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Found 5 results

  1. Would like to know whether those famous LB bars are reserved for farangs only, since their owners are also farangs as well (i.e. Baby Boom, Sensations, etc.)? Can fellow asians go in as well to have a good time?
  2. I've utilized the short-time rooms of five bars so far this trip and have to say that both Sensations and Baby-Boom really need to spend a few hours and baht to spruce up their rooms. I realize that both bars moved to new locations just a few months ago and likely have other priorities at the moment, but as a bar-fine paying customer I expect a little attention to be paid to decor, proper lighting, and mood. The rooms in both Sensations and Baby-Boom are sterile and bright--nothing on the white walls and bright fluorescent lights. Lita Bar has very nice rooms that are clean and decorated tastefully. The rooms at So What Bar are decent too. The girls at La Bamba use their own rooms for short-times and the ones I have been in so far are nice.
  3. Im the brightest star in the Universe... Agree or not?
  4. POOL PARTY!!!! 69 Bar, Baby Boom, La Bamba, and Sensations are delighted to announce that they will be hosting a Pool Party at the Cocco Resort on Saturday, July 18. The party starts at 2 p.m., and goes on ‘til 10/11 p.m. The party will consist of afternoon pool-based games, DJs and drinks promos. Some games may involve LBs and customers, so bring your mankinis… In the evening, there will be a barbecue, a raffle with a minimum of 20 prizes to be won, more DJs, and special entertainment. Raffle prizes include Free Bar Fines at each of the bars, a night’s stay at La Bamba, a case of Hong Thong, specially-made bar T-shirts, & etc… Tickets cost 1200 baht, and there are currently 100 available. The ticket price includes entry for the afternoon and evening, transport to and from the Cocco Resort (via baht bus shuttle service from Action St. pick-up point), 4 free raffle tickets (more will be available on the day), and as much as you can eat at the barbecue. So come along and join the fun! Tickets available at 69 Bar, Baby Boom, La Bamba, and Sensations. NOTE: This event is NOT a charity fund-raiser. However, if the event is a success, then all profits will be reserved to cover the cost of staging a second event, which WOULD be a charity fund-raising event, later in the year. That way the ticket price for the charity event could be kept down, and ALL money raised on that day and through ticket sales for that event would go to selected charities (TBA).
  5. Come join me and the gang at Sensations to celebrate as I officially start to thrust my way into old age! As you know, the only thing better than a birthday party at Sensations is a birthday at Sensations with Ladyboys in Uniform! The uniform theme will stay top secret until I get on the ground and get some of the girls to give you a preview modeling of the uniforms, so keep your eyes here... There will be booze, there will be food, there will be slippery nipples, there with be ladycock swinging ladyboys! So come join me for a drink. I should be easy to spot... I'll be the guy with the brand new "zimmer frame" (walker for you Yanks), wearing my brand new dentures, brand new bifocals and checkered bermuda shorts, that will be bulging not from my hard cock, but from my newly fitted adult diaper so I don't shit or piss myself at the bar for the occasion.
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