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  1. “Ernesto” is the hallmark mongering name of an intrepid Austrian monger who pioneered the TR-with-pics genre back when digital cameras and phones with cameras were still pricey and not many mongers had them or knew how to use them. He started out at the old AsiaTS forum area, which then became The Ladyboys Forums (TLF) in the latter part of the 2000s, diligently posting blow-by-blow accounts of his ladyboy adventures that often took him off the beaten path into remoter locations in SE Asia. Ernesto also posted copious amounts of pics of the ladyboys he bedded and often in bed with himself, such as the pic below he posted right here at LBR that I (Rom) am reposting with Ernesto's face hidden since he did not bother to do it himself. The interest such TRs generated among his fellow mongers must have motivated Ernesto to offer more and more outlandish adventures and explicit pictorials and to take his show to a couple other Boards, including LBR where in 2013 he was awarded his own sub-forum and labeled a “Legend” before even the Romscars Hall of Legends existed… Below is the link to Ernesto’s sub-forum where you can marvel for yourself at his exploits in 2012-13 that span the hubs of BKK, Pattaya, AC and some more remote cities in the Philippines, Malaysia and Cambodja. In the TLF Board you may still find some of the TR classics of his 2000s’ trips. http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/forum/66-ernestos-adventures/ As far as I can tell, Ernesto’s TRs for our Board were his last as he had a serious accident in 2014 that debilitated him and likely changed his outlook on life and on pursuing ladyboys. This was his last post and he has not since been heard of in the online ladyboy world: http://www.ladyboyreview.com/index.php?/topic/5583-back-in-life-again/&tab=comments#comment-120950 Ernesto the man just faded back into the crowd. But Ernesto the Legend lives on in his TRs and now in the Romscars Hall of Legends. VIVA ERNESTO !
  2. It’s official! After 1 year of conspicuous silence, the monger who made PY into the webworld’s #1 Ladyboy Board has just officially announced his resignation as moderator. He is also one of the 2 Brits (the other is at-the-time Paeng’s Scott) who 10 years ago made ladyboy mongering mainstream by becoming the faces on Sky Living TV of all the farangs who flock to Thailand to indulge in ladyboys and eventually move there. The name is Kendo, Kendo UK and he is a skilled IT guy with an active media presence. Besides his stint on Sky Living TV, he is active on Twitter (Ken in Thailand) and was until last year the master of ceremonies of that other ladyboy Board some call Pyongyang/PY which he propelled to dominance after becoming a mod there in 2012. With his keen and knowledge-imparting interactions online and his sexpat networking on the ground after he moved to BKK, Kendo became arguably the most famous ladyboy monger ever, a role he seemed to relish until last year when he abruptly went silent at PY without an explanation. His role as the alfa mod at PY was not without controversy as he stepped on a lot of BMs’ toes, including mine. But I always found him to be the most capable of the PY mods and he made me feel like he recognized the quality and effort of my contributions. His departure was inevitable once PY’s second most toxic BM was elevated to mod and initiated the power grab that would relegate Kendo to a spectator role in the BM purges that followed. As far as I am concerned I don’t think I will ever be close pals with Kendo, but I respect his standing in our ladyboy mongers community and he certainly does not need me to tell him he is a “Legend.” I view his slamming the door on PY as the greatest blow ever to the regime and as redemption enough for having been its posterboy, so it is with timely contentment that within hours of his announcement at PY I can finally welcome Kendo to his rightful place in the Romscars Hall of Legends. pic removed ... if you google-image "Kendo Pattaya" the first pic that comes up is Kendo at his best but to post it here his consent would be necessary.
  3. When I started the Romscars Hall of Legends it was evident some fellow mongers were already proven shoo-ins for induction. One of them was Kendo the UK TV face of farang ladyboy chasers and PY moderator extraordinaire who made PY into the online hub of the ladyboy world. But in the process, he cracked a lot of fellow monger skulls (including mine) which made him a controversial choice for the Hall of Legends without much peer support when I asked last year. My take on Kendo is that notwithstanding him standing side-by-side with the goons running the show at PY, he is way smarter than them not just in terms of wits but in recognizing BM effort over attitude. I don’t think he liked me too much, but he respected my contributions and I heard from good source I would have been PY-banned a lot sooner if it weren’t for him standing in the way. I also heard from the same good source that last year (2020) he slammed the door on PY due to “management tensions” and, whether he has or not, the FACT is that he has not made a post, given a like, or recorded a log in at at PY in almost a year. BMs there keep asking about him but, in good North-Korea fashion, the official explanations are vague and dismissive. I take such distancing from PY by Kendo, even if only temporary, as an act of redemption that washes away the bruises he inflicted on so many fellow mongers, including myself. And I HEREBY NOMINATE KENDO FOR THE 2021 INTAKE OF THE ROMSCARS HALL OF LEGENDS. I am sure Kendo will see this or be informed soon enough and if he objects, he can contact me here at LBR where he is already a BM and I will promptly withdraw the nomination. I am not going to put this one to a vote, nor allow a discussion that could turn into an intrusive dissection of Kendo. So this thread is LOCKED right with this OP. But if you think Kendo deserves to be in Hall of Legends pls give this post a If you don’t think he does, give it a If you don't care either way, give it a I think I am doing the right thing. Rom
  4. There once was a charismatic Aussie boatman enthusiast who moved to Phuket in the late 90s and together with his ladyboy partner put Patong Beach on the ladyboy mongering map. They opened the town’s first mostly ladyboy-staffed bar that, at first, was just another small bar with a few ladyboys in the midst of rows and rows of small GG bars, but soon went all-ladyboy and ditched the rows to become a by-itself double-soi bar where the free mini-cabaret concept was developed in what amounted to a tribute of love from the Aussie towards the ladyboy partner who got to star in the mini-cabaret show and enjoy every night the diva adulation every ladyboy craves. The name of that bar was Cocktails & Dreams. The name of the diva was Ning Nong. The name of the Aussie was Nick… Nick Jackson … Captain Nick ! Nick was one of those larger-than-life characters who instantly bonded with his C&D patrons in playful ways that made us feel right at home. I remember one night passing on barfining his most coveted cabaret performer who was all over me and telling Nick she had too much silicone and hormones for me and was too timebound by the cabaret shows to stay with me open-ended. So the next night he made sure to put up a sign outside C&D just to taunt me: “Free Range Hormone Free Ladyboys” it said. That’s the kind of attentive guy Nick was. But Nick’s story did not end well and remains the subject of conspiracy theories that this is not the time or place to dwell into. Being a restless businessman-type he spread himself over several businesses (I remember a massage joint and another bar nearby) and towards the end he got heavily invested in game-fishing boat charters that he personally guided. With so much on his shoulders, he took on as C&D partner another destined-to-become-legendary ladyboy punter (Jimbo the ranting Britt) who jointly with Ning Nong gradually took over most of the C&D daily running. Nick must have become overwhelmed and in October 2010 he died a lonely death in a Patong guesthouse room. According to the police, when he was found he had been dead for several days. Nick left us just before the ladyboy scene exploded in Thailand to unprecedented levels following the popularization of ladyboy porn on the internet in the 2000s and the emergence of ladyboy mongering Boards that taught farang newbies how to get to the action. As a result, many of today’s farang-come-lately, self-appointed ladyboy pundits don’t even know Nick existed and that it was him who made C&D into the ladyboy historic landmark it was. But Nick did exist. Oh yes he did! And he was a gentleman and he was EXCELLENT. And he will be remembered as such here at the Romscars Hall of Legends ! Farewell Ahoy Captain Nick !
  5. This may at first come across as an ominous induction into the Hall of Legends, but it is a fully deserved one that was forthcoming sooner than later to the bar owner who took it to the next level of in-bar mongering experience: I am talking about Josh Pitstra the quiet, unassuming Dutchman at the helm of Baby Boom A-Go-Go that, while it lasted (2012-20), was Thailand’s wildest ladyboy bar ever. Josh’s business model was simply allowing staff and customers to have FUN without caring that he might be giving away too much of a good time for the price of a few drinks. This made for a one-of-a-kind “Baby-Boom hands-on experience” made all the more incredible by the composed presence of Josh and his beloved Pooh sitting steady at their stations while surrealistic scenes of ladyboy-farang debauchery were being staged all around them. That’s how we will remember Josh here at the Hall of Legends: a Live and Let Live, Giving kind of Legend. Unlike most Pattaya expats, Josh never brags about his exploits or posts them online, so nobody really knows how much of a monger he is or ever was since he first arrived in Pattaya in the 1990s and started out with a GG bar. It’s also not known how much he is or was into ladyboys since despite all the action at Baby Boom he made sure to always cast himself side-by-side with Pooh his GG love for many years. Unfortunately, as of this posting, Josh is suffering in a hospital bed in Pattaya and hopefully will get a chuckle out of this Hall of Legends induction, but what he really needs right now is HELP with traveling to Holland on a special assisted medical flight that costs more than he can afford. If you can give any amount at all to our community's Giving Legend please do so by using this link: https://gogetfunding.com/help-josh-from-baby-boom/ Thanks Josh for all the fun times at Baby Boom. It was LEGENDARY. Rom
  6. In my mind, James H was an ordinary man living an ordinary life in a forsaken English town and THEN… he moved to Thailand in his 50s (?) and became JIMBO the LEGEND among the farang manly man who are into girly men. It helped that he was an avid ladyboy chaser himself and that it was the mid-2000s when the ladyboy scene was exploding on the internet. He took over Patong beach’s sole ladyboy bar (C&D) that under his convivial management and astute online promotion at Pyongyang became a ladyboy Mecca for sex tourists and sexpats who did not really need to travel all the way to Phuket to fuck ladyboys but did so anyway to party with Jimbo and other like-minded groupies. In 2018 he moved to Pattaya bringing C&D's mini-cabaret show concept to TJ’s Music Bar making it an even more successful bar than it already was. In 2019 he started over with Sweethearts bar which is open for action as of this posting. Through it all, Jimbo established himself as a the ultimate Thailand mongering pundit with his trademark rants at Pyongyang for the education of the adoring masses. Despite all the business he got from me over the years, Jimbo is not that keen on me but that is no reason not to induct him into The Romscars Hall of Legends as a representative of the cohort of the bar owners who make it possible for us spoiled mongers to score a ladyboy at the snap of a finger. Rant on Jimbo! Rom
  7. Point of order on Ernesto....it was the pioneering days for TRs....and my understanding is that he doesn't even speak English but managed to get those TRs to us in English prior to Google Translate (I can't confirm that). But what I cam confirm is that he had more TRs than anyone else and he delivered pictures when we were still using Polaroids and digital cameras or shitty pre-smart phone cameras instead of the convenient smart phones we have today. Even uploading pictures and the general interface during that Era took massive patience and dedication that no longer is needed and our time can be used for other improvements to the TRs. You cant dis Elvis because Pink Floyd delivered better quality sounds.
  8. It is with much personal joy that I hereby award the first Romscar of 2021 for the category of BM-Ladyboy Couple of the Year to a very special couple who just tied the knot in Germany last week after over a decade of Pattaya trips and 3 sponsored stays. The chivalrous groom is none other than LBR’s own BM Duncan, who is also a well-known Advanced BM at PY despite associating with the likes of myself, cherjam, and other free-thinkers … The gracious ladyboy bride goes by the name of Mod and all I know about her is that she is tiny and sweet. Duncan & Mod are now legally married under German law and he told me he decided to take the plunge because of how covid made him reassess mortality, separation and how one must make the most of whatever time we have left on this earth. I say at least here's one good thing that came out of covid. A love story of hope and persistence namely on wee Mod's part who made an honest man out of the teutonic monger. But let’s let Duncan share his reasons, challenges, joys and first impressions from the honeymoon stage if he so wishes. Congratulations and have a good life...
  9. Induction into the Romscars Ladyboy Mongers Hall of Legends is based on its 2 statutory pillars of Excellence and Chivalry on the field of play and online, and this year I have the honor of inducting a fellow monger BKK expat who excels in both: LBR’s own Lord Snooty is my Hall of Legends gatekeeper’s choice for 2020 induction. Why……? Because he is none other than THEEE Captain Outrageous creator of his namesake ladyboy site Captain-Outrageous.com where since 2003 the best snapshots ever of ladyboys are showcased. Not just camera snapshots but also written-word snapshots of Thailand’s deeper ladyboy world most mongers never experience. Plus mongeringwise, the Captain is a ladyboy scoring machine as it goes without saying that he connected with dozens (hundreds?) of his models beyond the photo sessions. Oh the Captain’s photos! Mostly shot with crisp natural light and in the intimacy of BKK high-rise apartments such as where those of us who don’t live in Thailand dream of one day entertaining a never-ending stream of ladyboys same-same as the Captain. I was so fascinated with the Captain’s photos and ladyboy world insights that circa 2006, like a groupie, I contacted him online and he gracefully agreed to meet me. I learned that he was an active and reputed expat professional in a field that forced him to keep his passion for ladyboys a bit of a secret shared only with those he trusted. Accordingly, I chose to cast him in his Hall of Legends portrait as his trademark hooded-superhero featured on the Captain-Outrageous website. I would add that in addition to the awesome photos of over 600 different ladyboys, the Captain-Outrageous.com website is the most representative historical record of what I like to call the Glory Days of ladyboy mongering (early to mid-2000s) when the scene was beginning to boom but not yet cramped by discount flight nouveau-mongers who followed the online banalization of ladyboy porn. At the time, most ladyboys in the game could be found at 4 or 5 bars in BKK and Pattaya. Like other websites, Captain-Outrageous.com showcased all those Glory Days divas (Talisha, Jessica, O, Annie, Jenny, Amy, …) plus hundreds of semi-pro and amateur ladyboy exclusives that, unlike the other websites, only the Captain managed to ferret out of all walks of Thai society. In 2014 the Captain had to prioritize his time and business endeavors so he suspended the weekly updates of the website which remains online in what is itself a Hall of Ladyboy Legends of said Glory Days. I could go on and on, but it’s time to Welcome the Captain Outrageous aka Lord Snooty to his much-deserved place in the Romscar Ladyboy Mongers Hall of Legends. Big cheers Captain from your #1 fan Rom
  10. For the first time in the illustrious History of The Romscars Hall of Legends, a BM who was not invited by me to the party, crashed it on the shoulders of his BM peers and made off with the silverware … I am talking about one of the most popular BMs both here at LBR and at PY who I did not nominate (this year! ... but would have sooner or later) but, even more remarkably than me nominating him, he was chosen by acclamation by a great many of the BMs who voted for this year's only elected slot for the Hall of Legends. Well done duke007 and welcome to the Hall of Legends. Hope you accept to play in my playpen. You see: duke is a diligent, no-nonsense BM who is too Board Duty-focused for trickster BMs like me as he is constantly processing and disseminating information of interest to all BMs: football scores, travel tips, expat blogs, music hits, and of course, some of the best on-the-ground intel on the legions of ladyboys that duke scores when he is in Thailand. That's why his Hall of Legends title is "The EDUCATIONAL monger" (I toyed with the idea of labeling him "The YELLOW PAGES monger"). Other than that, duke007 self-casts himself as a Man U junkie, seems to consider SE Spain as a party on alternative to SE Asia, he special guest star referees at the LBWV, and he was a mod here at LBR (did anyone else notice ?) … His greatest credit may well be that he is much respected by his ladyboy monger peers as evidenced by the wave of support he generated here at LBR to get inducted into the Hall of Legends. So here you are duke. Hereafter Legendary duke ! R
  11. It’s that time of the year again for the Romscars Annual Awards, in the context of which every year are inducted into my made up Romscars Hall of Legends 1 or 2 fellow ladyboy aficionados with truly excellent and chivalrous life time records of interaction with ladyboys. For those who might not know, I started the Romscars Hall of Legends at that no-dissent Board I call Pyongyang (PY) from where I was banned in 2019 in the middle of a TR. Not satisfied with silencing me, they also obliterated Soviet-style everything I had ever posted at their Board, including the Hall of Legends. I am retelling all this because that’s how the Hall of Legends ended up at LBR where I found freedom of speech with the self-protection of LBR’s exclusive clubs feature that allows club leaders to stop jealous thread-fuckers cold in their tracks. All this to say that I am so grateful for LBR’s hospitality and for how so many BMs here made me feel welcome, that I decided that this year the Romscars Hall of Legends nominations will focus exclusively on mongers who are members here at LBR (regardless of whether they are also members at PY). For 2020 I propose to induct 2 or 3 BMs into the Hall of Legends The first inductee will be my exclusive personal decision and is already picked. I doubt any members here know him personally but many of you heard of him and wish you were him. He is a perfect fit for the Hall of Legends and you will all cheer my choice when I announce it. The second inductee will be chosen by BMs here from a list of 3 candidates I hereby nominate: Nominee #1 BM Ernesto who pioneered ladyboyTRs with intimate pics at a time when almost no one else had digital cameras or dared to use them in the room. He dazzled us partying with pristine ladyboys off-the-beaten path in remotes parts of Asia nobody else would think of visiting for sex. A prolific and sharing-prone serial fucker, Ernesto had already been designated a “legend” at LBR even before I moved the Hall of Legends here. I never met him in person but deem Ernesto to be a worthy Hall of Legends candidate with the only drawback being that he has not been heard from in 5 years. Nominee #2 BM and quasi-moderator Stealth, who I met in AC circa 2010-11. A real fun laid back Dutch monger who has a real positive attitude both in person and online. He boasted of an extensive “network” of ladyboy contacts who were eager to party with him without compensation (or so he said!). His online TRs were drafted to generously share all useful information with BMs. Like Ernesto, Stealth also has been missing in action for (6) years and is an equally worthy candidate to the Hall of Legends. Nominee #3 BM KendoUK. Yes THEE Kendo from the PY Clique-de-la-Clique. The same Kendo who snitched on me in front of everyone at PY and who banned me from there twice, but who is a legend in his own right for being a self-exposed ladyboy addict on Sky Channel and on YouTube and who knows all our secrets from being the IT-proficient moderator at PY. Whether we like him or not, if there ever had to be one standard bearer for the online ladyboy community it would have to be him. While at PY Kendo more than once recognized the merit of my contributions, in the end he sided with the goons so I am not quite ready to induct him myself into the Romscars Hall of Legends. But I know he is popular among other BMs here, so if you all speak up in support of him I will defer to your choice. Kendo is a longstanding member of LBR, albeit a less active one since I started posting last year and I regret that. Regardless of what happens this year, I have faith that one day Kendo will take his rightful place in the Hall of Legends. The third inductee (if there is one) into the Hall of Legends will be up to PDoggg and Bumblebee. It’s my way of saying thank you to them for giving me a voice at LBR and (if they want to play) they can jointly induct any BM here into the Hall of Legends, including 1 of the 3 above. The only one BM at LBR who canNOT be inducted into the Hall of Legends (so no point in nominating) is ME, Rom. For obvious conflict of interest reasons. What I ask now is for BMs to please post their views in this thread acknowledging who they think are the most worthy candidates, including other BMs I did not nominate. The Romscars is an exercise in excellence and positivity so if you have a nice word to say about a fellow BM, say it! He will appreciate! If you don’t want to play that’s OK too. Thanks either way for following the 2020 Romscars awards, which will develop also in coming parallel threads here at the Romscars Club. And remember …………: Post like a Boss, Be Excellent, and Party OOOOOON !
  12. Happy New Year BMs one and all! With the start of 2020 it is time for The 2019 Daddy Rom Annual Awards for Board Excellence and Chivalry (aka The Romscars) the ladyboy mongers world time-honored peer recognition event, which this year has to be condensed into a single post (this one!) after it was outlawed in the Board where most mongers hang out and can be referenced. Every year The Romscars have a theme and last year it was “the madhouse” that the other Board resembles, and this year, to have even attempted it there (which I did), the theme had to be pure MADNESS: The cartoon above seeks to represent all of this year’s Romscar winners. For posterity, here are their BM names along with the rest of the 2019 Romscar nominees: Romscar for Newbie BM of the Year Nominees: Bighorn, gorditoslayer, ImranKhan81, Paleface, Winner: ImranKhan81 for Serenely batting it back to the Raj ! Romscar for BM Photographer of the Year Nominees: Bumblebee, Carbonara69, DMP1969, Kathoeyfan Winner: Carbonara69 for Best group peeps of ladyboys since … never mind ! Special Romscar for Best Improv Photoshoot of the Year Sole nominee and winner: Bumblebee for the we-had-never-seen-anything-like-it English Rose rosebud spread akimbo. Romscar for Trip Reporter of the Year Nominees Carbonara69, DDengler, DMP1969, Snoop-Dawg (PI TR) Winner: DMP1969 for Bringing back the TR with NUDE ladyboys genre from the brink of extinction. Romscar for BM-Ladyboy Couple of the Year Nominees: Daddy Rom and Lilly (lasted only 2 trips, but that was a mutual record); no noteworthy new couplings DURING 2019 Winner: Lilly and the proverbial “adoring BM fan” (DR not eligible for Romscars) Romscar for Ladyboy of the Year Nominee’s: Sweethearts’ Cindy, TJ’s Lilly, Noi Beauty Salon’s Many, Fantasy Lounge’s Polla Winner: Lilly (Du-uh!) Ladyboy Cock of the Year: Polla (not so much the size but the WEIGHT on that thing!) Ladyboy Comeback of the Year: Cindy (LEGEND!) Femboy of the Year: Many (PIXIElicious!) Romscar for Bar Owner of the Year Nominees: TJ’s Aem, Sweethearts’ Jimbo, KRus’ Youngone, Check In Bar’s June Winner: Aem (on hindsight, she should have gotten it ex-aequo last year too!) Special Romscar for Best Slapstick BM Duo of the Year Solo nominees and winners: Aitch & Lord Jim for “The 2 Poppin’ Popeyes” multi-thread soap opera series Romscar for Board Legend in the Making (aka The DR Quiet Board Leadership Award): colywob, Maracana, odotor, The-Sith Winner: The-Sith for taking ladyboy mongering to the next level: civilians! Romscar for BM (Ladyboy Monger) of the Year Nominees: colywob; DMP1969, Paleface; Snoop Dawg Winner: colywob (Stopped wearing clothes in 2019: it slowed him down) And now: The 2019 Inductees into the Daddy Rom’s Ladyboy Mongers Hall of Legends (pictured in the cartoon with a portrait frame around their heads). The best of the excellent among us distinguished this year are: Kwan - The ladyboy world’s ARTIST Jimbo - The ladyboy world’s BAR THERAPIST Snoop Dawg - The ladyboy world’s Michelin GUIDE Streetwalker - The ladyboy world’s PHILANTROPIST and RINGMASTER to the greatest ladyboy show on earth! Cheers all! Be Excellent and Party ON! Rom
  13. snoopdawg (aka Snoop-Dawg; Snoop; Shane) is a gentleman punter from the English countryside who actually has a striking human resemblance to the Peanuts’ Snoopy cartoon character, as evidenced in the picture to the right that he himself posted in one of his TRs in the public area of Pyongyang. He is best known ladyboyworldwide for his prolific and content-rich TRs and I can’t think of another ladyboy monger who ticks so many EXCELLENCE AND CHIVALRY boxes. Here are the TOP 5: #1 snoopdawg started younger than most mongers and precociously became a ladyboy virtuoso. His relative youth makes him "sanuk" to party with, especially for the ladyboys. # 2 He is by nature a kind, empathic man who treats everyone with respect be it the ladyboys or his fellow mongers amongst whom he is so highly regarded even the regime-approved haters at Pyongyang dare not express their resentment of his success and popularity. # 3 He is likely the most read ladyboy world traveler who shares every single one of his dozens of trips in meticulously prepared TRs that are travel guide-grade with hundreds of pictures and valuable logistics and cost information. # 4 For such a nice, considerate guy, Snoop is not bashful about sharing his voracious erotic adventures with great gusto and mouth-watering pornographic detail. More recently, he began posting nude pics of ladyboys subject to his own set of ethical standards. # 5 While on the road, he makes sure to counterbalance his pursuit of ladyboys with the pursuit of knowledge about local culture and history. His fondness for ancient temples is legendary. It’s all legendary! snoopdawg was an obvious fast track choice for the Hall of Legends. We were trying to meet in person last year during his first ever trip to the Philippines, but a few months before the trip I got lynched at Pyongyang and we lost touch. He is a longtime BM here at LBR who has been absent for a while, but I hope this induction into The Romscars Hall of Legends brings him back and we can get in touch again. Stay Excellent and Party On Snoop! Rom
  14. Unlike most of us ladyboy enthusiasts on the down-low, Pattaya expat Tony Sales (Rossco / Streetwalker) is the very public face of ladyboy celebration. Every year he organizes a pool volleyball mini-tournament for bar ladyboys to showcase themselves at their bikini and civic best and to raise funds for Thai charities from the very same mongers who keep those ladyboys in the commercial sex business the other 364 days of the year. We buy a ticket or two, party with the ladyboys, and choke back the tears when the orphans sing in their clueless English the most redemption we are ever going to get. Such fundraising-for-charity alone would be reason enough to induct Tony into the Romscars Hall of Legends, but there is another good reason: his pool volleyball tournament is arguably the greatest ladyboy show on earth. Nowhere else will you experience so many ladyboys in skimpy bikinis and glamorous evening gowns on once-a-year adulation highs from gawking mongers who are themselves as much part of the show. When it ends, the tranny Cinderellas go back to their stepmamasans and become barfinable again. Tony retired from holding the tournament in 2018, but after it was revealed here at LBR in January 2020 that he would be inducted into the Romscars Hall of Legends, he announced in February that the tournament was back for 2020. Coincidence? Perhaps. But I like to think that Tony’s induction into the Hall of Legends contributed to his come back decision. After all, a Legend never retires from being EXCELLENT. Thanks Tony Rom
  15. The ladyboy lovers’ community is fortunate to have had among its ranks one Jomtien Englishman expat who happens to be a highly proficient illustrator and graphics ARTIST. He goes online here at LBR by Quinn and by kwan at Pyongyang and is otherwise known for being a Katty’s Bar fixture along with his sidekick pal BBG. He is a man of very few words, so I will substantiate his Romscars Hall of Legends induction in just 3 words: Labor of Love There are no better words to describe Quinn’s original, professional-grade cartoons and photoshops that he bountifully posts here and at Pyongyang knowing the artworks will not be seen for more than a few days and by no more than a few dozen mongers, many of whom are too thick or indifferent to grasp Quinn’s talent and generosity. And yet he keeps on drawing and posting, thereby amusing and giving everyone food for thought. Quiet Quinn is not your typical serial monger such as others in The Romscars Hall of Legends, but his EXCELLENT artworks that he so CHIVALROUSLY shares cast all of us mongers and the ladyboys we love in a more humane, non-strictly transactional light. And that gentlemen is LEGENDARY. Thanks and keep on dazzling us Quinn. Rom
  16. The Daddy Rom Annual Awards for Ladyboy Board Excellence and Chivalry (aka The Romscars) are the ladyboy world's only annual peer recognition event honoring the best among us ladyboy aficionados who share their passion and pursuits online. This Romscars Club was a spur of the moment thing I launched here at LadyboyReview.com to outreach the Romscars ethos of ladyboy mongering excellence, the celebration of which will be the ongoing purpose of this club. This club will also initially serve as a test-pilot for the Board's "Clubs" feature since it is the Board's first such club ever. It might take me a while to master all the Club features, but, in the meantime, please stay tuned and feel free to post anything you like concerning the Romscars concept and your suggestions for worthy nominees. But whatever you post, please remember the Romscars spirit is all about about its 4 guiding principles that I would ask you to please observe here in the club: 1. Be NICE for the sake of being Nice 2. Be EXCELLENT 3. Party ON ! and 4. Post like a BOSS ! Rom
  17. Gentlemen, I propose to start this thread on the Romscars 2019 awards with a DRAFT PREVIEW to generate interest (as opposed to going straight into the red carpet ceremonies like I did last year). It all starts with a first sketch that I just concluded. What do you guys think? Can you recognize anyone from Pyongyang? (I have no choice. That's where all the ladyboy mongers are). Please tell me if you recognize anyone. Unlike my videos that I edit countless times, when I draw I do it in ink in one go and there is no correcting it... I will later explain the line-up to the right concept ... although I bet Quinn will get it at a glance ... don't tell! let's see if anyone else gets it ... thanks and cheers!
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