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Found 4 results

  1. 2023 was a good year for ladyboy bars in that none I know of folded (well there was that wannabe overpriced joint in Pratumnak... good riddance!) and there were newcomers to the scene (Cindy's Secret 2, Peachy Lily, and 2 or 3 in NEP where I am not sure the postie bars were there already in 2022). But there's the caveat that I am seeing the numbers of sissies in most bars thinning and their ages advancing... Also I see more and more punters are coming for them from all over the world and prices and quality of service are reflecting the higher demand/lesser supply pressures ... As far as I saw, no ladyboy bar reopened in Patpong which is on its death throes down to a few GG bars and a couple of gay ones with beefy 30 year old dudes. Of note also in 2023 is the passing of Iain the owner of Why Not, which a couple months later remains open and well staffed. Here is the 2023 Romscar TOP 10 Ladyboy bars of Thailand list: #10 Peachy Lily, soi LK Patts opened only in December and I haven't gone there yet, but if it has the beautiful Lily Diva on the premises it makes the Romscar TOP10 automatically. Let's see how high it will go in 2024. #9 Duangjai, soi Chayapoom Patts is that other soi Chayapoom bar that operates in the shadow of Delirious but is just as well staffed with rock bottom ST prices quoted to me whenever I asked about LTs which the Duangjainites did not seem interested in (or allowed?). #8 B-52, NEP BKK is the former DC-10 bar 2 doors to the left of the old Casanova in NEP. On my first visit of 2023 it seemed coed with a couple ladyboys. On my last it was all ladyboys with 2 or 3 very desirable ones. Has 2024 potential to go a lot higher than #8... #7 Why Not, soi 4 BKK is the elegant spacious bar that was empty of other customers everytime I went there in 2023. Good for me!?... except if you don't keep buying the sissies drinks there is no one else to talk to there. I wish the best for Iain's widow and that she keeps the bar in business. #6 Bon Bar, soi Buakhao Patts is a personal favorite in that I am smitten by one of their sissies who transfered there from another bar down Buakhao. But there are other hot sissies at Bon Bar, including one who has an identical twin down the street. #5 Obsession, NEP BKK Likely the best staffed bar in Thailand, it seems to be bypassed by most old hand farang ladyboy mongers. Why? Perhaps because the premium image they project to attract the japs and the koryos intimidates us more value-minded farangs. In 2024 I must remember to barfine a sissy from there and see if it changes my misgivings. #4 KRUs, soi Diamond Patts remains a rock solid bar choice and is the best staffed in Pattaya plus is the only sissy go-go there. It is only handicapped by the distance from the epicenter of the ladyboy world at Buakhao. I hear it gets going kinda late which is when I never went there so perhaps it's me who is missing out on the bigger picture. #3 Check-In Bar, soi 10 BKK remains the single most awesome ladyboy bar to gawk at many hot ladyboys in bikinis and on a good night there is no other place on earth as fun to party with your clothes on as there. But in 2023 I did not experience such good nights at Check-In and having won bar of the year in 2021 it would have to up their ante even more to win against the exciting newcomers. #2 Delirious Bar, soi Chayapoom Patts was last year's winner for having become the unofficial headquarters for ladyboy mongers in Pattaya. It remained so in 2023 and added more hot staff (although they lost their hottest one). We are all grateful for Herbert's effort to keep drink and barfine prices as affordable as it gets. #1 Cindy's Secret 1 and 2, BKK-Patts CS1 had from day 1 the innate edge of being managed by a popular ladyboy legend and in 2003 it consolidated its contender position by digging further into her (Cindy's) SECRET motherload of Cambodja ladyboys. But the magic dust for the Romscar came from the opening of CS2 in Pattaya in what became the first ever ladyboy franchise in different cities. I am looking forward to visit CS2 in 2024. Well done Cindy and Gavin and I blow a kiss to my CS crush Lily.
  2. The designation of Thailand’s TOP Ladyboy Bars is by now a tradition our sissy mongers' community has come to rely solely upon me (Rom) to perform every year whether in recognition of my knowledge and judgement on all things ladyboy or because no one else bothers to do it. So here I am again and this time I am pleased to inform that, after the covid years of 2020-21 when I could not travel to TH and picked the top bars from what I saw in this board and in the one alternatively known as PY, my 2022 picks are again based on personal observation of BKK and Pattaya bars I visited during the year. I also continued to monitor what got posted on the bar threads and TRs here and at PY. So without further ado, Thailand’s TOP 10 Bars of 2022 were: #10 Emmy’s Bar, Jomtien With only the owner and another sissy on site for most of 2022, Emmy's was not a contender for Top Bar anywhere… but as long as it stands for LBR like Mecca stands for Islam it earns its place in the TOP 10 even if just barely. And yes! I visited there in 2022 and got lucky. Twofold! #9 TJ Music Bar, Naklua TJ relocated yet again in 2022 and is a shadow of its former Lily-era self, but like Emmy’s it gets in the TOP 10 on the charisma of its owner (M) and popularity here at LBR ... PLUS on the merit that it is coed with sissies and GGs who told me they can be barfined together. I did not have a chance to check. #8 Cindy’s Secret, soi 7 BKK Another Cindy bar with only 3 or 4 non-exciting sissies around when I went there but seeing Cindy herself was exciting enough to have gone there. It earns its place on the TOP 10 because it also serves as a hook-up stop for freelancers including the gorgeous one on my cross hairs I call “Miss Congeniality.” #7 Cockatoo, Soi Cowboy BKK These days a ladyboy gogo bar with more than 10 sissies on stage is becoming a rarity. I saw upwards of that when I went to Cockatoo and they were all attractive ones. The drink and barfine prices were reasonable by Soi Cowboy GG bar standards. #6 Pook Bar 2, Soi Buakhaow Pattaya Pook 2 ranks this high only on account of working there the Pattaya sissy I consider to be the new Lily (formerly TJ's). The name is Annie and I hope I get to know her as intimately and as often as I did Lily. #5 Why Not, soi 4 BKK Possibly Thailand's sissy bar with the nicest premises and best dressed sissies, one of whom I grew very fond of. There were several others worthy of my or anyone’s attention . #4 Katoeys 'Are' Us, Walking Street Pattaya KRUs remains in a Pattaya league of its own as far as sissies quality and quantity. If it is not ranked higher it’s only because it did not quite generate the interest of seasoned punters as much as other bars did in 2022. #3 Obsession, Nana Plaza BKK I only had one drink in there but that was enough to see it had more ladyboys and cuter ones than any other TH bar I stepped into during 2022. Which probably has to do with it being the only ladyboy bar now allowed by the new NEP management and so it had the choice of all the best ladyboys working in the other 4 pre-COVID sissy bars that were closed. If I had partied and barfined there, Obsession might have ranked higher. It was also pricier than all the other BKK and non-BKK bars I surveyed. #2 Check-In Bar, soi 10 alley BKK I did party there in 2022 and it remained as well staffed and fun as it did in 2021 when it won Thailand’s Ladyboy Bar of the Year. Would have won again this year were it not for the emergence of another bar that stole the spotlight. #1 Delirious Bar, soi Chayapoon Patttaya This labor of love bar became in 2022 the epicenter of the ladyboy world along with soi Chayapoon becoming the epicenter of mongering in Pattaya. Nowhere else did I see so many seasoned ladyboy mongers night after night having so much fun despite outnumbering the ladyboys who were enough to handle us all. 2 of them are top of the charts: Mona and Beauty and I became closely acquainted with the latter. The whiskey choice is also top of the charts for those who can tell single malts from blends. Well done Herbert and Som: your hard work is paying off! If you see this post feel free to print the image below and show it to your ladyboys and patrons who were also very much part of Delirious's success.
  3. Whether anyone thinks I am representative or not of our ladyboy mongers community, the tradition of me (and only me) every year picking THEE Ladyboy Bar of the Year started haphazardly at that other Board where at first I would just casually post in a bar’s thread congratulating them for being what I thought was the best bar in Pattaya or Thailand at that time or because they were newly opened bars that brought something special to the scene. Only starting in 2016 did I start picking ladyboy bars of the year as a deliberate annual endeavor staged through the “Hitler videos” first posted at (and all obliterated by) the other board and reposted here at the Romscars Club. To recall, the winners were: Boomerang Twin (2016); New Bar (2017); TJ’s Music Bar (2018 and 2019); Sweethearts (2020); and Check-In Bar (2021). This thread is for recalling the best ladyboy bars of the year that I had picked or would have picked prior to 2016. I am doing so out of a sense of duty for historic documentation and of nostalgia. So here goes: Thailand’s TOP Ladyboy Bars of the Year 1998-2015: 2015 Katoeys ‘Are’ Us, Pattaya As soon as it opened that year it was clear that finally Pattaya had a ladyboy gogo worthy of the GOGO attribution at the same level as the best GG gogo bars in town. And the prices were not so steep at first. 2014 Baby Boom Agogo, Pattaya Still in the original location but already handjobs and blowjobs on the couches had become the house staple; I like to think it was me who pioneered such shenanigans but, even if I was, other mongers quickly got the hang of it. 2013 Sensations Pattaya, I remember posting at the other board that one night I counted 30+ ladyboys there and packed rows of farangs and that I was in awe of such never before seen sissy-mongers concentrations, especially at a run of the mill outdoor bar plaza slot. That was about the time Scott and Paeng had been cast on the Sky TV show and Scott could count on a legion of groupies to pack Sensations. 2012 Cocktails & Dreams Patong Beach As much as we all missed Nick Jackson after he tragically died, somehow Jimbo was able to make it even more popular through his bromancing in person and on the ladyboy boards. Mongers flocked to Phuket in unprecedented numbers not so much for the ladyboys, but for Jimbo. Prior to 2012, I did not post much at ladyboy Boards, so I did not post (or mentally picked) any TOP bars of the year. But I would like to now retroactively do it based on what I recall I felt at the time: 2011 Famous Bar, soi VC Pattaya After the crack down on Sunee many of the femboys moved up the street to Famous and while it lasted it was the connoisseur’s choice. With the last gasps of Sunee, it too eventually closed and Lita reopened it elsewhere as the Lita bar. 2010 The Pook bars, soi 6 and soi Buakhao Pattaya The soi 6 one had been open for years as a GG bar and started hiring ladyboys and then another all-ladyboys one opened on Soi Buakhao in what was to become the new ladyboy frontier. 2009 EZY Bar, Pattaya Lita has spun several sissy joints and this was the best of the lot. Great vibe and unusually friendly sissies including among themselves; should have hung out there more often while it lasted… 2008 Stringfellows Agogo, Pattaya Stringfellows was already allowing in the 2000s what Baby Boom became famous for in the 2010s. Solid line-up of internet-featured staff to plan in advance or to relive afterwards. 2007 Minou bar (+ the 2 or 3 other associated Sunee Plaza gay bars owned by same the French guy) soi VC Pattaya. Pristine femboys galore. And better not elaborate on that because all those bars had been shut down for good when I came back the following year. 2006 Guess Bar at its soi 1 original BKK location Ladyboy owned and operated, the feminine touch and staff motivation showed in the premises and in the hospitality. Best short time rooms and rates I can remember. 2005 Cascade NEP BKK At its peak with internet stars like Areeya, Noon, Cindy (very young), Nadia, Helen. Never in the history of ladyboy bars was there such a concentration of quality and quantity. More than Excellent ! Glorious ! Magnificent ! 2004 Obsessions Club (Penthouse Hotel), Pattaya Notwithstanding the bill padding, the joint operating of a ladyboy bar with a GG one on 2 stages 5 meters across from each other was gutsy and groundbreaking. As far as the ladyboys, the turnover was high which meant that many of the superstars passed there. 2003 High Boss, soi 6 Pattaya Thai-owned and operated, it opened in 2002 to become THEE Pattaya gateway for so many fresh-off-Issaan sissies who would become the internet stars of the 2000-2010s glory days. If I was not so unbiased and inclusive, I would give Bar of the Year to High Boss for the rest of the 2000s. Definitely Rom's favorite bar ever. 2002 Obsession Nana Plaza, BKK I remember them making such a contrast with Casanova with their much younger and cuter ladyboys in numbers never before seen. It was the herald of a golden age of ladyboys. 2001 King's Castle 3 Patpong BKK First bar in Patpong with more ladyboys on staff than GGs. With time it became all ladyboy bar with bona fide schlongs because if they got the chop they would be transferred over to King’s Corner. 2000 Casanova Nana Plaza, BKK It was the only ALL ladyboy bar in BKK up until then and the first brush with ladyboyness for so many of us self-professed GG mongers who would become mostly or full time sissy mongers in subsequent trips. 1999 Limaquai (?or something like that?) soi Diamond Patttaya (where KrUs is now) Only enclosed ALL ladyboy bar in Pattaya at the time (there was Linda but it was open to the street). The ladyboys would sometimes dance on a mini-stage but mostly it was about taking them right upstairs. I did not realize it at the time, but it deserved bar of the year because it was the precursor to the many Pattaya sissy bars that popped in the 2000s. Until then Pattaya ladyboys were all freelancers on the move or oddities in the GG beer bars. 1998 Linda Star Bar (and? Jenny Star bar if it was around in 1998?; can never remember which one is which but they are the same concept). Freelancers on the move stop by these 2 sissy stops with Jenny right under the Marine disco where sooner or later a drunk farang would leave alone and would give a sissy a try. Linda was around longer further down Walking Street and it had mostly elderly, scary-looking thieving bunch of sissies but those were precisely the ones who first made many of us wonder if we were gay as we passed by and hurried our step. That’s it. Coming up the 2022 Thailand Ladyboy Bar of the Year. I think this year the choice is obvious and I have made my pick. Does anyone else have a suggestion? Please speak now or forever hold your peace.
  4. Every year since 2016 I have picked Thailand’s #1 Ladyboy Bar of the Year and announced it in the context of TOP 10 countdowns worked into custom-dubbed Hitler videos. This year bars remained closed, livestreaming got old, so I picked the winner based on what I saw bars posting online, in particular pictures of their staff in sexy bar mode despite the bars being closed. Accordingly, and without further ado: the #1 Ladyboy Bar of Thailand in 2021 goes to: CHECK-IN BAR BKK. Said pics were all posted at PY (not here!) so if someone can pls tell the Check-In crew they won pls do so as I am not going to bother announcing it at PY this year… No runners-up this year, or video: sorry! ----------------------------------------------------- With only 3 ladyboys on staff, our Board's favorite bar (and raison d'être!) was not a contender for 2021 Bar of the Year. But it was very inspirational how hard they worked to stay in business with their weekly themed livestreams. So inspirational in fact, that I was inspired to rewrite an old classic in tribute to Emmy’s bar: The Little Jomtien Bar that Could The Little Jomtien Bar was a Happy Bar with Happy Ladyboys for Happy Farangs. It chugged along just fine. Then it had to move sois and the sickness came and the Farangs stopped coming and everybody thought it was the end. But the Little Jomtien Bar had a Little Emmy Engine who stood strong and said: “I think I can climb over the mountains and the seas I think I can Livestream so the Farangs can see us I think I can, I think I can, I think I can…” The 2 Happiest Ladyboys and the 2 Happiest Farangs at the Little Jomtien Bar also stood strong by the Little Emmy Engine: “We think we can” said Teya & Sara “We will dance as sexy as can be” “We think we can” said John & Roger “Make artsy flyers to tell all Farangs come look-see” And the Happy Farangs saw the artsy flyers and the sexy dances And became Happy Paypalers from the distances And every BM at LBR shouted from the heart: “We think you can. We think you can. We think you can…” It has been one year and a half and counting and the Little Jomtien Bar just keeps huffing and puffing with Emmy & Teya & Sara in sexy attires and John & Roger making the artsy flyers and the LBR BMs cheering and rooting And everybody never stops believing: “We think we can. We think we can. We think we can…”
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