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Ladyboy`s And Social Media


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A few years ago i open a thread under the name ( The Cybergirls Most Common Location ) this one is a update with a little twist of where you have most ladyboy`s online , that does not mean that at other locations in the phillippines you will not find none , but most of the girls online will probably come from these locations , i pick and made a top 10 and add a few more locations to it.......

  • 1- Manila - ****
  • 2- Cebu - ( Info In My TR )
  • 3- Davao City
  • 4- General Santos City
  • 5- Angeles City - ****
  • 6- Cavite
  • 7- Zamboanga City
  • 8- Cagayan De Oro - ( Info In My TR )
  • 9- Dipolog City
  • 10- Ozamiz City


  • 11- Antipolo
  • 12- Olongapo
  • 13- Coloocan City
  • 14- Bacolod City
  • 15- Tarlac

Right now my main home base where i am most of the time and will provide more info will be ( Manila ) and with side visit in the hooker city ( Angeles City ) that is the 4 star that you see behind no - 1 and no - no 5

And in between you will be able to read more info from my TR

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Discussing Ladyboys and Social Media can be complex. While social platforms provide a space for self-expression and community-building for marginalized groups like ladyboys, they also amplify stereotypes and discrimination. It's crucial to promote respectful dialogue and understanding, challenging misconceptions, and advocating for inclusivity and acceptance both online and offline. Let's foster environments where everyone feels empowered to share their authentic selves without fear of judgment.

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Navigating discussions about ladyboys and social media presents complexities. Although these platforms offer avenues for self-expression and community among marginalized groups like ladyboys, they can also perpetuate stereotypes and discrimination. It's vital to foster respectful dialogue, challenge biases, and advocate for inclusivity, promoting environments where everyone can authentically express themselves without fear of prejudice.

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When thinking about ladyboys and social media, a person might consider the intersection of gender identity, online visibility, and social acceptance. They might ponder issues of representation, stereotypes, and the role of social platforms in shaping perceptions and fostering inclusivity.

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