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How did French scientists discover the COV SARS 2 was circulating in France in November 2019 ?

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«Constances» is a project studying a sample of 200,000 adults aged 18 to 69 thanks to regular health examinations. Its objective is to implement a large epidemiological «cohort», representative of the general adult population and of large numbers, intended to contribute to the development of epidemiological research and to provide information for public health purposes. It was created before the Covid19 pandemics and actually started in 2018. Blood samples are frozen in liquid nitrogen to ne used if necessary for future searches, however samples started being collected more than 6 years ago.

One year ago, a professor of medicineient who had been hospitalized in December 2019 in the the Paris province for a pneumonia had been actually covid sick. Following the example of this medicine teacher, 2 researchers analysed 9,000 blood samples from the cohort sample and found out that the coronavirus was circulating in France from November 2019, This event was already mentioned in the press and by 7/11 in the forum.

The study found 176 persons positive between November 2019 and January 2020 and further tests confirmed that 13 had been contaminated (with a probability close to 100%). The anonymity of these people is protected but 10 of them accepted to contact a radio journalist to comment their experience.


1) a male in his thirties followed for 6 years had spent a week end in London (UK) 2 weeks before his blood sample. His room mate had spent his week end in Montreal (Canada) and experienced very strong coughing fits. The guy was warnt he had been diagnosed postive to COV-SARS2 9 months later.The roommate is likely to have been contaminated either in Montreal or during the flight back from Canada or even in an airport. This is sufficient for bad faith leaders to argue that COV-SARS 2 did not appaear first in China.
2) A male in his fourties had a trip with his wife in China from October 15th to December 9th. The closest they went to Wuhan was 400 km (250 miles), He blood was sampled 8 days after coming back and showed strong production of immune bodies. Experts have no doubt that he caught the virus between October 2019 and early December 2020. The guy doesn’t remeber having had symptoms except maybe being tired during his journey after a long day trip or jet lags.
3) a 32 years old female living in Britanny (a deep province) was found positive although she hadn’t travelled out of her province before. She had a strong sinusitis, severe fatigue, difficulty breathing and her boyfriend had a strong cough. She remembers the nurse worrying while she was having difficulty breathing again during a breath test for the cohort, She thinks she had been contaminated during a few visits at the hospital for care for a broken arm.
4) a lady in her thirties had travelled to Spain in early November 2019. She remembers a loss of taste and smell at that period.
5) a lady in her fourties had no symptom at all.
6) a lady (doctor) remembers she had a sinusite after taking care of patients with strong sinusitis.
7) a man who didn’t travel remembers having been sick. His job consists in unpacking parcels coming from China.


China defends the thesis according to which the virus came from a third country (and why not from the United States to piss off Donald Trump who had fired the first). A serious French epidemiologist says an «ancester»of COV SARS 2 (the closest of known COV SARS 2 «ancesters») was identified in China in 2013, so China seems to be most likely country of origin of COV SARS 2. Given what they found out during this study, if the virus was circulating in France in November 2019, it was already circulating in the area of Wuhan in July and August 2019.

Why didn’t the epidemics spread earlier in France ? Scientists think its due one of 2 reasons:
1) not enough people were contaminated, so the epidemics was not «powerful» enough.
2) first detected virus belonged to a weaker strain that was less virulent and would cause less severe forms of the disease,

One of the scientists having lead the study thinks the virus«that we know» has probably muted in the area of Wuhan giving a more severe strain that developped around the world. This relaxes the assumption that the virus accidentaly leaked from a lab.


Just my 2 cents: although the Chinese President ain’t a friend of Democracy nor transparency, we cannot charge China of being responsible for the pandemics although the COV SARS 2 apeared in the region of Wuhan.
If we are not able to stop the virus collectively, new strainswith stronger virus are likely to appear and make our present vaccines obsolete. It's not easy to build a common strategy since vaccines are insufficient to be able to conduct large-scale campaigns and policies like Brasils social distanciation, Chinas vaccination campaigns disturb  or even elementary national selfishness  hinder the achievement of an effective global campaign. A second  strain appeared in Brazil. The Amazonian strain seems to spread more easily in warm and hot temperatures. Perhaps we will feel protected at home but it could take a long time before we can travel without restriction to the lands of ladyboys. 


Souce : France Inter (French National radio)

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