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Nice video P&G and great pics of the Viet ladyboys.  Also the other threads at what is now your open club... Well done !

I think the video underscores your online existential dilemma in that you are torn between wanting to share your Viet Nam adventures but not wanting to give away unique intel to parasite or hostile BMs, especially the Pattaya-based Clique ones, who could start visa-running there and spoiling the hunting grounds...

I know because I used to be similarly torn about sharing as much info on the Philippines as I did.  Some BMs openly posted at PY that they started going to AC bc of my TRs. It stings when you see the pricks zeroing in on the cute ladyboys you spotted...

I will even add something I never revealed here or at PY.   I used to live in America until some months ago and I could not have gigs or vacation in Asia as often as I would like to party with ladyboys.   But I used to go on 3-4 day weekends to the Dominican Republic, where I knew how to score them in a borderline underworld not many foreigners were privy to....  I made a point of never even mentioning it at PY.  For 2 reasons:  I like to share pics but it drove me crazy when BMs said my models were ugly or less attractive than the THAI ladyboys...  The Dominicanas are black, rail-thin, with zero hormones or plastic surgery (with big juicy steelrod cocks).  They would have been ridiculed like freaks by the sour-grapes PY cunts and I wanted to avoid that.   The other reason is that with just a bar, disco or motel name, a picture from one of the trannies, a street action shot, any US-based punter could connect the dots, get on a plane from Miami for $100 and track my 3-legged chicas and bid up the rates... besides it's not like there are dozens to choose from like in Thailand.  On a good night i'd spot 2 or 3 attractive ones. So I just zipped it. Same-same for Colombia where there was abundance of trannies, but I could hardly indulge for fear of getting kidnapped.  Some day I will post about my Caribbean adventures at the Romscars Club...

All this to say: P&G hope you find your balance between sharing your knowledge and keeping Viet Nam as ladyboy-pristine as possible for when I go there.



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The above post was first posted as an answer to my first video of Hitler and the ladyboys. However, since it's rich of coments, I prefered to move it and create another thread. 

Thanks a lot for your comments Rom. 

Actually, I got inspired by your own videos and  did my own creation. Thanks for your help. You could notice I followed a couple of your advises but soon came back to my original idea. Regarding PY, there would be so much to say about them. I prefer not to add comments. You had given an excellent definition in a thread in your own club and I had added my own point of view but you hid the posts since the thread appeared as a duplicate of another thread in your club. Do you know that you can split these posts and add them to this club if you want ? 

PY as well as some mores of sex tourists visiting Pattaya are so pitiful that they become ridiculous. I think the only answer is to laugh about it. PY bashing must remain a sport on the forums. The problem is not (only) PY. This is also a part of the monger culture. This small world is made of  lurkers who will use shared information without posting anything in return, trolls who will deny the quality of new information or simply flood forums with useless quarrels, or small clans trying to defend each other's position without other reason than defending their clan. 

I had thought of going to The Rep Dom 7 or 8 years ago. I had started gathering information but decided not to go. I am not sure that your posts would have made me change my mind. However, it's good to remind that "Latine"  America from the Mexican boarder to Ushuaia (Tierra del Fuego) are often places with interesting shemales of all kinds with national characters as ladyboys in Asia. 

Back to VN, you explained very well one side of the problem. I won't post in public forums complete guidelines to find Vietnamese ladyboys. 50 % of them or more aren't prostitutes. They look for friends and supports but you can meet them and have a good shag if you know how to act smartly. It's out of question for me to point out which ones could be calles  "prostitutes" in regards of the Vietnamese law and then have troubles with the social criminality police services. The great advantage that the Vietnamese justice responses to prostitution cases is that it prevents the activity from becoming undecent and falling under the control of procurers. In one word, one needs to be smart not only to find Vietnamese ladyboys but also to to have profitable exchanges with them. 

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