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Found 3 results

  1. “Holy shit..... this Covid (…) being away from (…) ladyboys (…) I have seen a trend emerge where I am definitely loving being with hot GGs (…) making me love licking pussy again.” The-Sith, Feb 24, 2021 @ladyboyreview I hear you The-Sith: my experience exactly ! I last plowed ladyboy ass in Feb 2020 during my last trip to TH & PI right before covid spread beyond China. The first 4 or 5 months that followed coincided with major complications in my life, of which the absence of sex was the least of my concerns. I moved back to Europe where I am slowly rebuilding my life, including my sex life. Here where I am, there are no ladyboys or feminine-looking european boys to be had for pocket change and I am not interested in grown men with wigs or itinerant old trannie$ from South America. So I accepted early on that GG orifices would be the only orifices I might get my dick into until world travel is restored. At my age, 20 yo western pussy is out of my dating reach unless I pay the kind of money The-Sith does, which I can afford but is against my value-minded ethos. But other than that, my status, personality and looks (?) render me quite attractive to white ladies my age or even as young (I mean !old!) as the mid-30s… I have gone out with a few and slept with a fewer, but all of them wanted commitment beyond the booty calls I had in mind. In the process, I developed an unexpected appreciation for saggy-soft mature flesh (especially big SAGGY boobs) and, in my twisted mind, for that motherly-fucking feeling of being a young stud servicing sex-starved older women. Anal sex happened with a couple of them and, honestly, it felt even better than sissy ass... On a separate front from over-the-hill white ladies (and to quench my addiction to sex with Asians) I pursued for months all the filipino overseas workers (maids!) I could ferret here (not so many) by going to their Sunday masses every week until I finally scored a minimally-acceptable one. She is in her mid-40s and looks it and in Asia I would not have given her a second look. But here she is like Miss Universe to me… she wants a relationship but is resigned to fucking on her days off (she works too far from me to come more often). Her face shows her age, but she has a very nice soft body that I’ve come to relish every inch of. We do it bareback, which is something I rarely did on my mongering trips to Asia and it really feels like I am rediscovering sex all over again. I don’t have the heart to post her pics here, but below is a shot of her 40+ yo hairy pussy that I have lapped at for hours. ISSUES FOR THREAD DISCUSSION: Are there any more Thailand-deprived BMs (like the The-Sith and I ) who also have been rediscovering the joys of sex with genetic women their age and culture ? Since covid, are sexpat BMs in Thailand having more and cheaper sex than ever absent all the sex tourists? Am I the only one here at LBR who feels my sex life will not be the same going forward due to the disruption caused by covid and the adjustments I had to make? thanks rom PS - Please someone post something or it’s back to 7-11 stamps and live shows nobody is watching anymore…
  2. Greetings gentlemen, Already prior to this COVID-19 madness I was a bit of a Dr. Doom regarding the outlook for Pattaya that, from personal observation, peaked mongeringwise in the early 2000s for GGs and in the early 2010s for ladyboys. The reason has been shrinking demographics and rising incomes in Thailand that have reduced the supply of new P4P talent, while demand is (was!) increasing with more and more mongers coming every year. The end result of these 2 market forces can only be less value for the buck, which spells the end of mongering Thailand as we know it. From this perspective, COVID-19 could set back the clock on this trend as Thai incomes fall and fewer mongers will arrive in the foreseeable future. HOWEVER, COVID-19 has also set in motion what everyone one expects will be PARAMOUNT social and economic shocks in Thailand that will change Pattaya for the worse. Two in particular come to mind: (i) mass business closures, especially farang-owned; and (ii) possibly, a change in national tolerance for sex tourism and sexpats. THIS THREAD IS NOT ABOUT THE NEGATIVES AHEAD, which are dominating the discussion in the other COVID-19 threads. THIS THREAD IS ABOUT THE SILVER LININGS IN THE CLOUDS: HOW WE CAN MAKE THE MOST OF WHATEVER COMES NEXT ! Let me start: As a 30+ years veteran of SE Asia, I view myself as a SEASONED MONGER who can compete with the best of them in the pursuit of Thai pussy or ass. I enjoy immensely the bar scene, but I don’t need it to get laid. The way I see it, Pattaya’s COVID-19 apocalypse will wash away the competitive nuisance that are the lesser mongers, and us surviving seasoned players will rule the scene more than ever. Many of the hotter GGs and ladyboys who might otherwise have shunned old sharks like me ... WON’T ! If you are a SEXPAT you are in an even better position. You will have more natives than ever chasing after you and you will feel less cramped by the sex tourists. Other positive outcomes will be LOWER PRICES for many of the expenses farangs incur like condos, rents, taxis, restaurants, maids. Forecasting the exchange rate is complex but, ceteris paribus, the Thai baht will depreciate if there is less demand for it from tourists and investors. And some positive micro-outcomes are already evident: From what she tells me, TJ’s Lilly is down to 2 or 3 STs a day max. She is even willing to do LTs. And get this: she is even being turned down by cautious sexpats, which is a long overdue humbling experience for her. How's that for a positive outcome of COVID-19? Can you gentlemen think of OTHER POSITIVE POST COVID-19 SCENARIOS that give us all caged mongers something EXCELLENT to look forward to ? Party on, Rom
  3. Let me start by reminding everyone that I awarded the 2020 Bar of the Year and 2020 Bar Owner of the Year Romscars to Sweethearts and Youngone precisely for their pioneering of the livestream concept that I thought was a win-win idea to keep ladyboys employed and our monger community engaged. So I am NOT predisposed against livestreams and I assure all BMs I eagerly watched them (Sweethearts, CIB, Emmy’s, Delirious,…) and bought far more lady drinks than I would if I had been sitting at the bars for the same amount of time. BUT NOW, I think I’m done with it … The novelty wore off and I feel I am just spending more money than I should even if it is to help the ladyboys get some income and the bars stay in business. I am also troubled by the fact I expose too much of my real identity by watching on facebook and paypaling… What do other BMs think?
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