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  1. Hi, Amazing pics.....especially the 4th (Sunset) and the 6th (pagoda at night). Please guide me on the settings you used in your camera to click these pics!!! Cheers
  2. joyra


    Bubba, nice to hear from you. Hope you are having fun in PP. Its never too late to start with LBs. Most important is - you have arrived!!!
  3. joyra


    Went to PP on a business trip with a doctor friend. The first night was spent chasing the GGs and eventually we could get 2 good Vietnamese chicks!!! Next day called up PDOGG and it was decided to meet on street 118 after dinner. As usual PDOGG was very happy and cheerful. We have couple to drinks together and then parted ways as PDOGG had to wake up early next day..... While walking on the street we bumped with omnipresent LISA...but were able to get rid of her fast... We were ready for late night. After moving around in some bars, we went to ISLAND (ICELAND!!) bar on the recommendation of PDOGG......we were looking for ANA there and my Doctor friend was very eager to get her!! well, Ana was not there, but we got hooked to Jenny.....Doctor was all over her....showing his liking for her in public.....but I do not know what happened and he suddenly got attracted to a GG and eventually ended up bar fining her. Well, this was an opportunity for me to grab Jenny and so I did......bar fined her.....off to room.......... enclosed are some pictures..... About Jenny.... Though she is slightly manly....she is very good in the bed and can suck and fuck really well.....USD 25 for short time...... flip side: while fucking her, i smell something bad...realized that her ass tunnel was not clean and fecal matter was sticking to the condom.....big DOWNER.........eeeeekssss.....could not stand it...gave her money and said goodbye.....despite this....she is a good lady..and a good company...... will post
  4. Hi BB, thanks for the message. Going to PP on saturday. Will be meeting Bob there. Cheers!!
  5. Not sure if i am posting this at the right place. Arrived BKK today and will be here for 3 days. Would love to meet board members in BKK. Staying at DIG on soi 6 sukumvit. Cheers!!!
  6. Hi BB, sure, that was one horrible experience with Lisa!! Infact, i am so careful now that before taking anyone to the room, I ask them clearly if they have any stomach upset or any stomach problem. One more incident like that and I will not be able to recover!! Was in BKK for 1 night. For a change, went for a lovely GG. off to PP today afternoon for 2 days. Will try to explore and report. Take care and have a lovely weekend!!
  7. last one!! off to BKK now!!
  8. Guys, here is FEMAR from Manila. Very HOT, passionate and aggressive in the bed.
  9. Hi Randi, thanks. Had the pleasure of another one yesterday. Will be posing the pictures shortly. Cheers!!!
  10. Am visiting manila on a business trip. Could not get much time due the fact that meeting continued till late in the evening and had to wake up early for next day meetings. I collected some information about the LB scene in Manila and got some numbers noted down form LBKISS. Before starting the trip I go ton touch with few of the LBs in Manila. Most of them were eager to meet and spend time. met quite a few and the general observation is: 1. All of them are looking for a boy friend. 2. Are more friendly than the LBs of other countries. 3. More passionate. 4. Immediately they start showing their love for you Anyway, I called Jessa for short time yesterday, and yes, it was difficult to push her out of the room after the act. Enclosed are some pictures. I have her number and email id, if anyone wants it. She is slim, nice ass and medium size dick. Gets hard well but cannot cum.
  11. Hi Randi, well, I checked www.cebuladyboys.com and found it to be interesting. No issues on your pimping for then, as we can be assured of a quality selection!!! I will be in Manila starting 12th April and should be in Cebu on 14th and 15th. PLease let me know about your plans. my eamil id is: joyra123@gmail.com ; joyra123@hotmail.com ; joyra123@yahoo.com have fun. Cheers!!!
  12. Hi CJ, thanks a lot for your advise and guidance. I didn't know that it was difficult to push them out of the room after the act. Well, I will try my luck and see. Have lined up few of them from LBKISS and will try Greenbelt mall and couple of other places too. My trip has been delayed due to some important work in Thailand and I plan to be in Manila after the Holy Week ends. Cheers!!! Joyra
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