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  1. Hello everybody This is the menu of Katty bar. Welcome everyone to Katty bar and room for rent. Emmy.
  2. Hello everybody. I welcome you all to the party friday night for the birthday and meet & greet. Thank you for coming. My Katty kittens welcome you all Welcome to the bar with the most beautiful Ladyboys in Jomtien Beach. At katty bar and room for rent on jomtien beach road soi4
  3. Hello everybody I invites everyone to join the big party Jimmy loveplant and assex boy's birthday and meet Greetings Annat and August's birthday My kitten too. On Friday, September 6, the event starts at 8.00 pm. There is a barbecue for free and of course there is an omelet that I make myself a favorite of soidog and many others.lol I hope you come to meet and greet congratulate And join the fun with the girls of katty bar. Oh, I have to prepare 3 cakes for them. lol Emmy boss
  4. Hello everyone, who likes ladyboy. Welcome to Katty bar and room for rent. The bar with the most beautiful ladyboy in Jomtien beach on Jomtien Beach road Soi 4 We have a quiet and beautiful rental room next to Jomtien Beach, ready to serve you. Can see detail and book my room here. Katty Room For Rent on Booking.com or Katty Room For Rent on Agoda Thank you. Emmy Boss
  5. Welcome everybody come to party Meet and greet Stoolpusher and Big horn. At Katty bar. Free BBQ. by my sister and nephew. No loud music. Thank you Kwan for this artwork. Emmy
  6. Again!! I have a new ladyboy. Her name is Sara Want to know her more, come to see her at the Katty bar Emmy.
  7. Hello everybody I have a new ladyboy. Her name is Mimi. Want to know her more, come to her at the Katty bar Emmy.
  8. no karaoke. thank you quietguy. Hope you are fine.
  9. Hello every body. thank you Kwan for the artwork. You do good for me many time . For a thank you for everybody that comes to my birthday party next sunday the 21st, i will start the free barbeque around 8.30-9p.m. until the food finish. Please come early to enjoy the nice food. i will also as a gift for everybody that comes, discount all bills by 10%. whatever your total bill is when you leave i will discount 10% from that much.I want to do this to say thankyou so much to my friends and every person that comes. the Katty kittens will all be there to take care of you and i hope that some of my Ladyboy friends will come. last time i discount all beers by 10 baht, this time because i know some people like shorts and mixers, every thing is discount that is on the bill total, including any bar fines. all i ask is if anyone like the free food please give a small tip to the cooker is my nephew , he works hard! thankyou very much Emmy
  10. Thank you very much Quietguy. I hope lucky win lottery no.1 get big money. lol
  11. Me and my staff are fine. But making money very hard Because Low Season this year is the most quiet. But I will try my best to help my employees survive from this low season. I'm worried about them If you come back and still see me That is, I can do And I hope so Thank you very much Quietguy Emmy
  12. Thank you very much Quiet guy. Not see you long time. Hope you are find.
  13. Welcome everybody to join Meet and greet Lur Saluces and Sunny's birthday on 14 July. The Katty Kittens team are ready to welcome everyone. ^^ Sent from my vivo 1819 using Tapatalk
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