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Found 6 results

  1. Hi here, Some may think that Nadia who worked 10 years in Cascade is now retired> No lucky guys , she now works as a freelancer and asked me to let you know. First, we all must be aware, that ladyboys are not just sextoys. Some have a day time job, have to feed or care their family.Nadia does. So please don t waste your and her time to contact her monthes previously your trip in BKK. Nadia is there and won t fly away. No worries. I have personnaly, treated all the ladyboys I have met with respect. Be nice whith them and they will give it back. Do not try to lie, she will veriify all the informations you gave her. Trip from her home to BKK as a cost and many times she wasted time and money for fake appointements. As she lives a bit far from the town center, call her one day before, or in the morning for an evening date. That said, let s talk about her biggggg banana.Nadia is versatile. Can do everything. I have personnaly met her in BKK in October 2013. I am versatile, and I specialy enjoy to be topped by hung bananas. So I decided to be bottom.That was one of the greater fuck I ever had. Nadia must be considerated as one of the best top Ladyboy. But stop bla bla... here is Nadia preparation for GOOOOOOD fuck UTCH... that s soo good! MY GOD!!! Wanna contact her phone number is 0870956512 thai friendly ID Unsuthorn
  2. Hi Everyone ! For a long time, I thought it was simply impossible for a thai ladyboy to have a seriously big cock, then I discovered the amazing Jasmine on pornhub.... I know she can occasionally be booked in Pattaya, but I hate going there.... Is there anyone who could recommend me a ladyboy in Bangkok with similar attributes ? cheers ken
  3. After reading all the stuff you people have posted about Nancy she has moved to the top of my wish list. I went to La Bamba last night (May 21, 2017). A gal named Nikki told me that Nancy was not there, that she owns a salon now. Nikki never gave me a name or location of the salon. Does anyone have updated information on the following? If so it would be appreciated. Where is the salon and it's name? Does Nancy still freelance or is she retired? Was Nikki bullshitting me because of wanting to go short time and not wanting competition?
  4. Here's a girl I have known for about 6 or 7 years online (but never met). Used to work the cam shows until rules changed in Phils a while back. Very nice person and someone I think that could be a great person to meet if you get the time while visiting. Treat her well as she is blessed.... you will see and yes guys it's 100% real and will rival anything you have seen or dreamed about before. Phone: +63 936 307 6885 YM: cyber_sexy_shane03 E: cyber_sexy_shaeynne1903@yahoo.com
  5. Getting a free trip to Thailand through work and will be staying in Pattaya. Have had strong desires about being with a ladyboy, but have never been with one (or guy....only find the female figure attractive, but a cock on a pretty Asian lady does intrigue me). This forum has been a great wealth of information since I found out about this opportunity. The problem being that I'm traveling with others as well as a customer will be there on top of the 10-12 hours days I'll need to spend working, so my time to spend in public at the various LB establishments....or to be seen with one in general is extremely limited. I already know what I'm looking for and where most can be found, but just curious if anyone had any suggestions so that I may limit the amount of time finding the "right one"? I may really only get one chance at this. Here is my ideal ladyboy: -Petite - like like 5' would be ideal, but anything sub 5'5" would probably work -Dark skin - I dislike the pale Asian look and like a dark/golden brown color -Tits - real or fake anything above an A cup but want to better fool myself into thinking it is actually a girl with a dick and not dude with long hair -Passable - clean shav'n is a must, and from a short distance the LB should still think you are looking at a GG -Versatile - my fantasy involves going both ways here for mutual satisfaction -medium-large endowment - obviously for the above it needs to be fully functional, but I also want a slight challenge. Something from 6" (15 cm) to 8" (20 cm) would be ideal with good girth, but I realize this may be a bit hard to find Something like the lovely lady below is about as ideal as I can find at the moment. Any insight and information is greatly appreciated here!
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