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    Recommendation for BKK

    Well it's my fault really, I just did not want to create a new thread for me alone, I do appreciate all the suggestions.
  2. Just letting you know, I met with Malliika today and had a good time. No rush, service was very good and she seems like a nice girl all around. I'd recommend talking to her through whatsapp over TF, you can easily find her number if you search for Malliika ecort Bangkok. Edit: and sorry for the double, forgot I posted in this thread already.
  3. Thanks for the tip, will check her out altough I'm not sure I want a flogging like the guys in that thread
  4. I apologize if this is the wrong board, feel free to move the thread if you think so. I will be in the LOS starting next week, I've been before but that was a long time ago and not an adult friendly trip, so I'm pretty new to all this. I'm looking for some good tops mainly in Bangkok, but I also plan to make a little trip to pattaya maybe. I'd be very grateful for any recommendation in this vein. Also for the bar game do I just waltz in, ask for the mama, pay her a drink and then tell her what I'm interested in or how does that work? And last but not least I'd like to meet nancy if possible, I guess she would be my main reason for a little pattaya trip Can she still be found at la bambar or anyone got her contact info? Thanks!
  5. klotz

    Recommendation for BKK

    Thanks for all the help, booked a room in the woraburi through the sites agoda link :) Now I just need to find a decent stay for a pattaya weekend excursion ;)
  6. Sorry to necro, looking for good hung tops and also places I'd should visit in BKK. Any news worthy of this thread?
  7. klotz

    Recommendation for BKK

    Thanks for the suggestion, woraburi looks fine, also neat price on agoda right now. Only thing left, how do I make sure I get a double/king bed when booking theough agoda, do I need to contacting the Hotel directly? Because all the rooms say 2 single beds vor double bed.
  8. Hello, I know there's a whole thread for accomodation in BKK, but there are just so many possible places to pick that I can't decide at all! I'll be visiting later this month and still need a place to stay, of course it should be ladyboy friendly and also save for me (safe, keep visitors ID at reception). I also plan to have one night with 3 ladies, so it would be great if they allowed for that and have big enough bed for it . Of course it should also be not too far off from the action not to be too expensive. Thanks for all the suggestions!
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