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Secrets Cambodia

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Secrets just opened on Street 136.

It has the same logo as Secrets in Pattaya so maybe there is common ownership.  Or not.  I've seen lots of unconnected bars using the same Cocktails and Dreams logo.

Seems like they are trying to be pretentious in an area where nobody wants fancy.

There is a huge grand entranceway, which seems like such a waste.  Inside there is a band that was too loud for my tastes.

Took a look at the menu and the cheapest draft beer was 4 USD WTF.

Usually I will stay for a beer once I walk in but 4 bucks is taking the piss in an area where the more expensive bars try to get a way with with charging 2 bucks for a beer with $1.50 being the most common price for a draft.

So I walked less than a minute to Madamme Butterfly which has dollar drafts from 9PM to 3AM and 50 cent drafts before 9PM.

If you sit outside at Madamme Butterfly it gives a great view of the epicenter of the ladyboy zone.  Each venue on that corner (Street 136 and Street 5) has a huge TV and u can chill watching the comings and going.

But if live music such as at Secrets strikes your fancy, there is upstairs at Oscars on Street 104 with a band and buck fifty beers.  



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