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Found 3 results

  1. The Daddy Rom Annual Awards for Ladyboy Board Excellence and Chivalry (aka The Romscars) are the ladyboy world's only annual peer recognition event honoring the best among us ladyboy aficionados who share their passion and pursuits online. This Romscars Club was a spur of the moment thing I launched here at LadyboyReview.com to outreach the Romscars ethos of ladyboy mongering excellence, the celebration of which will be the ongoing purpose of this club. This club will also initially serve as a test-pilot for the Board's "Clubs" feature since it is the Board's first such club ever. It might take me a while to master all the Club features, but, in the meantime, please stay tuned and feel free to post anything you like concerning the Romscars concept and your suggestions for worthy nominees. But whatever you post, please remember the Romscars spirit is all about about its 4 guiding principles that I would ask you to please observe here in the club: 1. Be NICE for the sake of being Nice 2. Be EXCELLENT 3. Party ON ! and 4. Post like a BOSS ! Rom
  2. Happy New Year BMs one and all! With the start of 2020 it is time for The 2019 Daddy Rom Annual Awards for Board Excellence and Chivalry (aka The Romscars) the ladyboy mongers world time-honored peer recognition event, which this year has to be condensed into a single post (this one!) after it was outlawed in the Board where most mongers hang out and can be referenced. Every year The Romscars have a theme and last year it was “the madhouse” that the other Board resembles, and this year, to have even attempted it there (which I did), the theme had to be pure MADNESS: The cartoon above seeks to represent all of this year’s Romscar winners. For posterity, here are their BM names along with the rest of the 2019 Romscar nominees: Romscar for Newbie BM of the Year Nominees: Bighorn, gorditoslayer, ImranKhan81, Paleface, Winner: ImranKhan81 for Serenely batting it back to the Raj ! Romscar for BM Photographer of the Year Nominees: Bumblebee, Carbonara69, DMP1969, Kathoeyfan Winner: Carbonara69 for Best group peeps of ladyboys since … never mind ! Special Romscar for Best Improv Photoshoot of the Year Sole nominee and winner: Bumblebee for the we-had-never-seen-anything-like-it English Rose rosebud spread akimbo. Romscar for Trip Reporter of the Year Nominees Carbonara69, DDengler, DMP1969, Snoop-Dawg (PI TR) Winner: DMP1969 for Bringing back the TR with NUDE ladyboys genre from the brink of extinction. Romscar for BM-Ladyboy Couple of the Year Nominees: Daddy Rom and Lilly (lasted only 2 trips, but that was a mutual record); no noteworthy new couplings DURING 2019 Winner: Lilly and the proverbial “adoring BM fan” (DR not eligible for Romscars) Romscar for Ladyboy of the Year Nominee’s: Sweethearts’ Cindy, TJ’s Lilly, Noi Beauty Salon’s Many, Fantasy Lounge’s Polla Winner: Lilly (Du-uh!) Ladyboy Cock of the Year: Polla (not so much the size but the WEIGHT on that thing!) Ladyboy Comeback of the Year: Cindy (LEGEND!) Femboy of the Year: Many (PIXIElicious!) Romscar for Bar Owner of the Year Nominees: TJ’s Aem, Sweethearts’ Jimbo, KRus’ Youngone, Check In Bar’s June Winner: Aem (on hindsight, she should have gotten it ex-aequo last year too!) Special Romscar for Best Slapstick BM Duo of the Year Solo nominees and winners: Aitch & Lord Jim for “The 2 Poppin’ Popeyes” multi-thread soap opera series Romscar for Board Legend in the Making (aka The DR Quiet Board Leadership Award): colywob, Maracana, odotor, The-Sith Winner: The-Sith for taking ladyboy mongering to the next level: civilians! Romscar for BM (Ladyboy Monger) of the Year Nominees: colywob; DMP1969, Paleface; Snoop Dawg Winner: colywob (Stopped wearing clothes in 2019: it slowed him down) And now: The 2019 Inductees into the Daddy Rom’s Ladyboy Mongers Hall of Legends (pictured in the cartoon with a portrait frame around their heads). The best of the excellent among us distinguished this year are: Kwan - The ladyboy world’s ARTIST Jimbo - The ladyboy world’s BAR THERAPIST Snoop Dawg - The ladyboy world’s Michelin GUIDE Streetwalker - The ladyboy world’s PHILANTROPIST and RINGMASTER to the greatest ladyboy show on earth! Cheers all! Be Excellent and Party ON! Rom
  3. Gentlemen, I propose to start this thread on the Romscars 2019 awards with a DRAFT PREVIEW to generate interest (as opposed to going straight into the red carpet ceremonies like I did last year). It all starts with a first sketch that I just concluded. What do you guys think? Can you recognize anyone from Pyongyang? (I have no choice. That's where all the ladyboy mongers are). Please tell me if you recognize anyone. Unlike my videos that I edit countless times, when I draw I do it in ink in one go and there is no correcting it... I will later explain the line-up to the right concept ... although I bet Quinn will get it at a glance ... don't tell! let's see if anyone else gets it ... thanks and cheers!
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