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  1. Great personslity yes. After 2 furious fuck, we went to Landmark Hotel for dinner. We spoke about everything, her life, mine.She s open mind and deeply honest. Then she paid a visit to her former coleagues in Cascade.
  2. Hi here, Some may think that Nadia who worked 10 years in Cascade is now retired> No lucky guys , she now works as a freelancer and asked me to let you know. First, we all must be aware, that ladyboys are not just sextoys. Some have a day time job, have to feed or care their family.Nadia does. So please don t waste your and her time to contact her monthes previously your trip in BKK. Nadia is there and won t fly away. No worries. I have personnaly, treated all the ladyboys I have met with respect. Be nice whith them and they will give it back. Do not try to lie, she will veriify a
  3. I have read in another forum that she works now as freelancer around Nana. I will confirm this in 2 or 3 weeks. She s one of the biggest thai LB cock and I don t want to die before being hurt by her fat tool.Something sure she works in BKK.
  4. have u met Cartoon? I m looking for her.
  5. thx, Duke Sure I will come for a drink with you. I promise. Joob joob
  6. Candy is an EXCELLENT mistress. She's a Jackhammer. Last time I saw her I had to insist to give her money !! She is a fantastic rude well hung fucker. She cumed twice. The first time she was really wild, A tiger!! The second time she fucked me sweetly and made me cum. A great unforgettable experience. I've never been dominated, first time with her, and honestly it would be a crime to die without knowing this strange exciting felling. Wanna see her again and again and again...
  7. Who has the biggest cock in Obsession. The biggest that I know there Is Monica (18cm). Who can propose a bit more?
  8. Hey Duke007, I forgot to ask you... Is King still at the string fellow? I've heard that Noon is now at "the House". Do you know anything about it? If she's really there soi 13/3 would be the best place to be in Pat... With SOOOO COOL Nancy (the best shemale on earth: I've done everything we can do with 2 cocks and 4 holes with her); Noon; King and YOU, Duke007, this streeet look like a paradise to me . I should book a room out there.... Sure. Could I already invite You in my room Miss Duke. I'll be there in november. Joob Joob
  9. CONGRATULATIONS DUKE007 Wanna meet you in November!!!! Phone Number? KISSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSXX
  10. Thanks fogmaster. I will go In thailand soon. Do you know other big cock ladyboys there? Thx
  11. who know where is Alice? http://www.shemale.asia/index.php?id=lbrlbr&tour=/join.php
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