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Happy New Year!!!!

Guest Stroker

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Guest Stroker

It's New Year in New York, and in a few hours Chicago, then Denver, LA, and Alaska. And about 12 hours ago our ladyboys in Bali, Thailand and the PI were celebrating.

Happy New Year ladyboys and ladyboy-lovers!

How was your New Year's Eve?

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Went down to Bali Hai pier with several boardmembers and a gaggle of ladyboys.

Was packed, so much so, that we avoided the main event and settled into a bar on the bay. Was good to be with so many good friends! :)

My teerak was supposed to meet me there after going for one drink at her work party but the big boss didn't want her to leave so she asked me to get to Jomtien.

Must have gotten to her massage shop around 11:57, called her and she came over in about a minute from the nearby restaurant where their party was being held.

So our happy new year kiss was on the sidewalk with fireworks being shot off from everyhere. Kind of romantic. :P

Kind of strange because the girls were eating fancy farang food and drinking red wine. One girl had a big hunk of salmon steak on her plate uneaten but would have been rude for me to either order something or eat hers so I just drank.

Lots of glasses clinking, lots of broken glasses, and a few girls getting sick in the toilet. Music and dancing too.

So turned out to be a great New Year's for me cause I had two differnt parties and they were both great!

Happy New Year everyone! I know for some of our Forum Members there still partying like it's 2010 for another couple hours. Think Alaskan Bear will be the last to ring in the New Year.

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