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Found 14 results

  1. It was a ron mak night about a year and a half ago. Rabbit's tenth trip to Bangkok over a relatively short period of four years. For a long time, I had only viewed glimpses of the other sex in the occasional porn or in bars. But over my travels, I knew somewhere amidst the neon lights and chaotic streets of Bangkok existed a world so apparent, yet so unknown, to many - a world where boundaries blurred, identities transformed, and desires whispered in the shadows. It was here that I, a very normal working-class, woman-adoring man found rabbitself entangled in a web of secrecy, temptation, and self-discovery. My job as a financial analyst often brought me to the city on business trips. Each visit was a whirlwind of meetings, deadlines, and late-night ventures into Nana Plaza or Soi Cowboy. Geisha, Spanky's Billboard, Mandarin. You name it, and my buddies and I had nights where we had dropped ungodly sums and drank several bottles each of whatever passes off as whiskey there. However, the novelty was wearing off on every visit -- bar fines only went skyward, lady drinks were quickly a 20-minute interval between dances, ladies got grumpier and generally uninterested, and the whole meaning of pay-to-play was mostly a dream from a better time. One such evening, as I wandered down the packed Sukhumvit soi 11, I stumbled - half drunk; half disappointed after another gogo bummer - upon an absolutely gorgeous sight that would change my perception of sexuality forever. Right outside one of the dimly lit alleyways were two women who looked nothing short of Latino princesses. They looked so captivating, so ethereal, that I couldn't tear his eyes away. She moved with grace and confidence, her long hair cascading down her back, her curves accentuated by the tight-fitting dress she wore. But as I went closer, I felt a sudden pang of confusion and curiosity: Something about her seemed different, otherworldly, yet undeniably alluring. "Kaka," she said, when I asked her name in my mostly-broken Thai. "Nanny," the other said. The encounter was brief but left an indelible mark on my mind. I stumbled back to my room, but the memory of their presence and the way they had ignited a spark of desire was something I couldn't explain. I knew this wasn't right for me. I knew that wasn't who I was. But that entire night, I could only dream of wanting to be with those beauties. I coaxed myself to sleep somehow, knowing the next morning I would wake up, think straight, and laugh it off. The sun cracked hours later - but I never left my dream. The next night I was a man on a mission. A shot of Jim Beam to enter the happy zone, a beer to keep that buzz going. It was around 9 pm, and no sight of those ladies at the spot. So I ventured inside the lane to discover a bar at the very end of it. Cindy's Secrets. A few looked at me like I had forgotten my way, and a few smiled. But there they were inside, those beauties from last night. As I entered the dimly lit room, the air thick with the scent of snooker sweat, booze, whiffs of stray cigarette smoke and my anticipation. The modus operandi was similar to any other bar. Bought the drinks for the girls I like, a self-customary one for the mamasan, and began the night. Soon, 20 minutes passed, and then it was 30. But the girls didn't leave my side. We were enjoying, we were alive, and I - perhaps for the first time - felt fully comfortable around bar ladies. Kaka's eyes were magnetic, while Nanny's touch felt unlike anything I had felt before. It was deliberate yet gentle, firm yet soft, naughty yet carnal. We had drinks, and then some more. Each touch and each interaction with those girls (and others around) awakened a hunger deep I had never known existed. I surrendered to the feelings about two hours later - choosing one of those ladies to share time with upstairs. At first, it all felt new. I had never been this way before. But kisses and more touches turned to liberation. As we hugged - she knew it was my first time - I felt a freedom from the constraints of society's expectations and my own preconceived notions of love and desire. Here, in the arms of a human so different yet so achingly familiar. The sex was raw intensity and lust from both sides. I was topping but pleasure knew no limits. This was the tenderness of a woman but the lust of a man. There could be no turning back from this experience. We had fun. We had more drinks later. No pushing or forcing for more. (In retrospect, I understand I was perhaps very lucky to have such a first time experience. It could have gone absolutely horrible.) Over the next few days, I spent watching the hours go by desperately. Dinner, Jim Beam and beers, and off to the promised land I went. At first, my interactions with the several ladies were purely transactional—mere curiosities to be explored and discarded. But with each encounter, I found himself drawn deeper into their world, seduced by their beauty, charm, and the thrill of the forbidden. Yet, even as I indulged in the desires, a sense of guilt and denial soon crept up. As days turned into weeks, the double life began to take its toll. I struggled to match newfound desires with the expectations of my conservative upbringing and society at large. There was a sense of shame and self-loathing. My friends wondered where I disappeared after a very certain time on our bar hops. Somewhere in the despair, I found this forum. I found people like The Sith, PDogg, Dan Miller and several others - their posts from years ago appearing to me as fellow travelers, so to so speak, on the same journey. I spent an entire Sunday just reading through Sith's Chronicles. Over the next several trips - I soon stopped feeling guilty. I wasn't alone. I explored, I had fun, I went on threesomes and even foursomes. I went back to the occasionally normal bar, but it just didn't cut for me anymore. I've emerged from these several experiences as a changed man - not defined by society's expectations or his own insecurities but by the courage to embrace the true self and sexuality that makes one totally free. For on the other side of fear and denial lay a world of infinite possibilities, where true freedom awaited those brave enough to seek it. I return to the neon lights of Bangkok this weekend after a longish hiatus of over seven months. But I'm not desperate, dreaming, fearful, or anticipating any more. It's my new reality. Back home, I'm still with women and enjoy their company for I know there's another world, another me that's discovered himself and yearns for those moments. It's my little secret. My Otherside.
  2. Gutsy

    Chaos 9 Soi 4

    I'm surprised this bar hadn't appeared on the radar. I realize this forum is rather Pattayacentric, but those who enjoy BKK or just passing through should give this place a try. I wasn't sure what section to place this thread, and welcome the mods to move where appropriate. Seeing that Darkside, and P'beer are in this section (Bangkok) I went with this. Why is Paradise Club in the Ladyboy bars section? I would think they would all be in the same section to make it easier for BM's to find. Chaos 9 is located in the same location as Guess Bar used to be. In fact their sign reflects the former name as it's incorporated into it. Chaos 9 by Guess Bar. I've spoken to the new ownership about that name and why Guess Bar is still in the name. Kanjana the (GG) owner said it was so longtime customers of Guess Bar would know it was still a bar where ladyboys worked. She is the 100% owner and assured me that the old regime of Noon and Mardhi were out of the picture. They have LB's and GG's working at the bar presently. Kanjana wants to have a mix of both ladyboys and ladies, with 80% LB's. I was there end of January and middle of February. They have made lots of changes, and all positive in my opinion. The have remodeled the inside and moved the pool table. It is much better lit now so you aren't playing pool in the dark. They have bar stools and tables in the center area with lounges and comfy seats around the outside. They have also made changes outside the bar. The bar railing is gone and the front is now opened up, with comfy lounges out front and small tables. It's a lot more comfortable than before and great for groping sessions with a ladyboy. Each night i went their seemed to be more staff, and the LB's were dominating in numbers by far. I kind of felt bad for the GG's, but hey bad luck if the customer base prefers LB's. In January they had anywhere from 4-7 ladyboys working. In February they were close to 10 every night with just a couple of GG's. It's very photo friendly now without the old GB gestapo wanting to fine you 10 baht for a taking them. Just ask the girls who all seem very keen to pose, especially if a drink may come their way. I found it to be very low pressure, but not ignored as old GB used to be at times. The overall vibe is great in my opinion, Some great improvements make it better than Guess Bar ever was, now they just need to build up staff. You can also check out Chaos 9 on their facebook page: Chaos 9 The pool table has been moved so there is now a big open area. Pool is free all night long! Plenty of lounges, love seats and comfy stools. The twins Yam and Jamme on the outside lounges. Chompoo, Kanjana (owner), and Sara lounging out front. A couple of staff sitting out front eating. The same small inside bar is still there with 4 stools. Plenty of spots to put set your drink. Plenty of floor space for various play. The only drawback is the same ole stanky toilet that is shared with other shops. At least it's coed.
  3. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Candy, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Candy19989 Ladyboy Candy offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/candyasia
  4. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Memie, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/MemieLadyboy_TH Busty Memie offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/tsmemethailand?c=1
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  6. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Bunny-Thai, based in Phuket & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/bunny_thai_xxx Bunny-Thai offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/ladyboybunnythai?c=2
  7. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Nancy, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/LadyboyNancy_OF Nancy offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/tsnancy/c1
  8. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Ida, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Twitter: https://twitter.com/Thai_LadyBoy_OF Busty Ida offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/ida2xx/c1
  9. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Emmy, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Ladyboy Emmy offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/emmy_monika?c=1
  10. Hello Guys, Join the beautiful Ladyboy Anastasia, based in Bangkok & Pattaya / Thailand. Tattoed Ladyboy Anastasia offer at her OnlyFans hot videocalls, custom videos, sextings and have a huge xxx-video collection online. OnlyFans: https://onlyfans.com/anastasiatsthai?c=1
  11. Find the best Ladyboys from Thailand @ Twitter: Our Main Account: https://twitter.com/Thai_LadyBoys_X
  12. I am 40y old guy from California usa , I met this ladyboy , she is very cute better than pictures , she top me and had good one , also I give her good one for whole night and for only 10000 , guys she is the best ladyboy in town , she will not steal your money , you can be safe with her .I contacted her on wechat at this number +six 6 six one 8 tree 9 to 4 to 3 . if you like top and bottom , go for her .
  13. Iya of Darkside Bar in BKK asked me to start a photo thread of her like her friends Jell, Myx and Alex have here. I would haev thought they would have showed her the ropes. I'm not very keen about directing LB's to forums even if they fully understand the benefit of promotion. I met her back in January through Jell who is friends with Iya before she came to work in BKK. I went LT with her in her first few days of working at DS. She was a little shy as as expected working in P4P for her first time in the Big Mango. Very polite, friendly, and easy to talk to. After I bar fiend her I took her to a ladyboy alcocart and then to Paradise Club where she was quite comfortable. Affectionate and un=rushed. The next day i took her to Chatachuk Market trying to find her some dresses as she only came with three. Unfortunately we couldn't find anything sexy enough there. She doesn't have any silicone. I've told her that many customers prefer the natural look including myself. She has a great attitude and invites everyone to come into Darskide Bar and get to know her. Some photos she took today that she wanted me to post. Iya in white lingerie.
  14. Can anyone help me decipher the location of the new Tony's gym in Bkk? it's said to be @ "The Palladium Pratunam, 25th floor tower A". I couldn't find a definite match on either google or google maps. If any of you bkk locals know where it is (Tony's map attached below) please reply with a link to the location on Google maps. I'll buy you an energy drink if you want to join for a workout Thanks!
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