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  1. Sounds like some nice places to check out. Looking at 1/22-2/12/20 and then 3/1-3/22/20 for another 3 weeks.i like cheaper rooms (under 1000b) as I would just leave the room if I didn’t like it or encountered a problem and just get another room. Any others for me to check out is appreciated.
  2. First time poster but I’ve spent five 3 week trips to pattaya and now coming back for another 3 weeks. 90% of my precious trips I’ve been with females thru ThaiFriendly. Looking to check out the wild side and do mostly LB’s. Here’s what I’m looking for ideally: 1. Looking to spend 1000b or less per day 2. Must have air conditioning 3. Must have elevator 4. Must have room safe 5. Prefer not to have a walk of shame where everyone gives me a dirty look as I escort my LB up to the room. 6. Prefer central Pattaya Flexible on the money and location but ac, elevator or ground floor room and room safe is mandatory. Can you guys please offer Suggestions? Thanks
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