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  1. Great! Thank you for posting it! > Papa Sam Thank you so much!!
  2. Hello everyone. I posted a video on YouTube that looks like a Promotional Video for the OBSESSION Bar (Bangkok). On YouTube these days, if the account owner puts an age limit on the video, it will not be possible to embed and play it from an external site, so I will post the address of the video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A0Vu6fPVqUs Below is a sample image of this video. ("Nay / May" also appears in the video a little.) (image of video)
  3. > Pulci Gorgon Are you using WordPress? If you're using WordPress, I don't think it's difficult to manage your database with PHP or SQL. Of course, you need PHP and SQL knowledge, and WordPress code modification skills. In the case of my site, since it is a free server service, it is a rule that PHP and SQL server-side programming languages cannot be used. Therefore, my site uses local Java Script (Json format) to implement the database. My database can be created with spreadsheet software (Microsoft Excel) and converted to a text database (Json) with Visual Basic (macro) and saved. However, it is easier for me to edit directly with a text editor, so I manage the following files directly. https://lbnh.x.fc2.com/js/localdata.js I don't think it's very helpful, but I hope it's a catalyst for your ideas. thank you. PS I will post an image of King's Castle (former King's Corner) in March 2021. The Japanese message in the image is "There is no Ladyboy in this bar."
  4. > Rom I saw the Romscars Club. I think you are taking advantage of the Wiki-Style site and providing great information. I have some understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of Wiki-Style sites. I would like to take your invitation and consider what I can do. My site was designed to make it easy to find Ladyboy on any device (PC / smartphone) that browses the site. Triggers to find the desired Ladyboy include not only keywords such as Ladyboy's name, but also Ladyboy's face photo. I also think that it is important that the site can be configured without pagination. I don't think Wiki-Style is a little suitable for that purpose. So if I find an idea of what I can do on the Wiki-Style site, I would like to ask for help with the Ladyboy Review. I really appreciate your message. Thank you so much. PS Sorry for the unrelated topics of the King's Corner and King's Castle III Forums. To apologize, I will post an image of King's Castle (former King's Corner) in December 2020. (However, all casts in the image are Female.) They do their best to operate in a pandemic.
  5. > Rom Thank you for greeting me in Japanese. Also, thank you for your wonderful suggestions. I would like to consider the proposal you received. I just registered for "Ladyboy Review" myself and don't understand anything about this site. If I can determine that what I want to do is feasible on the Ladyboy Review, I would like to ask the Ladyboy Review for help. Thnak you. ( Arigatou )
  6. > Papa Sam I just wanted to convey my gratitude and the fact that the site will be closed. I think the rest of the problems should be solved by myself. Thank you so much.
  7. Dear rxpharm, Papa Sam, Rukki and Pulci Gorgon. nice to meet you. I'm TR LV. And I'm a webmaster for the following sites: ・ LADYBOY and NEWHALF DATA BASE   https://lbnh.x.fc2.com/ ・ YouTube TR LV Channel   https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoNw6L6JVyHI_36Wz4Muyqg Thank you so much for complimenting my website and content. I read your post on this forum (Ladyboy Review) a few days ago. I was really happy to read your message. Sorry for the late message from me to you because I didn't know the existence of this forum. Unfortunately, I plan to close "LADYBOY and NEWHALF DATA BASE (https://lbnh.x.fc2.com/)" at the end of September 2021. I ran this site using anonymous and free web server services. However, due to the tightening of regulations on adult content of the web server service company, I decided that "LADYBOY and NEWHALF DATA BASE (https://lbnh.x.fc2.com/)" could not be continued to operate. .. I was alone in doing everything related to site management, such as site design and content information organization. However, due to my own time issues and motivation, the site update was delayed. Therefore, I was able to disclose less than half of the information I had in mind. I'm sorry. If I find another web server service, I would like to move to it and continue operation, but it is very difficult to find the server service that meets my requirements. However, I will continue to operate YouTube's TR LV Channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoNw6L6JVyHI_36Wz4Muyqg). I update the video only occasionally, but I hope you will continue to watch it if you like. thank you.
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