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  1. Ah ok so only me that go to new location and don't check out the old oki will go there when back in Bkk and cheek it out thanks for info
  2. Hi finally I made it to Bkk so I see here in the post that they move CIB to soi 10 i went by there some days ago in the afternoon but it doesn't seem to be open yet anyone knows when it opens? So I have to get my ladyboy fix somewhere else and meet up with a nice femboy I meet on TF she was good company only top name Joke she come with me in my hotel and not extra charge so I guess you can say it is guest friendly hotel but not next to main areas name pinnacle lumpinee hotel
  3. Hi thanks stoolpusher I look forward to look around I will give a report when I visit, hopefully with some good story about some nice interactions with the lady's
  4. Hi stoolpusher thanks I will look but I think I will go to check in bar first and see what is around maybe when there I would be hard enough to choose do the girls or owner don't mind if you take a photo of them and put here? I went to Lb bar in nana 3 years ago no photo allowed, I will come back with a report what happened after going there, but still 3 weeks befor in Bkk longtime to wait
  5. Thanks duke007 is there any contact details on candy if I don't find any in check in bar or you have to go get her in Nana?
  6. Well its Holliday so have a cuppel of days before move on so could try to find out wich one is best I don think it would hurt to try out some driffrent ones
  7. Thanks guys it seems I have to spend my first evening/night In soi 7 Any recommendations of LB I like top
  8. I'm gona be in Bkk soon I think I have to go check out this bar they look gorgeous is there any rooms available for short time around i don't know if my hotel will allow guest

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