apple. I had observed her on sites and had read about Sally's Bar. Fantasised about it and even used the particular soi (5) on many occasions. Stealing a glance while passing by. I had the urge, dear rader, but not the balls. Till the night of 1st January last. I had met her in the flesh when carousing with KenW and my GG mia major some month or so before during his second trip. Consoling him as a result of the non P4P young LB who had stood him up that very night. I knew that I wanted to try it again and to succeed in the skin flute department where I had never managed to stray. She tickled my fancy but I feared for my virgin arse if the largish full on LB, think she is called Som, ever got hold of me. So it was, Apple was to be the fruit in Eden and her snake was to be my first step in being cast out of paradise. I was on my own, my straight friends at the condos were all away. I had spent some time at a restaurant and sunk a fair few wines, or was it beers? Cant remember! It was a rainy night. I thought: "Its time! You have been through a lot in the past year. If you dont give in to your carnal desires now, you never will! Go now! And I did. Marched down the soi, have a hard on in my pants and hoping desperately that little A would be there and free. Joy of joys! She was! I slunk in and sat down in back of the bar so as to conceal from shocked passersby. And waited. I saw her looking at me and I managed a nervous shy smile. She came over and asked if I wanted a drink. I asked for water, i was too mao already. I invited her to have a drink with me. WE talked a little and she was nice. I began to relax and confided that I was very inexperienced with LBs. She smiled that cute little devil smile and the deal was done. We never even negotiated financially. I didnt care I just wanted her then and there. I gve her money for the bar and then she took me by the hand and led me through to the next soi and into this little hotel (?). We entered the room and then she kissed me. Again I got the sensation that this is no ordinary woman my friend. Her slim body was firm and boyish. But her mouth was delicious and that was enough. My cock was immensely hard and trembling and I felt for hers. It was the same. I stripped for a shower and she complimented me for the sexy u/ps I was wearing. No old baggy boxers these! Finished the shower, she scrubbed me and we fondled each other. Jesus! I was a virgin again and it felt so right! I fell upon her stiff slender cock with a great joy. To feel it pulsing in my hand and then in my mouth was an amazing sensation. I loved it. I wanted her to explode there and then. Fuck! Its late here and I have to work tomorrow. You buggers, and I use the term advisedly, will have to wait for episode two. Thats if you want there to be an episode two. Nitey night all
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