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KendoUK - The Redemption Monger for the Hall of Legends

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638200657_KendoUK.jpg.859adac26645f6643f2e2f38b281c660.jpgWhen I started the Romscars Hall of Legends it was evident some fellow mongers were already proven shoo-ins for induction.  One of them was Kendo the UK TV face of farang ladyboy chasers and PY moderator extraordinaire who made PY into the online hub of the ladyboy world.  But in the process, he cracked a lot of fellow monger skulls (including mine) which made him a controversial choice for the Hall of Legends without much peer support when I asked last year.

My take on Kendo is that notwithstanding him standing side-by-side with the goons running the show at PY, he is way smarter than them not just in terms of wits but in recognizing BM effort over attitude.  I don’t think he liked me too much, but he respected my contributions and I heard from good source I would have been PY-banned a lot sooner if it weren’t for him standing in the way.

I also heard from the same good source that last year (2020) he slammed the door on PY due to “management tensions” and, whether he has or not, the FACT is that he has not made a post, given a like, or recorded a log in at at PY in almost a year.  BMs there keep asking about him but, in good North-Korea fashion, the official explanations are vague and dismissive.

I take such distancing from PY by Kendo, even if only temporary, as an act of redemption that washes away the bruises he inflicted on so many fellow mongers, including myself.  And I HEREBY NOMINATE KENDO FOR THE 2021 INTAKE OF THE ROMSCARS HALL OF LEGENDS.

I am sure Kendo will see this or be informed soon enough and if he objects, he can contact me here at LBR where he is already a BM and I will promptly withdraw the nomination.

I am not going to put this one to a vote, nor allow a discussion that could turn into an intrusive dissection of Kendo.

So this thread is LOCKED right with this OP.

But if you think Kendo deserves to be in Hall of Legends pls give this post a heart.png.e2580bf540742b7062b5673cac988e56.png

If you don’t think he does, give it a smiley.png.303228d93b87bed5377e86d293e0a4f9.png

If you don't care either way, give it a arrow.png.c72283cbb5ee7d7946c4bcf1bfb58ce6.png

I think I am doing the right thing.



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Edited to add the "I don't care" option as per one BM request
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