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  1. Okay - part two of Bubba's epic journey of dickscovery. So, there we were entwined and then me on my knees hoping for the first coming, like some fired up disciple of the true Messiah. I did like it, hard and yet warm and trembling and soft. All at once, if that can be told. But she cried off further fellation by me. Said she was a bit sore and did I mind, etc etc. Well, I was a tad disappointed but there was the succulent mouth and my cock and her body, hard and firm, yet curved. Bumlets, Ken? I honestly dont recall how sweet they were but i gripped them hard and ran my hands all over them
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  2. Whilst we are on the subject of Sally's Bar I relate my experience with the cute little Apple on the eve after New Year's Eve. Despite being a member of this and the other site of similar persuasion, I confess to having extremely limited experience with the third sex. KenW and I agree to disagree on the terminology. Whether he is a "she" or not. I plump for the latter. Feel more comfortable with that. After all, I have discovered I have a great urge to fuck with them, in the nicest sense of the word. So, whilst trolling the LB porn sites and giving Mrs Palmer and the daughters (or should tha
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