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10 Year Retirement Visa


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Word is that Thailand will be implementing.a new 10 year mutiple entry retirement visa in August. The cost is a very reasonable 10,000 baht but there are some requirements and it's not available to citizens of all countries, some exceptions are Ireland, Belgium, and New Zealand but most countries that LBR posters are from are eligible.

You must be 50 years or older.

You must have either 3 million baht in a Thai bank account OR 1,800,000 baht in a Thai account and 1,200,000 baht per year in other income. Think you must keep the money in the bank for at leat a year. Btw, the Mee Tae Dai account at the Yellow Bank currently pays 1.3% interest which is more than you get in an American bank.

You need Thai health insurance.

The 10,000 baht fee is a bargain compared to both the current retirement visa and visa costs from other countries such as the Philippines and Cambodia.

Currently the visa fee is 1,900 baht a year plus 1000 baht per single reentry permit or 3,900 (I think) per yearly multiple entry permit.

For me, that's 2,900 per year plus I put 100 baht in a tip box, the immigration guy seemed to like that and maybe he will remember my ugly face.

Not for everybody, and probably not for me but may suit some of you. The health insurance from a Thai company might not be a bad idea as in an emergency.


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