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  1. In Scotland I've had both AZ vacinations, no side affects afer any of them, but then again I'm not as poofy as some of you 555
  2. got my 2nd Jag today Astra Zenica, so I'm good to go when Thailand is ok
  3. Soiboy is the poofyest guy i have ever met, smells of old spice obviously bent as a corkscrew 555
  4. No! your a poofter and not a very good one 555
  5. oh dear, you should have been more imaginative with your new name, pity you are shitting yourself every time we meet
  6. we are all poofters, its just some do not want to admit it. We all suck cock and some fuck or get fucked from boys in make up, stop the denial
  7. Cherjam


    Ah! the mad Scotsman, he makes me laugh
  8. Cherjam


    I got the Astra Zenica jag on Friday and I'm happy to report that I've had no side effects
  9. Whoever gave me the haha reaction, show yourself and stop being a a brave anonymous feartie
  10. Well Well Well! Is LBR becoming PY's wee brother? I have read a few topics tonight, but for some reason I am not getting the option to post a reply. It's nothing to do with being a member of a club etc, but normal topics like Brits being banned from traveling to Thialand. It is also very difficult to find a topic to even post this post. An explanation would be very welcome
  11. Duke is a pretend fitba supporter, cant even support his country at this game.... shame on him Alba Gu Brath
  12. WE ARE NOT GAY wait a minute....Am I gay?
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